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Angela: Ally, Merchant, Companion
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TL;DR: Angela's a stealthy, brutal killing machine with powerful, unique gear available, and you can marry her. Jorge lives in the basement, is weak in combat but can follow and is a merchant. 4 new arrow-crafting recipes are included under 'MISC' at any forge and require various smithing perks. All crafted arrows vary in power, colour, and properties but are all based on the draugr's Ancient Nord Arrow.

Full Description:
This mod started its life about a year ago when I decided to put an avatar of my girlfriend of 4+ years into the game. I made it more and more elaborate and recently decided I'd put too much work into this to not share it.

Angela is a level 30 follower and potential marriage partner. She is quite good at sneaking and archery, making her an optimal follower for practically any play style. She comes with her own unique set of temperable light armour and her own bow, which have stats somewhat similar to Glass armour, and a very high value to reflect their uniqueness. There are a few different arrow types (all look like a clean/new version of Ancient Nord Arrow) added to the game, which are craftable at any forge under "MISC" with different smithing perks (up toadvanced armours, and arcane blacksmith perks are required to be able to make all different arrow types).

Jorge is a merchant and male follower that lives in the basement. Jorge's level is somewhat dynamic and ranges from 7 - 18. From what I understand though, whatever level you first meet him at, he stays at, unless you reset him, which is why I did not make Angela dynamic. Using the Wabbajack on him is allegedly a good way to reset him and get him to level up with you.

Angela's House, located west of Whiterun (marker on map), can act as a marriage home, and also as a place to stay before you own your own home. The chest in front of the doublebed will not respawn and should be safe to store items in.

While some might say that having access to Angela's equipment practically as soon as the game begins may be overpowered, I made it this way so that Angela would not become a useless companion after leveling a character for a bit. I suppose some self-control is in order to prevent one from abusing the mod (Or maybe some would prefer to - that is up to you). Again though, originally made for private use, decided to share, so I hope you enjoy. :)

Note: The stats found on the screenshots of Angela's Bow and Gauntlets are not the base stats, as my current character has quite a few perks in both archery and light armour that bolster those numbers. Screenshots were to show they can be tempered.

Super Awesome Items to Find:
Here is a list of the 5 arrow types you can craft at any forge under 'MISC' and which perk is required to make them... You can figure out how to do it within the game, or you can just cheat and read here:
Steel Nordic Arrow: Steel Smithing
Silver Nordic Arrow: Elven Smithing
Golden Nordic Arrow: Elven Smithing
Quicksilver Nordic Arrow: Advanced Armours
[--omitted ;)--] Nordic Arrow: Arcane Blacksmith

Latest Update:
Added a new craftable arrow type: Golden Nordic Arrow. Craftable with Elven Smithing perk, just like Silver arrows. More valuable, and therefore more smithing XP, but is one point weaker in damage than silver (gold is a soft metal, after all).

Retextured all the included new arrows. Quivers have a richer-looking wood, arrow shafts don't look dried out, and the feathers are a different colour for each arrow type so they can be quickly identified.

Edited Angela's Default Inventory (exchanged her 800 starting gold for a Steel Dagger). She was carrying 800 gold because when I first was making this for my own use, the real Angela joked that she didn't want to be poor. I've previously ignored that she had the gold, but as a public release it no longer makes sense.

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Sep 26, 2013 @ 6:13pm
waiting patiently for the ability to vamp her
Sep 19, 2013 @ 10:59pm
Tio Papery c(^-^c)
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I Jaminater Apr 17 @ 2:11am 
how do you marry her
jigafree71 Feb 21 @ 11:19pm 
Thanks, I was able to fixure it out. There was a mod that lets you get divcoced. So It worked out in the end. Wish Angela was shorter.
Mekada Roenick  [author] Feb 21 @ 10:40pm 
I've finally had the opportunity to dig up my old save files from a backup HDD and test your question. My initial assumption was wrong. Here's what happened:

1. Loaded save game where Angela was married to me in Breezehome
2. Saved in front of her
3. Unticked the mod from the list
4. Reloaded, she was gone, saved again
5. Re-ticked the Angela mod to load
6. Loaded the latest save
7. Angela was still gone, her house was unexplored.
8. Angela's house was reset with everything in it. We were not married.
9. Headed to Riften, and as I suspected at this point, I was still "married," but not to anybody... i.e. I could not get re-married to Angela or anyone else.

Hope that helps.
Mekada Roenick  [author] Feb 10 @ 11:41pm 
I believe variables from mods persist in save files even after a mod is removed, so my assumption is that everything would return to normal. Now, don't take this as fact because I do not know for 100% certain that is how it works, nor have I tried it. Within the next couple of days, I can try it myself and post back here what happened because I am now curious myself.

About the map marker, I am not sure how to implement that but it is probably fairly easy so I will look into it sometime. I'm currently very busy with my last [more-than-] full time semester at college, so my ETA for that is "sometime between now and later."
jigafree71 Jan 30 @ 11:20am 
What would happen if were married to her. Unsubscribe reload, Save, Resubscribe, reload? Would she be at her house? would that mess everything up?
jigafree71 Jan 30 @ 11:19am 
Udontgetsthose - I have the same problem. To Mekada Roenick auther. Would ther be a way to trigger a map marker? I have the map marker mod but can't find Angela. Maybe through the console we can trigger it and find her. Just an idea. Thanks for your help.
FriedChickenPeanutButterPoptart Dec 30, 2013 @ 1:18pm 
i married angela but now i cant find her at my house or hers if anyone knows where i can find her please tell me where
Dallesse Dec 14, 2013 @ 7:00am 
I'm also very grateful that you take the time to fix neck seams and eliminate the potential of the unattractive "grey head" issue that is so common among follower mods. I'm no CK whiz...so when I see grey- I stay away. So double thanks! If you make any other followers, I feel I can trust my time to the quality of your work. Have a great holiday!
Mekada Roenick  [author] Dec 14, 2013 @ 6:54am 
You are more or less right: Angela's face is Hroki's. I tried to customise it but nothing came out quite right. In the end, I just copied Hroki's face, made her taller, and made her hair longer. My real Angela is a redhead, but since the red hair on here just isn't quite right, we both decided the blonde was better so even that stayed over from Hroki. Glad you like her. :)
Dallesse Dec 3, 2013 @ 4:42pm 
Hroki's hotter older sister! Hroki is probably the most alluring vanilla gal in the game. Its almost sad to see her outshined! But Angela has all that and more. I liked her and the mod so much...I whipped out the Pocket Empire Builder and put a bar across the road! Hellllo neighbor! ;-)