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BioShock Infinite Songbird Version 3 - Revised with 4 Sizes, Folding and Unfolding Wings, Animated Idle, Walk and Wait Sequences
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Sep 15, 2013 @ 3:11pm
Sep 17, 2013 @ 11:24pm
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BioShock Infinite Songbird Version 3 - Revised with 4 Sizes, Folding and Unfolding Wings, Animated Idle, Walk and Wait Sequences

Well I guess this will expose one of my other UserIds to the world... Pte Jack Here!!!

I was playing around with some XNALara files and wanted to see if I could get one into SFM before I started a tutorail on how to do it.

This was the result.

I had to delete the original upload as I did not have enough room on the Cloud under Pte Jack to upload this. Even after I deleted the original Songbird, I still did not have enough room to re-upload. It appears that Guides, Models, Screen Shot and Artwork all eat away at the Cloud Storage amount. As Pte Jack is a busy individual in these things, I had almost 0 room left.

Anyway, I completely re-vamped including renaming of bones to create Bone Groups (No more Unknown Bones if you follow the process below)

There are 4 sizes now, a Doll, a small version, the Original sized version, and a more true to scale version.

Now, I had to re-upload these because the Upgrade process I tried broke the original upload and I could not update the original upload.

Getting these models to replace models from the original models.

Sorry folk, most of the bones have been renamed and to change out the original models with these, you have to lock the bones of the old with the bones of the new manually, then zero the new model. once that is done.

Now the Wing bones have not been changed from the original model (with the except of the Right Wing Tip Bone) so if you drag the original onto the new model, the wing bones will automatically lock up (except for the Right wing tip which will have to be locked manually.)

To get rid of the unknown bones.

I tried to change the bone names to bones already known by SFM, however the entire wing structure will remain unknown unless you follow this process.

Go to your SourceFilmmaker\game\platform\cfg folder and open the sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt file. Find the last 2 closing curly brackets (like this } ) at the bottom of the file and add the following text before them

// (do not add this -----------------------------------------------------------------)

// SongBird
"Wing Controls"

{ "groupColor" "255 128 32 255"
"Left Wing Group"
"control" "wing left root"
"control" "wing left gear 1"
"control" "wing left 1"
"control" "wing left gear 2"
"control" "wing left 2a"
"control" "wing left 2b"
"control" "wing left 2c"
"control" "wing left gear 3"
"control" "wing left 3a"
"control" "wing left 3b"
"control" "wing left 3c"
"control" "wing left gear 4"
"control" "wing left 4a"
"control" "wing left 4b"
"control" "wing left 4C"
"control" "wing left handle"
"control" "wing left 5a"
"control" "wing left 5B"
"control" "wing left 5c"
"control" "wing left 6a"
"control" "wing left 6b"
"control" "wing left 6c"
"control" "wing left 7a"
"control" "wing left 7b"
"control" "wing left 7c"
"control" "wing left tip"
"control" "wing left 8a"
"control" "wing left 8b"
"control" "wing left 8c"
"Right Wing Group"
"control" "wing right root"
"control" "wing right gear 1"
"control" "wing right 1"
"control" "wing right gear 2"
"control" "wing right 2a"
"control" "wing right 2b"
"control" "wing right 2c"
"control" "wing right gear 3"
"control" "wing right 3a"
"control" "wing right 3b"
"control" "wing right 3c"
"control" "wing right gear 4"
"control" "wing right 4a"
"control" "wing right 4b"
"control" "wing right 4C"
"control" "wing right handle"
"control" "wing right 5a"
"control" "wing right 5B"
"control" "wing right 5c"
"control" "wing right 6a"
"control" "wing right 6b"
"control" "wing right 6c"
"control" "wing right 7a"
"control" "wing right 7b"
"control" "wing right 7c"
"control" "wing right tip"
"control" "wing right 8a"
"control" "wing right 8b"
"control" "wing right 8c"


// (do not add this -----------------------------------------------------------------)

Now, load the model and look to see if there are any unknown bones. If there are, follow the sytax above and add them to the proper bone group.

I have been experimenting with Blender and have added sequences for Folding Wings, Unfolding Wings, a very basic walk cycle (my first ever from scratch) and a quirky little animated idle and wait sequence to the model. (I may even attempt a flapping wing sequence, but that will be later on down the road.)

Have fun with it.

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When you add a model, there is a drop down menu on the top of the UI that says like "workshop", "tf2", "usermod", "hl2", "tf_movie".

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