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Haus' Vocalizer
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Sep 16, 2013 @ 12:01pm
Jun 29 @ 1:54pm
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Haus' Vocalizer

My vocalizer features the two default radial menus, tons of additional lines for each character, plus a handy hub of sub-menus to change survivors, access common commands and more. Made by me with help from Fittersguy's now defunct blog.

L4D2's sound system is inconsistent and as a result, certain lines will only play once per map, or only on certain maps, or only if you spam them. Don't like the key bindings? If you have basic knowledge of VPK editing and a text editor, you can change them. The scripts are commented for ease of use.

1. Move this to your regular addons folder; It doesn't seem to function otherwise. Navigate to addons/workshop and find the image I used for this mod (the raep faces); It will have random numbers as a filename. Now find the VPK with the same name and copy it into addons. You'll then want to unsubscribe or give the manual version priority in addonlist.txt.

2. To activate the vocalizer script, you have a few options:
- Add "+exec vocalizer.cfg" to L4D2's launch options.
- Launch L4D2 and enter "exec vocalizer.cfg" into your console, though you'll need to do this every time you launch the game.
- Add "exec vocalizer.cfg" to autoexec.cfg using a text editor. If that file doesn't already exist in your left4dead2/cfg folder, just copy any of the .cfg files there. "exec vocalizer.cfg" should be alone on its own line.

3. Once loaded into a map, hold Left Alt, then select "Change Survivor". If you're Nick, select "Nick" from the menu - This loads his set of radial menus. If cheats are on, you'll also switch to that character.

Left Alt - Sub-menus root
F1-F2 - Default Orders / Q&A
F3 - Shared common lines
F4-F8 - Survivor-specific lines
F9-F10 - More common lines
F11 - Infected spotted
F12 - Commands
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cocojack / 4 hours ago 
Yeah I liked the old ones too. Also it wont let me hold ALT for the extra menus and stuff...
White Widow 12 hours ago 
did you change the vocals? please i want back the good ones! by the way, great work!
FireKeep Jun 29 @ 11:24am 
Is there a way to change the controls?
SmokerFaust Jun 14 @ 4:46pm 
man, i know how tedious could this get and you've done this, you must've been a whole week working on this, and I really appreciate and admire your work here, seriously man, I recently started learning about this and it's not what I would call complicated but it's sure bothersome... my respects man keep doing amazing works like this one.
toasty pyro May 16 @ 2:22pm 
anyone know how to customize the vocalizer yourself? I tried going into the files and editing the code, but then l4d2 refused to open with the 'unrecognized' addon
Ritalin Kid Mar 26 @ 10:49am 
do i need to unsubscribe after moving the .vpk into addons, or do i just disable the workshop one?
N7Legion Mar 9 @ 6:37am 
It kinda works but I dislike that you cannot use 25% of the vocalizer. You need to be at the saferoom to use the 25%.
βετα Jan 25 @ 2:54am 
Just bind a key to execute vocalizer.cfg everytime you go into a game. I binded my \ (back slash) key to execute the command "exec vocalizer.cfg".
Mr. Loathe Jan 17 @ 2:00am 
It works! You're just not smart enough to figure it out. Don't go around commenting on things saying ""not working"" when infact it does.
♫Joe (USA)♫ Jan 17 @ 12:55am 
Not working