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Haus' Vocalizer
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Sep 16, 2013 @ 12:01pm
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Haus' Vocalizer

My vocalizer features the two default radial menus, tons of additional lines for each character, plus a handy hub of sub-menus to change survivors, access common commands and more. Made by me with help from Fittersguy's now defunct blog.

L4D2's sound system is inconsistent and as a result, certain lines will only play once per map, or only on certain maps, or only if you spam them. Don't like the key bindings? If you have basic knowledge of VPK editing and a text editor, you can change them. The scripts are commented for ease of use.

1. Move this to your regular addons folder; It doesn't seem to function otherwise. Navigate to addons/workshop and find the image I used for this mod (the raep faces); It will have random numbers as a filename. Now find the VPK with the same name and copy it into addons.

2. To activate the vocalizer script, you have a few options:
- Add "+exec vocalizer.cfg" to L4D2's launch options.
- Launch L4D2 and enter "exec vocalizer.cfg" into your console, though you'll need to do this every time you launch the game.
- Add "exec vocalizer.cfg" to autoexec.cfg using a text editor. If that file doesn't already exist in your left4dead2/cfg folder, just copy any of the .cfg files there. Unless you know what you're doing, "exec vocalizer.cfg" should be the only text in autoexec.cfg.

3. Once loaded into a map, hold Left Alt, then select "Change Survivor". If you're Nick, select "Nick" from the menu - This loads his set of menus. If cheats are on, you'll also switch to that character.

Left Alt - Sub-menus root
F1-F2 - Default Orders / Q&A
F3 - Common lines
F4-F7 - Survivor-specific lines
F8 - More common lines
F9 - Infected spotted

Like my mods enough to throw some dosh at me? I'll love you forever.
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ironic Nov 25 @ 9:48pm 
how to do
Please help me someone!
ウサギのスレーブ Nov 6 @ 3:11am 
it seems you cant use F10, F11, F12 anymore so you cant set what character your playing as I also found only F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 work this addon used to work wonders but since the last update the rest of the F keys stopped working i might unsub and unfav unless the problem is fixed ASAP
SushiManiac Oct 29 @ 12:58pm 
Can anyone else find the key bind for Zoey's death scream? I can't seem to find it when I'm playing as her whilst going through all the F1-F12 keys/
Snowy Huskybutt Oct 15 @ 5:40pm 
Kinda curious to what HUD you're using here.
Cpl. Dilivery Hoovy Aug 28 @ 11:48pm 
can i rebind the keys? reaching all the way across the keyboard to scream "WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!" isn't very helpful, too me, not just to scare the others
J&J2 Aug 13 @ 9:55am 
F10 isn't working anymore.
LOLME Aug 12 @ 1:25am 
thank you very much
L3goTheNightmare Aug 10 @ 4:41pm 
This is all too confusing
Nuclear Duck Aug 6 @ 2:39am 
trolled team with zoey's scream whole campaign till they shot me to death, 10/10
pHD'cZ 4ever | YoDa Jul 18 @ 12:43pm 
left alt dosent work for anything?