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Haus' Vocalizer (Legacy Edition)
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Sep 16, 2013 @ 12:01pm
Aug 8, 2016 @ 9:13am
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Haus' Vocalizer (Legacy Edition)

1. Click the Subscribe button and wait for this mod to download through Steam. Close Left 4 Dead 2 if it's already running.
2. Download my CFG file here[www.dropbox.com] and place it in steamapps/common/Left 4 Dead 2/Left4Dead2/CFG.
3. Right-click Left 4 Dead 2 in your Steam library, click "properties" > "set launch options". Enter "+exec HausVoc.cfg" into the text field and click OK.
Done! Once loaded into a map, hold left alt on your keyboard to choose your current survivor character. Use F1-F12 to access the vocalizer menus.

My vocalizer features the two default radial menus, ten custom ones, plus a handy root menu to change survivors. Made by me with help from Fittersguy's now-defunct blog. The scripts are commented for ease-of-use and the key binds can be changed there. Some speech can only be triggered during The Sacrifice/Passing campaigns, or once-per-map. Sorry, that's just how the game was made.

For single-player and server owners, check out the Server Edition.
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Foxy May 25 @ 8:21pm 
Hey, the link appears to have died. Is there any fix for that?
Unsubbed. Your vocalizer was the best one before you changed it.
Annorexorcist Apr 24 @ 4:51am 
Here's a copy of the linked CFG on PasteBin: https://pastebin.com/hA306DPb
Xæro Mar 23 @ 1:24pm 
link is dead.
it is a good idea to let it be hotsed on some crappy user server.

why not just post the content of the file in the description?????????????????????????????
killermaster3003 Mar 7 @ 12:15pm 
your vocalizer is dead now and we enjoy it :)
♠ Ässä Mar 5 @ 5:24am 
How can I save that CFG file as cfg?
Cymo Feb 25 @ 11:51am 
@« Counter-Life™ » thanks, now is working!!
OfficerDead Feb 25 @ 11:43am 
It works with the CFG file thx for the advice Doktor haus! :)
hardcore relatable gamer Feb 24 @ 8:53pm 
is it still dead
cocojack Feb 24 @ 2:47pm 
WOOAH chill dude, read when it was last updated, he hasn't changed anything since the August of 2016. Valve has made an update to the game which broke addons like these:

“An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2. - Configuration files are no longer loaded from addon vpks. These configuration values were sometimes used for malicious purposes, and all changes remained in the user's local settings even after the addon was disabled or removed. When necessary, addon authors should inform users of any required configuration changes in the description on the workshop page.”

Now he did release a cfg file it seems, and I haven't tried it yet but you also have to use the set launch options for it to execute.

Now like I said I haven't played the game or tried this since valve has made the change, but it isn't entirely Dokter Haus's fault for the time being. Who knows maybe there is something broken, but he hasn't updated it since August.