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Haus' Vocalizer (Legacy Edition)
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Sep 16, 2013 @ 12:01pm
Aug 8 @ 9:13am
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Haus' Vocalizer (Legacy Edition)

1. Click subscribe, Launch L4D2, wait for it to download, then restart your game.
2. Right-click L4D2 in your Steam library, click "properties" > "set launch options". Enter "+exec vocalizer.cfg" into the field and click OK.
3. Once loaded into a map, hold left alt to choose your current survivor character. Use F1-F12 to access the vocalizer menus.

My vocalizer features the two default radial menus, ten custom ones, plus a handy root menu to change survivors. Made by me with help from Fittersguy's now-defunct blog. The scripts are commented for ease-of-use and the key binds can be changed there. Some speech can only be triggered during The Sacrifice/Passing campaigns, or once-per-map. Sorry, that's just how the game was made.

For single-player and server owners, check out the Server Edition.
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Sharples Oct 6 @ 8:48am 
Would be nice to have dialogue that let's the Parish bridge guys speak like how you can make Virgil speak in special parts of the maps.
Dalibor Sep 24 @ 11:24am 
OOOOOOH that explains it, thank you. Bindings are different now.
Feeblz Sep 13 @ 3:35am 
@Exceemon It is possible you didn't type exec vocalized.cfg into the console. If you did, the voice command binds are F1 - F10 and left Alt is character select menu.
Dalibor Sep 12 @ 11:26pm 
Been using this for a long time. Never had any problems. Fired up the game on my new PC finally, and...I can only see Nick's voice commands? And some of the menus are entirely gone, like specials and character select....What happened?
ChrisOG Sep 5 @ 7:58am 
I followed the instructions and its not working for me :/
Feeblz Aug 18 @ 3:27pm 
@Dinke McWinkle You can, you just have to enable developer console, press ~, and then do bind +MouseMenu(1-13) (letter)
Dinkle McWinkle Aug 18 @ 3:45am 
Hey, am I able to change the binds from F1-F12 to other keys?
Pierre Aug 17 @ 7:48pm 
Question.. why did you change it? the old verison was much better.
killermaster3003 Aug 10 @ 4:00am 
I stull happy that I have your vocalizer but I miss the other 2 menus but I get used to it fast + yours is the best out there :)
Feeblz Aug 9 @ 7:02pm 
@Doktor haus If that was comment was also pointing towards me (ik a lot of people complained), I was just a little upset because the Legacy Edition had fewer menus. Never the less, it was still great. I was just being a bit picky.