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Smithy of Hellspawn
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Sep 12, 2013 @ 10:25pm
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Smithy of Hellspawn

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Do you like smithing? Do you like summoning unspeakable horrors into our plane of existence?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you may be interested in our newly improved Atronach Forge SMITHY OF HELLSPAWN (TM), now with Conjuration XP! Going down to the Midden has never been more purposeful!

Now, I know what you're thinking:

But <mod author>, I am a Spheriphem interested in space and mastering the arcane arts in space. Is the Smithy of Hellspawn space-compatible?

To which I reply:

You spherical scamp, Smithy of Hellspawn (TM) is not only space-compatible but it's also space-optional! Space only knows why we included this feature! (Greed, mainly.)

Still on the fence? Let me sweeten the pot.

Act now and you'll also receive an enchanted Imbuing Chamber absolutely free of charge! This wondrous device allows you to earn Enchanting XP and control people's minds WITH SPIDERS!

No Dragonborn? NO PROBLEM!

We accept all subscribers, even those who do not wish to be cool hip the LORD OF ALL SPIDERS. You will simply not be able to chuck spiders at people's heads. (Poor you!)

But <mod author>, how are the things you say possible?

BLACK @#$%ING MAGIC! but seriously, we just stick a guy in front of a computer screen and he writes on a piece of papyrus or something.

Boiler-plate Disclaimer: Smithy of Hellspawn (TM) is not to be confused with inXile's Hunted: The Demon's Forge. Smithy of Hellspawn is actually an Atronach forge (with Conjuration XP).

Making use of our enchanted Imbuing Chamber is much like making use of a non-enchanted Imbuing Chamber, except that it is 1000x better!

No Space Cores were harmed in the making of this product. Solstheim residency not required (but it helps!) Download where exhibited.
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RandomYoutuber274 Apr 17 @ 1:57pm 
Whats the Space Core for?
Atlas Jul 4, 2016 @ 6:00pm 
best deal yet
Mr.Muffin Jun 15, 2016 @ 7:01pm 
ill take 20
Kain-Xavier  [author] Apr 27, 2014 @ 8:13pm 

Tell your neighbors! Tell your friends! Or better yet, chuck spiders at their heads and CONTROL THEIR MINDS !
ExaNovaform Apr 27, 2014 @ 1:57pm 
I'll Take Ten!
ExplosiveFirehawk Apr 20, 2014 @ 7:02pm 
XDDD SUBBED. You, sir, have me SOLD ED
Kain-Xavier  [author] Mar 17, 2014 @ 6:45pm 
In the spirit of Saint Patrick Prince Sanguine, we decided to answer some more of your most pressing questions!*

@thetenblades :

White magic was to be included but our focus groups found that our target audience reacted negatively to depictions of Dibellan debauchery with Restoration expert, Colette Marance. (And the world is a poorer place for it!)

@Rollo Tomasi :

Simply put, using the Atronach Forge earns you Conjuration XP and using the Imbuing Chamber earns you Enchanting XP. The mod supports Fall of the Space Core Vol. 1 and Dragonborn but requires neither.

Answers provided may be to questions posed six months ago.
Kain-Xavier  [author] Dec 15, 2013 @ 10:40pm 

Seeing as it is the "holiday" season, we thought we'd give away information for $5 for free ! Here are some answers to some very common questions:

The Smithy of Hellspawn (TM) can be found in the Midden underneath the College of Winterhold.

The Space Core can be found near the Western Watchtower outside of Whiterun. Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1 is required.

The enchanted Imbuing Chamber can be found in the Sanctum of White Ridge Barrow. Dragonborn is required.
Colemonkey Dec 6, 2013 @ 4:12am 
the forge is under colege of winter hold
Colemonkey Dec 6, 2013 @ 4:12am 
how do you get the space core