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E.T. Armies
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Sep 16, 2013 @ 10:21am
Oct 2, 2013 @ 10:41am
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ET Armies new update
ET Armies Has Won the Best Indie Game of the year
Release date: Third Quarter of 2014
Extraterrestrial Armies is a Science fiction First Person shooter game. The game happens in far future when the earth is fallen and forgotten. However, a new power has risen on earth, a power that hunger for supremacy and war. You will play as a Parsis soldier on mission to defend against a small flare of that power, and on the way, you will face much more than what you’ve expected.

  • Story
    In a far future, mankind has found new planets as their new homes and as the world expands itself, the hunger for power and new resources rises. Although many new homes are found, our mother land earth is fallen and is no place to wage more war on. Abandoning our homeland seems to be the only answer to our survival. However, not all can leave. From all over the earth a new nation is born to fight for their survival in a dead planet. But it’s all just a beginning for these forsaken, a beginning to their devastating plan for vengeance. For this wish to be granted, they start a war with the whole universe, a war for pure sustainable energies that can give them enough power to fulfill their vengeance.

  • Breathtaking Visuals
    Powered by unreal technology, E.T. Armies delivers exceptional visuals in indie world. Detailed environments, characters and weapons along with high quality visual effects in different environment atmospheres give you a unique experience among other titles.

  • Unique Atmosphere
    Alongside a modern high-tech atmosphere in the game you will experience a complete unique mixture of Science fiction and Persian historical Architecture. In E.T. Armies, before reaching a massively armed Abandoned Factory, you will play in a ruined city inspired from Persepolis environments.

  • Solid Game play
    Using in-depth and professional programming, the game benefits from neat game flow and AI system for both allies and enemies. Facing your enemies in different situations combined with cinematic driven gameplays will always keep you on the edge. Using motion capture to deliver high quality animations for humanoid NPCs, combined with various types of mechanical enemies such as flying drones and copters, the game promises an interesting fast paced gameplay.

  • AAA details in indie universe
    Although our team is small, we‘ve tried so hard to deliver a highly detailed game to our consumers. Keeping up with new technologies, using advanced methods in our pipelines, and focusing so hard on small details, E.T. Armies is trying to achieve the best product quality as an indie title.

E.T. Armies is being under development by Raspina Studio, a completely independent team formed in a garage! Our team consists of 7 people who have started working on this title from january 2012. The game is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2014. The international version of the game will have English Voice over with various language subtitles Such as Russian, Spanish, German and French. We are also planning to add Multiplayer and possibly Co-op, but nothing is final yet.

We've attended Gamescom 2013 and E3 2013 as one of the top 10 candidates in IndiesCrashE3 campaign. We are also planning to attend more fairs and festivals to be more in touch with community and get more feedback from you guys.

For more information about the game or more screenshots visit our website :
For any comment, feedback or suggestion feel free to contact us via
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What makes this a good game?
BurntCornFlakes コーンフレーク
< >
!ScOrPiOn Nov 13 @ 2:47pm 
خدا قوت میگم به تیم سازنده به خصوص دوستانی که طراحی های گرافیکی تجهیزات و مراحل بازی را انجام داده اند. صدای گزاری بازی خوب بود ولی زمان های عصبانیت کارکتر ها، زیاد آن حس را به مخاطب القا نمیکرد و بعضی مواقع اینقدر آهسته میشد که نمیتوانستیم صدای کاراکتر را بشنویم. امیدوارم با وارد شدن این بازی رقابت بین شرکت های بازی سازی داخلی بیشتر شود. همچنین پس از انتشار بازی در استیم امیدواریم از پتانسیل فروش خوب شاپ های ایرانی استفاده کنید. زیرا این فروشگاه ها در زمینه فروش بازیهای اورجینال جز بهترین شاپ های ایران هستند.
و ...
AliGamer_H Nov 6 @ 7:00pm 
morteza56 Oct 19 @ 2:36pm 
where i can i buy this game ?
anyone knows ?
☫ malirezam ☫ Sep 25 @ 12:31am 
بالاخره می خواد برا استیم بیاد یا نه ؟ :|
morteza56 Sep 5 @ 2:30pm 
why is not coming in steam ?
i want play this game
Mehr4N Aug 30 @ 10:17pm 
Good News! The game got released in IRAN earlier today. It's just a matter of time till it gets released in global markets. And it does have Multiplayer and a great storyline! That's just awesome!
Я@bIΣI.FMR Aug 28 @ 2:23pm 
I'm waiting for this game for 1000000000 years!
MK Aug 20 @ 2:46am 
We are waiting for you brothers, just make the best
AlirezaGamer Aug 4 @ 3:57am 
Thanks for this Game . Hope your team stand against the problems and make more enjoyable game . We are waiting for E.T Armies .