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WAC Halo
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Sep 15, 2013 @ 3:53pm
Mar 5, 2015 @ 11:45am
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WAC Halo

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Welcome to a special edition pack for WAC.

This being an extension of WAC itself requires the core WAC to function. You can find it here.

If you don't know what WAC is and would like to know more, refer to the facepunch thread here[].

This pack includes the following aircraft:

• UH-144 Falcon
• AV-14 Hornet
• D77H-TCI Pelican


Q: I can't take off!
A: Make sure you're pressing the right buttons and stuff.

Q: Can you make 'aircraft'?
A: Probably, but stop asking please - we have enough ideas already.

Q: Can I get the source for this addon?
A: Sure, on my GitHub page here[].

Q: Where can I play online with these aircraft?
A: IP:

Q: I can't see any/some of the choppers, and I have 'WAC Aircraft' installed?
A: You probably have too many addons, don't blame me, blame garry.

Q: Rotors are missing on some of the choppers?
A: Again, too many workshop addons - blame garry.

Q: Where can I donate?

Q: How do you put up the landing gear?
A: If available, it will work automatically - there is no control for it at this time, but there will be.

Q: Didn't you say no unrealistic aircraft?
A: Sort of, I don't take requests for them, but if I'm bored I might do it anyway.

Q: Why did you make this?
A: It was a commission from 'The Mendicant'.

Weltensturm did not create this addon, so questions about it should not be thrown at him.

Thank you.
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redscopegaming Nov 23 @ 12:40pm 
i wish you could use the missle pods on the pelican and maby some weapons for both pilot and passagers on the falcon.
TomTheEnderRS Nov 20 @ 10:06pm 
make the covenant phantom banshee dropship and seraph from halo reach
check controls :P in context menu
red teletubbie Nov 11 @ 1:34pm 
how do u fly

FrostedMuffinTopInAJar Oct 29 @ 8:04pm 
pls fix the landing on it it's landing skills are terrible it keeps flipping
Chaplain Oct 28 @ 7:53pm 
Im hoping if you could make a Wac for me if you are up to it
That Friendly Hoovy Oct 25 @ 7:50pm 
Rip longsword and shortsword
u will be missed
[Regret]MotokoWalker Oct 11 @ 6:16am 
The new update of gmod broke the WAC aircraft, can you patch that ?
dagan2005 Oct 10 @ 8:05am 
im also getting this?
File exists in two addons - possible conflicts! lua/entities/wac_hc_pelican/init.lua (WAC Halo and WAC Aircraft)

[ERROR] lua/entities/wac_hc_base/init.lua:819: bad argument #2 to '__mul' (number expected, got nil)
1. __mul - [C]:-1
2. PhysicsUpdate - lua/entities/wac_hc_base/init.lua:819
3. unknown - lua/entities/wac_hc_pelican/init.lua:19