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XBox 360 Controller Fix
By ThunderPeel2001
A simple patch to make your XBox 360 Controller work properly with Final Fantasy VII
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IMPORTANT NOTE: At present this mod only works with the ENGLISH Steam version of FF7. Localizations are NOT supported. Sorry! (Note: You can use the manual installation method for the SquareEnix version of the game.)


Note: You MUST run FF7 with an XBox 360 Controller connected once BEFORE you run this mod. (But make sure to quit the launcher before installing the mod.) You have to do this because the first time the launcher detects a controller, it automatically overwrites any existing configurations.

If you've accidentally not done this, then just: Uninstall the mod and then reinstall it. Simple!

Make sure you're using the English version. If you are, go to the Manual Installation in the Troubleshooting section below. (It's super easy.)

October 12, 2012 - Version 2.1
- Previous version (1.0) is now uninstalled correctly
- Additional check for existing controller configuration

October 6, 2013 - Version 2.0 is here!
- This new version alters the way the patching is done, resulting in a much smaller file. It also has a lot more checks in place to (hopefully) identify any problems.
What does this mod do?
The Steam re-release of Final Fantasy VII introduced some great new features: Higher quality videos, fixed script, better music (especially through a mod), cloud saves, achievements, etc. It also featured support for the Xbox 360 controller out of the box. Unfortunately, the way the buttons were mapped for the controller was extremely bizarre.

Let's look at the first problem:

Take a look at the original PlayStation controller mapping:

Then look at what you get with a 360 Controller by default (seriously!):

Here's PART of what this mod does:

You could do this yourself, of course, that's why there's more...

The worst problem about FFVII on the PC is that uses incomprehensible names for the buttons. Which button is "ASSIST", or "TARGET", or "PAGEUP", or "SWITCH", etc? There are mini-games where you need to know exactly which button to press at a specific time, and it doesn't help if you don't know what button is being referred to. That's where this mod gets special...
Fixing the button names
First an explanation: When FFVII was being converted to the PC, they couldn’t refer to the original button names, because they didn’t know what controller you would have. For example, on the original PlayStation, the game would tell you to press the “L1” button on your PS controller, but on the PC version it would say press “PAGEUP” – leaving you to guess which button that was on your particular controller.

This mod changes all references to confusing terms like “SWITCH”, “ASSIST”, “TARGET”, “MENU”, etc. and replaces them with the names of the actual buttons on your Xbox 360 Controller, matching the above config perfectly.

So before mod is installed:

After mod is installed:

Every reference throughout the game has been changed, so you never have to get confused about what button the game wants you to press!

Note: This only works with the ENGLISH language version of FF7!
Sounds good. Anything I should be aware of?
I’m glad you asked. There are only a few small caveats:
  • At present the installer only works with the Steam version of the game. (You can use the manual install method below for the SquareEnix version, though.)
  • If you’ve installed any previous mod that alters the game’s script, this will undo those changes until you uninstall it.
  • The original PlayStation game used the old Japanese button configuration: “X” was CANCEL and “O” was OK – completely backwards to all Western games. If this was preserved, it would mean that “A” would be CANCEL and “B” would be OK. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, I’ve changed these two buttons to their normal Western configuration – “A” is OK and “B” is CANCEL.

Note: There may be some problems with Chocobo racing with this configuration, too. This is because FFVII uses an old version of DirectX and so doesn't allow mapping of the RT and LT buttons (these have been moved to LS and RS button in this config). It may be very difficult to race while holding down the PSX equivalent for R1/R2 (RB and RS) at the same time for a boost :-/

Looking for a solution to this.
Will this break my saves, stop me from getting achievements, etc.?
Nope. This won’t affect any of those things. It’s a very simple mod that only alters one game file: flevel.lgp
So what if I want to uninstall this mod?
Simply go to your Control Panel, click Add/Remove Programs, and double click on “FF7 XBox 360 Controller Fix (Steam)”. This will return your copy of FF7 to how it was before you installed the mod.
Troubleshooting/I've spotted a problem!
Hopefully all the issues have been ironed out now, but a few still pop up from time to time:


Just press X on your keyboard. This is a quirk with FF7, and always happens, even if you're using a controller. Nothing to do with this mod.

Please ensure that your controller is set to the "Preferred Device" in the Windows Control Panel! This is a common problem and will likely fix things for you.

If the installer states that it can't find the Steam version of the game, you can manually apply the patch using the instructions below.

This should always work fine, so if you have a problem with manual installation, it's almost certainly because you already have a mod installed which conflicts with this one in some way.


1. Download VPatch.exe from here: and the Installer .bat from here:

2. Go to where the game is installed and copy VPatch.exe and PatchFF7Script.bat into the data\field\. The directory should already contain a file called flevel.lgp - if it doesn't, you're in the wrong directory. Final Fantasy VII is typically installed here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data\field but the location may will be different for you.

Your folder should now look like this:

3. Now just double click on PatchFF7Script.bat and select YES to the prompt that appears.

That's it! You're pretty much done! Just update the controller config below to finish...

4. Download the new controller config:

This needs to be placed over your existing FF7 Config file your Documents folder (look for "Square Enix > Final Fantasy VII" in your Documents folder -- if it's not there, make sure you've run the game at least once -- this will create the directory for you).

The folder you're looking for should look like this:

Copying this over your existing config will update your controller config for the game to match the new script.

Congrats! You're done!

Note: This manual installation is compatible with the SquareEnix version of FF7, too.

This appears to happen if the game is not installed in its default directory. (Thanks to Neu-Neu for pointing this out.) Just manually install the patch by following the instructions above. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks a lot!
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ThunderPeel2001  [author] 16 hours ago 
@Konamy It works with any Steam account... it just only works in English, I'm afraid. It's the way the game is made. Every button is actually part of the game script.
TParis Jan 15 @ 10:22am 
@Konamy: Why wouldn't it work with Brazilian Steam (account)? It's just editing game files.
Konamy Jan 15 @ 4:16am 
There's no way to make it work with other steam countries account? I'm from Brazil and i would love to use this to play this game properly.
TParis Jan 15 @ 3:49am 
@Snorenado: Thanks for the info! :) Didn't exactly want to plow through 55 pages of comments. ;)
Eerie Noizez Jan 14 @ 7:17pm 
@ThunderPeel2001 i ended up just using xpadder but i did notice that the controls on the in game screen changed from their prespective pc controls to the xbox controls so that part worked just fine and your are probably wirte it more than likely something on my end i just felt like xpadder was the fastest route to getting to the game but i will go back and try and figure it out one day i hate leaving things unresolved
Snorenado Jan 14 @ 8:49am 
@TParis he gets asked this all the time, it's not compatible but DLPB, Reunion's creator, is in the process of restructuring the mod completely it seems. I'm not sure but it'd be worth it to ask DLPB if this mod will be compatible with the new version of Reunion that is set to come out soon.
I've also tried my hand at editing Reunion's files with my own custom Xbox1 icons but it was such a hassle to get them to show up in-game correctly I just gave up.
Thread of my deadended progress here:
I uploaded my files there in case anyone wants to attempt to continue it.
TParis Jan 9 @ 3:09am 
Hey loved your patch when I played FF7 earlier. Now I wanted to play FF7 again, this time with the amazing Reunion mod package []. Do you have any idea if your controller fix and Reunion are compatible with each other (manual install as the installer won't detect FF7 after installing Reunion)?
ThunderPeel2001  [author] Jan 8 @ 12:17pm 
@EerieNoizez Hi, thanks for writing a full description of what you've done. In the Troubleshooting section there's a bit on controllers. That's filled with everything I know with weird controller issues. This mod doesn't, in any way, affect the game seeing your controller. It's more than likely a Windows configuration problem, or you've simply neglected to press 'X' on the keyboard (that most annoying glitch). Good luck!
Eerie Noizez Jan 8 @ 12:01am 
@ThunderPeel2001 So i went through and installed the patch using the manual installation because my game folder isnt in the default drive. and i ran the batch file and it gave me the que that everything went fine. after that i downloaded the config file and placed it in the documents folder under squareenix>finalfantasy7 but for some reason the game still isnt responding to the controller any ideas. is there a log file i might be able to look at
Mangle Jan 3 @ 11:57pm 
@Paulkdragon I recommend you to try out Xpadder, it will allow you to use dpad. It enables the controller to simulate keyboard bindings, try it out:)