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Release date: March 2015
The first multimedia video game that was ever made is reborn! Starring Sir Christopher Lee.

DEUS EX MACHINA 2 is the brand new evolution of the cult 1984 Game Of The Year, Deus Ex Machina, the first true interactive movie and multimedia video game.

Written by Mel Croucher, creator of the original game and founder of the UK video games industry, this completely new version is a darkly comic roller-coaster of your whole life. It's a surreal 100-year voyage from cradle to grave, and the music's great too!

Here's a rundown of the DEUS EX MACHINA 2 experience. Remember, this is no conventional game, it's a full-length interactive movie for PC, Mac and Linux, so here's what you'll enjoy ...

  • PRELUDE: make the choices that will affect your whole life, before you navigate your roller-coaster journey through existence. You may encounter, touch, enjoy and exploit all the good things in your life. Or you may avoid, reject, overcome and defeat all the bad things in your life. Or to hell with the rules ... you may decide to do the opposite!
  • FERTLIZER: outwit your rivals and their comedy tactics to fertilize that tempting egg and create life.
  • BIRTH: navigate the pulsing slalem to the outside world and dodge the squid-cam spy probes of the Defect Police.
  • INFANCY: learn to crawl, stand, balance, walk, run and jump your way through your childhood, as dark forces try to control your mind and condition your behaviour.
  • SCHOOL: run your own race and resist all the propaganda to obey, as the teacher from hell force-feeds you the rules of the institution.
  • ADOLESCENCE: battle those sprouting hairs and erupting zits, and navigate a hormone-fuelled pathway of teen-dreams.
  • LOVE: accept those tempting lips and get jiggy aboard that yellow submarine. You know you want to.
  • BETRAYAL: reject the spotlight of publicity and manipulate your privacy shell through the catwalk, because the war-mongers have plans for you.
  • SOLDIER: this is no place for heros. Run, dodge and flee the urban battlefield to survive.
  • CRIPPLE: your body lies shattered in a nightmare hospital, but your mind is free to navigate and heal.
  • WAR CRIMES: face your trial and evade entrapment in the courtroom of your worst nightmare.
  • DANCE: send in the clones and have a ball, as you party the night away in the ultimate club scene.
  • GUILT: your pathway is through the heart of the global trading world, where every investment you make will affect the lives of millions.
  • POWER: the lonliest road of all to navigate, with a supercity under your control. But is there anyone left to command?
  • DECLINE: now you battle the enemy within, through your own veins and arteries, hunted by white killer cells as you try and bust the blood clots of a massive heart attack.
  • DANGER: a race against time, with your brain under attack and its neural pathways acting like a rogue pinball machine.
  • OLD AGE: your geriatric home looks like a comedy clockwork hallucination, and every time you pop a pill or swap your eyeware your world mutates into something even weirder.
  • SENILITY: your pathway is through a dreamscape of false memories and real events from your incredibly long life. Can you even walk without help?
  • WONDER: but hey ... that futuristic buggy provides a mean ride towards the ultimate portal.
  • DEATH: well, what did you expect ... multiple endings?! We all come to it, and it's nearly game over.
  • TRANSFIGURATION: except for one final surprise, involving a wheelchair, some wings, an entire morphing planet and a free ride home.
  • THANKS: actually, two final surprises if you happen to spot your own face in there!

Imagine if your life was nothing more than an electronic game. Imagine if you knew then what you know now. Imagine if you could replay your little life all over again.
Welcome to DEUS EX MACHINA 2.

Starring Christopher Lee as the Supreme Being ... the greatest voice on the planet, Star of Dracula, James Bond, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. With Chyna Whyne, favorite session singer of Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and The Who, as the soul of The Machine. Ian Dury, the legendary Godfather of Punk, as The Fertilizer. Chris Madin as The Defect, among the best young voices in pop, and star vocalist on X Factor. Joaquim de Almeida as The Defect Police, one of the all-time great baddies, Golden Globe winner and star of Desperado, 24, Missing, Batman and The West Wing. Mary Carewe brings her amazing operatic voice to the production as The Teacher from Hell. And Sulene Fleming is the Very Naughty Night Nurse, a brilliant performer and star of Ministry Of Sound. The full-sync rock music soundtrack also features Chris Blackwell, Ray Davies, Johnny Lithium, Rick Eastman, Alidor Nzinga, the Festival Chorus and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Please help Greenlight this amazing video game experience now.
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