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Tigrara Paravon
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Sep 16, 2013 @ 1:57pm
Jun 27 @ 6:18am
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The White Tiger Female Warrior Tigrara Paravon enters Dont Starve

*Hits harder
*Is quick footed
*Immune to the coldness of winter

Tigrara comes complete with custom animation, speech, states and portraits all designed/drawn by me! Please Enjoy!

Stay updated and subscribed for future changes, fixes and other characters still to be released.
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FrankMayn Jul 8 @ 9:50am 
Same. Subscribed, then unsubscribed, the subscribed again. I really want to play this character...
*KP* Corporal Giroro Jul 2 @ 4:57am 
Still doesn'twork for me..
!!!SuperZombiePandaMatt!!!  [author] Jun 27 @ 6:19am 
I have updated it (though might take a few mins to refreash. I hope this will make it run however theres a chance it wont, a lot of old mods have froze up with the new update/add on X/
Razorfang Jun 24 @ 4:06pm 
Hey just tried your charactor and she isn't showing up at all could you update her or is she being worked on.
Super Ratz Jun 22 @ 2:00pm 
Yeah not showing up for me in the mod list, please update it or fix the problem thx.
Dave Jan 24 @ 11:14am 
ye like Elimy said she is winter character (I guess from that immunity) so she should have problems in summer maybe just loosing sanity couse it is so hot in summer or maybe something more adanced but she rlyneed something to balance :) and I think if you had her hardly damaged to fire it wont help that much for example because it is pretty easy to dodge fire ... only if you are in forest and lighting strikes tree
Penis Inspector Jan 22 @ 9:21am 
After reading the description I was put off this mod

She's an overly OP character, no downsides meaning the whole "survival" aspect of the game is completely destroyed

I suggest you give her some sort of disadvantage
Sabytiger Jan 21 @ 4:19pm 
Hey im having issues with this mod even appearing in my mod listing.. any way to fix that? ive tried unsubscribing and subscribing but that did not help, ive fully restarted steam to see if that would of worked but no... any suggestions, i honestly think this character would be rather awesome to play..
Attic Space Jan 20 @ 3:38am 
Is there a downside to this chick or is she just wilson but stronger, faster, and immune to winter?
Diesel Star Jan 5 @ 9:22pm 
...but what are her debuffs?