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Thalmor Infiltration Easiest Version
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Sep 16, 2013 @ 7:00am
Sep 16, 2013 @ 7:07am
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This mod adds thalmor throughout skyrim ... especially to the forts. Lots of thalmor to kill.

There are three other versions of this file. Hardcore which respawns, mid level respawn and mid level no respawn. I have tried to cater to all types of players. I am now officially done with this mod as it needs no more version because if you don't like any of the version at this point then I cannot make you happy. I have moved on from modding and skyrim.

In this version they are still out there in numbers and they do respawn. They have elven weapons but they do not dual wield as they only have one sword. This mod is for the player than wants more enemies added into the game but doesn't want much of a challenge.

Escaping Helgen just got interesting again. Thalmor are now on the road from Helgen to Riverwood and areas around Riverwood, and all the forts as well as many other places.

This version starts thalmor at level 4-8 - groups contain all levels. The groups range from 6-12.

Kill them at the forts before you do the war unless you want them involved in the war at the forts.
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