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Event Badges

"Level I" "Level II" "Level III" "Level IV" "Level V"
Steam Summer Getaway Released: July 2013
Description: Craft 10 Summer Getaway Cards
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
The Great Steam Treasure Hunt
Released: December 2010
XP: 100 (max)
Description: This event included 28 objectives. Completing objectives unlocked a Steam badge and Team Fortress 2 hat.
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
The Potato Sack
Released: April 2011
XP: 200 (max)
Description: The Potato Fools Day alternate reality game (ARG) included 36 potatoes to collect. Finding them unlocked a badge.
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
No_L2_Badge No_L3_Badge Steam Summer Camp
Released: June 2011
XP: 200 (max)
Description: Collected tickets during summer events by completing daily objectives. This granted a Steam badge.
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
Steam Holiday Sale 2011
Released: December 2011
XP: 200 (max)
Description: The Great Gift Pile included daily objectives. The prize for completing events was coal, a coupon, or a game.
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
Steam Summer Sale 2012
Released: July 2012
XP: 100 (max)
Description: Based on tasks completed (Community Choice votes and joining the Steam group), a Steam badge was granted
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
No_L2_Badge No_L3_Badge Steam Holiday Sale 2012
Released: December 2012
XP: 100 (max)
Description: Completing four or more out of six holiday event tasks unlocked the Steam badge.
Snow Globe Event Badge Winter 2013/2014 [Limited Badge]
Level 1 (100xp) Level 2 (200xp) Level 3 (300xp) Level 4 (400xp) Level 5 (500xp) Level 6-9 (600xp+) Level 10-19 (1000xp+)
Level 20-29 (2000xp+) Level 30-39 (3000xp+) Level 40-74 (4000xp+) Level 75-99 (7500xp+) Level 100-149 (10000xp+) Level 150-249 (20000xp+) Level 250-499 (40000xp+)
Level 500 (50000xp+) Level 1000 (100000xp+) Level 1250+ (125000xp+) Level 1500+ (150000xp+) Level 1750+ (175000xp+) Level 2000+ (200000xp+) Level 2014+ (201400xp+)
no badge available
Foil Level 1 (100xp+) Foil Level 2 (200xp) Foil Level 3 (300xp+) Foil Level 4(400xp+) Foil Level 5 (500xp+) Foil Level 6-9 (600xp+) Foil Level 10-19 (1000xp+)
Foil Level 20-29 (2000xp+) Foil Level 30-39 (3000xp) Foil Level 40-74 (4000xp+) Foil Level 75-99 (7500xp+) Foil Level 100- (10000xp+) Foil Level 150+ (15000xp+) Foil Level 250+ (25000xp+)
no badge available no badge available
Steam Snow Globes Released: December 2013 - Limited Time Available Start 19. December 2013 up to 03.January.2014
Common: XP:100-201300 | highest Level bUm805 Level 2013 (done)
Foil: XP: 100-10000 | highest Level PalmDesert Level 100 (done)
Description: Craft 10 Snow Globes Cards
Common Badges

Community Badge
Pillar of Community
Released: July 2012
XP: 100
Description: Completed many Steam Community tasks (level 1 badge).
Community Ambassador
Released: May 2013
XP: 200
Description: Completed all Steam Community tasks (level 2 badge).
Trading Card Beta Tester
Released: June 2013
XP: 100
Description: Participated in the Steam Trading Card Beta.

Limited Badge
Steam Hardware Beta candidate / tester
Released: 23 September 2013 End: 26. October 2013
XP: 100 - 250
Description: Participated in the Steam Machines.

Years of Service Badge min50 max500xp

Game Service Badge min 100xp max ????xp
Deluxe Badges

Valve Employee
Released: May 2013
XP: 1000
Description: The most elite of all badges. Given to those who made all of this possible.
Steam Community Moderator
Released: May 2013
XP: 500
Description: Awarded to global moderators of the Steam Community, Discussions, and workshop.
Steamworks Developer
Released: May 2013
XP: 500
Description: Awarded to community members who are also game developers.
Steam Community Translator
Released: December 2012
XP: 100
Description: Awarded to those who've made significant contributions to the Steam Community Translation effort, making Steam a great place for everyone regardless of language.
More Information
Badges Collectors

We love collecting steam badges, cards, backgrounds & emoticons.
Join us and stay updated with the latest news about Steam Trading Cards.

Minimum requirements:
  • Steam Level: +30
  • Steam Badges in general: +30 (different badges)
  • Games in library: +30
  • Kindness to everyone.
  • No VAC banned or Trade Banned users allowed.
If you meet the minimal requirements, feel free to ask one of our admins/mods in our public chatroom to get an instant invite, or you may also use our automatic invite bot[www.steamcardexchange.net].

"Collectin' badges can be so much fun ... and expensive, but FUN!"

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Jarppi01 Feb 12 @ 8:35am 
why ?
☣|MastaKilla|®™☣  [author] Feb 12 @ 8:09am 
because this is not going in the steam community hub ....
Jarppi01 Feb 12 @ 8:04am 
Why this is Rember topic? why not steam topic?
Hamstersex Dec 19, 2013 @ 1:59pm 
Steam Holiday Sale 2013?
7Vulcan7 Nov 21, 2013 @ 10:48am 
Now Fortix2 it's ok...but link for Guardians of Middle-earth is wrong because it direct to Guacamelee! Gold Edition...check it ;)
7Vulcan7 Nov 18, 2013 @ 3:26pm 
Notice to Admin: wrong link for Guardians of Middle-earth, and Fortix 2 don't appear Foil cards...change "Fortix 2 trading cards" in "Fortix 2 trading"....
~JSU76~ Nov 11, 2013 @ 5:22pm 
Nice guide well done!
jeffa-♛ Nov 6, 2013 @ 11:58am 
Woah...I needed this but couldnt imagine someone making one.. awesome dude!
7Vulcan7 Oct 28, 2013 @ 6:07pm 
☣|MastaKilla|®™☣  [author] Oct 25, 2013 @ 9:55am 
So Guys and Girls Guide is updatet ..... have fun ...