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Derp Face Cure, texture bug patch for 'Lizards of Skyrim'
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Sep 18, 2013 @ 11:57am
Sep 28, 2013 @ 7:26am
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Derp Face Cure, texture bug patch for 'Lizards of Skyrim'

becouse no one is giving me feedback telling me if the newer DLC version of this mod works if you dont have the Skyrim Legendary Edition, the fully completed version of this mod will not be uploaded here, becouse of the small off chance of it crashing your game if you dont have all of the 3 DLC, so click the link below to go to the nexus if you want the completed version.
Derp Face Cure on the Nexus[]

after hours of work, this mod is finally finished, this is a texture bug fix for a mod named 'Lizards of Skyrim' and what that mod does, is turn every playable NPC in the game into a argonian.

However, the Lizards of Skyrim mod simply turns every NPC into a argonian, the NPC's have not been turned into a argonian manually, rezulting in some pepole looking a bit wierd, i have called this phenomenon: 'derp face' however, not to be confused to by 'derpY face', just derp face.

what this mod will do, is it will turn NPC's who have the 'derp face' dissease, into normal looking argonians, however, in order to fix this dissease, i need to change every derp faced NPC manually, and im telling you, it took a **** long time.

what the 'Derp Face Cure' mod does:

-change the face complexity, so it looks like that of a normal argonian, instead of being all wierd and shiny.
-change the skin collor, so the head has the same color as the body, and not a brown head, and a green body.

what the 'Legendary Derp Face Cure' mod does:

-exactly the same as the normal version
-removes the hair of 2 Dawnguard DLC NPC's, that of Searna and that of Valerica (trust me, i had to)


current list of places cured from the derp face dissease:

main release 18-9-2013
1) Whiterun
2) Riften
3) Sollitude
4) Windhelm

update 19-9-2013 added:
5) Riverwood
6) Falkreath
7) Ivarstead

update 20-9-2013 added:
8) Markarth
9) Left Hand mine
10) Shor's stone

update 21-9-2013 added:
11) Morthal
12) Rorikstead
13) Dawnstar
14) Dragon brige
15) Winterhold+collage of Winterhold
16) Darkwater crossing
17) Red Wave (ship in sollitude docks)
several misc NPC's

update 21-9-2013:
18) hopefully all orcish strongholds.
updates from here on will only add pepole i find spread around the world, and will not be mentioned.

update 28-9-2013 added:
ALL non DLC NPC's.
this mod is now done, ill start working on a fix for the DLC's another time...
for now, enjoy!

Derp Face Cure now also avadable here on the Nexus!
Derp Face Cure on the Nexus[]

update 24-10-2013 added:
all DLC NPC's, this mod is now truly done, and i should not need to ever look back at it again.



the standard 'Derp Face Cure' mod does NOT require anny DLC's

the latest 'Legendary Derp Face Cure' mod MIGHT need the DLC's, but i need somone to test that for me

this mod REQUIRES: 'Lizards of Skyrim' by: 'Fluffy'
(this is a texture bug fix for another mod, however, if installed without that mod, this mod doesnt do anything)

(here on the Steam Workshop)
Lizards of Skyrim

(link to the Nexus)
Lizards of Skyrim[]


simply press the green subscribe button and it will download.
if you get: STEAM ERROR 16 wait for a minute or 2, then re-subscribe to the mod, steam error 16 means the servers are overloaded, so it cant download the mod (i think that anyway)



simply unsubscribe


go into the skyrim data folder and delete:

face derp cure
face derp cure.esp

again, only for nexus untill tested...
and for the Legendary edition

Legendary Derp Face Cure.esp



this mod MAY conflict with anny mods that alter the apperance of NPC's, otherwise, incompatible with anny mods the 'Lizards of Skyrim' mod is incompatible with.
other than that, it doesnt actually change annything, so i doubt it will conflict with anything.



nothing / none / none / while playing, i found out that some random, hostile, unnamed vampires in some dungeons still suffer from the derp face, i have gone back into the creation kit and looked if i could find out why, and if i maby missed some NPC's, but i beleve it to be coused by something wierd in the Dawnguard DLC, other than that, i havent found annyone who still has the Derp Face dissease, so lets just say, these vampires were poor, and coulnt afford the cure for this dissease, so they still have a derp face, mk?


if you like the mod, please give it a rating and add it to your faforites, if you have anny troubles with this mod, please tell me, even though i doubt i can help, tell me anyway.

also, if your bored, i have a youtube channel, and i have a skyrim Let's Play with already over 100 episodes!
My youtube channel!
check me out if you want! or not... up to you!

thats all, have fun playing!
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Urdbestplaya Jul 13, 2015 @ 6:38pm 
Alright already done
dragoninahuman  [author] Jul 13, 2015 @ 1:43pm 
@urdbestplaya how about you read the full mod description
this is a texture fix for another mod, you are NOT meant to use this mod on its own
so either install the required mod, or uninstall this mod, simple as that, because it is literally imposible for me to 'fix' said issue, because the only way to do that, is be uninstalling this
Urdbestplaya Jul 12, 2015 @ 9:22pm 
This mod makes it worse for the other races, fix this
dragoninahuman  [author] Feb 10, 2015 @ 8:21am 
@PVT.Rex i looked through your list of screenshots, and i can safely tell you that this mod has nothing to do with the few issues i saw.
this mod does not touch armors, so the glitched out, untextured black armors, is not caused by this mod
some vampires cannot be fixed, its a uknown issue within skyrim itself, so you will indeed sometimes encounter a vampire who still lookes wierd.
some NPC's have wierd eyes due to the way LoS turns pepole into argonians, this is, again, something that my mod doesn't touch, as this mod only makes 2 small changes to all NPC.
im sorry to hear you are having issues, but these are known issues i am cannot fix.
dragoninahuman  [author] Jan 23, 2015 @ 12:22pm 
your welcome
Ninja Puppy246 Jan 23, 2015 @ 9:39am 
Thanks dragoninahuman that helped alot :)
dragoninahuman  [author] Jan 23, 2015 @ 7:59am 
you could try it, here is the mod loading order you should try to fix it in:

1: mod that caused the skin tone issues
2: Lizards of skyrim mod
3: (legendary) Derp Face Cure mod

i cant guarantee that it will work, if the mod that causes this discoloration issue adds NPC's, this texture bug fix mod should not be able to fix your issues, it might, but i doubt it.
dragoninahuman  [author] Jan 23, 2015 @ 7:59am 
this mod ONLY works on non-DLC NPC's if they have been turned into Argonians, that are in the base game.
in the description, ther is a link to the nexus, where you can get a version that also includes all NPC's for all the 3 DLC.
this mod is specificly made to fix all NPC's that have been turned into Argonians through the use of the 'Lizards of Skyrim' mod, it is not made to fix anny issues from anny other mods, also, this mod only actually does something if the NPC's are Argonians.

to awnser your questions:
yes, this mod is supposed to only work on Argonians.
no, this mod alone SHOULD not be able to fix your issues.
if you dont mind/if you like everyone being a Argonian, then yes, you need the Lizards of Skyrim mod to fix everything, IF the mod that is causing this issue allows it.
Ninja Puppy246 Jan 22, 2015 @ 10:23am 
Does this mod only work on Argonians because ive been noticing that the skin discolorations are now happening to humans and other races after i downloaded a mod, but i really dont want to get rid of the mod so im wondering if i can use this mod to fix the problem with my game or if i need the lizards of skyrim mod.
dragoninahuman  [author] Dec 18, 2014 @ 2:12pm 
thanks! :D