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Heroes of Might and Wisdom V11
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Sep 17, 2013 @ 5:20pm
Dec 25, 2013 @ 4:17pm
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Savage, Might, Courage, Agility, Endurance, Wisdom and Sorcery, these are the seven Pillars of A Hero's Talents.

This Mod add 3 Heroes for each Civilization and you can unlock more Heroes by completing world Wonders. These Heroes fight in the front line on battle field, gain new Talents of the seven pillars, discover powerful Artifacts, master new Skills/Spells/Auras/Adventure Abilities, and help you conquer other Civilizations.
You will find more fun in the game of Civilization with Heroes.
This mod does not require any Expansion, can work on Vanilla with or without Gods and Kings or Brave New World.
You can also download this at civfanatics[forums.civfanatics.com].

ChangeLog V11
You can access inventory without movement, so can use dispel potions
Fix bug that mind control crash game when used on trade unit or unit in city
Fix bug that friendly unit immnue to calmdown
Fix bug that embarked hero can't upgrade in sea
Fix bug that using mirror image kills the blade master
Fix bug that blink on sea without cooldown
Fix bug with blink and allure on unit in city

Thanks hiddensquire, Canabrava, wanren217, Bio_AAA, lnsh02, dalep, rripoooo, stad1105, daqing80 and all other player who help the beta testing.

Heroes are special units in this MOD. Each Civilization start with 3 national Heroes, you can hire them in Tavern with Gold. If you want more Heroes, you can build World Wonder to unlock Wonder Heroes.

Heroes can use 4 class of Abilities : Skills that damage multiple targets; Spells that cripple enemy; Auras that increase one attribute while decrease other attribute; Adventure Abilities that discover artifacts or return to your Capital. Talents and Artifacts can enhance different Abilities. So let your Heroes learn the right Talent and equip with right Artifact to unleash the full power of Abilities.

Talents of the Seven Pillars system replace the promotion system, Heroes can learn Talents from seven diverse Pillars, which enhance different Skills, Spells or Auras, and make your Hero invincible. Each Talent Pillar has 3 Primary Talents and 3 Secondary Talents. There are also seven Class of Heroes, each Class start with a different Talent Pillar.

Mighty Heroes need mighty Artifacts. There are seven type of Artifacts in this mod. Each type of Artifact has 4 levels : Normal, Magic, Unique and Legendary. These Artifacts may active an Ability, grant free promotions or enhance an Ability.
Heroes can obtain Artifacts in the following ways : exploring Ancient Ruins or Encampment; Using Adventure Ability on Antiquity Site; Buying in Artifacts Shop with Gold; Kill enemy Hero and take theirs with Savage Talent.

Hero Trait
Hero Trait are special bonus that make a Hero different from another. There are 4 levels of Traits. Heroes with stronger Traits are more expensive in Tavern to hire. Each Hero are given one random Trait at game start, they may get different Traits in another game.

This mod is designed to be able to work with other MODs.You can create your own Hero Units with little effort. I create an example mod to show how to do that, and a tutorial can be found at civfanatics[forums.civfanatics.com].

To be compatible with other MOD, this MOD modifies game features as few as possible.
This Mod works well with Enhanced User Interface DLC[forums.civfanatics.com], Ingame Editor, InfoAddict, Custom Advanced Setup, Bloublou's "Utility" Collection, Wonders of the World and Really Advanced Setup, other MODs are not tested.

Most icons are from World of Warcraft and Heroes of Might and Magic V, thanks Blizzard and Ubisoft for their great Games. Hero portrait and civilopedia information are taken from Wikipedia.
Thanks bc1 and Hambil for help make this MOD work with Enhanced User Interface DLC;
Thanks Jango34 for providing Denmark, Morocco, Russia and Shoshone Heroes;
Thanks Havelock Vetinari for Brazil Heroes;
Thanks The Omniscience for Arabia and Ottoman Heroes;
Thanks Deepdblood for German Hero;
Thanks Mdeancherry for America Hero;
Thanks Mithrandir and scottkbeers for Byzantium Heroes;
Thanks HiddenSquire for help rewrite most english text.
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winden80 Mar 30 @ 7:47am 
Love it! Thanks a bunch! :)
Just one tiny (or maybe rather large) question, I use a mod called Promotion Expansion Pack and I was just wondering if you could tell me how to add some of the extra promotions from that mod to the heroes. Either by giving them the promotions free at start or by tying them to one of the existing promotions.
epic  [author] Mar 28 @ 5:02pm 
this works with custom civ, they will get random heroes
Krajzen Mar 28 @ 10:38am 
I guess this is incompatible with custom civs? :d
Wozi Mar 24 @ 5:32pm 
interesting idea, tried it, enjoyed it, though didnt bother playing past the 1st age as feels like more work needs to be done
epic  [author] Mar 23 @ 6:39pm 
this version won't be deleted, I just won't update this one, since it's already stable and finished
leob70 Mar 22 @ 4:27pm 
:/ well im sad that your discontinuing this one as i really liked it when it was seperate from the race mods and Policy overhauls. could you possibly keep up a seperate version?
epic  [author] Mar 17 @ 7:52pm 
A new beta of this mod can be found here:
this mod is obselete and won't receive more update, try the new one, it's much better
cregmiettinen Feb 27 @ 1:10pm 
At the beginning of the game the settler starts with promotions, these promotions are unspecified and appear as do not enter signs. The settler is not supposed to be upgradeable. I had no other mods active. The promotions cause problems with the game. Bug fixes are required.
saleen74 Feb 1 @ 11:54pm 
more detail in bug report discussion
epic  [author] Feb 1 @ 9:34pm 
check the Bug Report thread first, and report your system configure in more detail