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Trading Cards (A)
[badge] A Valley Without Wind[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] A Virus Named TOM[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] A-men[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] A.R.E.S.[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Aarklash: Legacy[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Abalone[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ace of Spades[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Actual Sunlight[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Adventurer Manager[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Aerena[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Agarest Zero[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Agarest: Generations of War[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Age of Empires II: HD Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Age of Mythology: Extended Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Age of Wonders III[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] AirBuccaneers[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] AirMech[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Akane the Kunoichi[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Alan Wake[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Always Remember Me[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Always Sometimes Monsters[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Among the Sleep[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ampu-Tea[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Angry Birds Space[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Anna - Extended Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Anodyne[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Anomaly 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Anomaly Defenders[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Anomaly Warzone Earth[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Antichamber[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Antisquad[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Archeblade[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Arma 3[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Armored Hunter GUNHOUND EX[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ascendant[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Astebreed[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Avoid Sensory Overload[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Awesomenauts[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Ba. - Bk.)
[badge] BIT.TRIP BEAT[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BIT.TRIP CORE[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BIT.TRIP FATE[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BIT.TRIP FLUX[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BIT.TRIP RUNNER[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BIT.TRIP VOID[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Backstage Pass[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Bad Hotel[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Bad Rats[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ballad of Solar[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ballpoint Universe: Infinite[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Bardbarian[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Bastion[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Batman: Arkham City GOTY[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Batman™: Arkham Origins[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Batman™: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Battle Mages[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Battle Worlds: Kronos[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BattleBlock Theater[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Battlepillars Gold Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Beat Hazard[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BeatBlasters III[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Betrayer[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Beware Planet Earth[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BioShock Infinite[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Bionic Dues[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Bl. - Bz.)
[badge] Blackguards[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blacklight: Retribution[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blackwell Convergence[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blackwell Deception[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blackwell Epiphany[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blackwell Unbound[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blade Kitten[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blade Symphony[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Bleed[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blockland[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blocks That Matter[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blood Knights[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Blood of the Werewolf[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BloodRayne[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BloodRayne 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BloodRayne: Betrayal[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Bloody Trapland[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] BorderZone[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Borderlands 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Bound By Flame[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Braveland[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Breach & Clear[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Broken Age[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Brütal Legend[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Burning Cars[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (C)
[badge] CONSORTIUM[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Multiplayer[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Zombies[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Call of Duty: Ghosts - Multiplayer[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Call of Juarez[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Call of Juarez Gunslinger[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cannon Brawl[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Canyon Capers[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Card City Nights[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cargo Commander[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Carmageddon: Reincarnation[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Castle Crashers[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] CastleStorm[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Chainsaw Warrior[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Chaos on Deponia[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cherry Tree High Comedy Club[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Chip[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Chivalry: Medieval Warfare[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Chompy Chomp Chomp[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Chucks Challenge 3D[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cinders[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Circuits[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Citadels[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cities in Motion 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Clickr[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cloudbuilt[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Coin Crypt[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Collapse[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Company of Heroes 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Concursion[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Conquest of Champions[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Constant C[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Contagion[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Contrast[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cook, Serve, Delicious![steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cortex Command[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Costume Quest[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Croixleur Sigma[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Crusader Kings II[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cthulhu Saves the World[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Cubemen 2[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Da. - Di.)
[badge] DARK[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] DLC Quest[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dark Fall: Lost Souls[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dark Matter[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dark Scavenger[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Day One: Garry's Incident[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Day of Defeat: Source[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Daylight[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dead Bits[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dead Effect[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dead Hungry Diner[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dead Island[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dead Island Riptide[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dead Man's Draw[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Deadfall Adventures[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Deadlight[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Deadly 30[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Defense Grid: The Awakening[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Defense Technica[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Defiance[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Delve Deeper[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dementium II HD[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Democracy 3[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Demonicon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Deponia[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Depths of Fear :: Knossos[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Desktop Dungeons[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Deus Ex: The Fall[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Diehard Dungeon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Din's Curse[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dino D-Day[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Divekick[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Divinity: Dragon Commander[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Dj.-Dz)
[badge] DmC Devil May Cry[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Doctor Who: The Adventure Games[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dogs of War Online - Beta[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dominique Pamplemousse[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Don't Starve[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Door Kickers[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Doorways[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dota 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Double Dragon Neon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dragons and Titans[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Draw a Stickman: EPIC[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] DreadOut[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dream[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Droid Assault[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Drox Operative[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Drunken Robot Pornography[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] DuckTales Remastered[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dungeon Hearts[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dungeonland[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dungeons of Dredmor[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dust: An Elysian Tail[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dusty Revenge[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Dysan the Shapeshifter[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (E)
[badge] E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] EPOCH[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] EVE Online[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Eador. Masters of the Broken World[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Edna & Harvey: The Breakout[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Electronic Super Joy[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Element4l[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Empire: Total War[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Endless Space[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Epic Battle Fantasy 4[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Eryi's Action[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Escape Goat[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Escape Goat 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ethan: Meteor Hunter[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ether One[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ether Vapor Remaster[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Euro Truck Simulator 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Europa Universalis III[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Europa Universalis IV[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Eversion[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Evochron Mercenary[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Expeditions: Conquistador[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] eXceed - Gun Bullet Children[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate Black Package[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (F)
[badge] F1 2013[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FATE[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FATE: Undiscovered Realms[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FINAL FANTASY III[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FLY'N[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FORCED[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FTL: Faster Than Light[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FX Football - The Manager for Every Football Fan[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Face Noir[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FaeVerse Alchemy[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Faerie Solitaire[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Fairy Bloom Freesia[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Far Cry® 3 Blood Dragon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Farm Frenzy 4[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Farming Simulator 2013[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Farming World[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Fight The Dragon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Final Exam[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Finding Teddy[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Fist Puncher[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Flockers[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FootLOL: Epic Fail League[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Football Manager 2013[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Football Manager 2014[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Fortix[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Fortix 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] FortressCraft Evolved[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Foul Play[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Frederic: Evil Strikes Back[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Frederic: Resurrection of Music[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Freedom Fall[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Frozen Synapse[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Full Bore[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Full Mojo Rampage[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (G)
[badge] GRID 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Galcon Legends[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Game Dev Tycoon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Garry's Mod[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gas Guzzlers Extreme[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gemini Wars[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gentlemen![steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] GhostControl Inc.[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gigantic Army[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Go Home Dinosaurs![steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Goat Simulator[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] God Mode[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gomo[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gone Home[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Goodbye Deponia[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gotham City Impostors: Free To Play[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gratuitous Space Battles[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gravi[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gravity Badgers[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ground Pounders[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Guacamelee! Gold Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Guardians of Middle-earth[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Guilty Gear Isuka[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Guise Of The Wolf[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gun Monkeys[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] GunZ 2: The Second Duel[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Guncraft[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Gunpoint[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Guns of Icarus Online[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (H)
[badge] HAWKEN[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hack, Slash, Loot[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Half-Life 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Halo: Spartan Assault[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hamilton's Great Adventure[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hammerwatch[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hard Truck Apocalypse / Ex Machina[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Haunt the House: Terrortown[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hearts of Iron III[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Heileen 1: Sail Away[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Heldric - The legend of the shoemaker[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hero Siege[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Heroes of Steel: Tactics RPG[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hexodius[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hitman: Absolution[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hive[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Horizon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Hotline Miami[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] How to Survive[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Human Tanks I - War of the Human Tanks[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (I)
[badge] Ikaruga[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] InFlux[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Indie Game: The Movie[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Insurgency[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Intake[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ion Assault[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Iron Soul[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ironclad Tactics[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ittle Dew[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (J)
[badge] Jagged Alliance - Back in Action[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Jets'n'Guns Gold[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Joe Danger[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Joe Danger 2: The Movie[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Journal[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Journey of a Roach[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (K)
[badge] KRUNCH[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Kairo[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Kerbal Space Program[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] KickBeat Steam Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Killer is Dead[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Killing Floor[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Kinetic Void[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] King's Bounty: Warriors of the North[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Kingdom Rush[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Knights of Pen and Paper +1[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Knock-knock[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Knytt Underground[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Krater[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (L)
[badge] LYNE[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] La-Mulana[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Last Dream[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Left 4 Dead 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Legend of Dungeon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Legends of Dawn[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Let's Sing[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Lili: Child of Geos[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Lilly Looking Through[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Little Racers STREET[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Loadout[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Long Live The Queen[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Lords of Football[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Loren The Amazon Princess[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Lost Marbles[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Lost Planet 3[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Love[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Lunar Flight[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Lunnye Devitsy[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (M)
[badge] MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT™[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] MURI[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mabinogi[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] MacGuffin's Curse[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Magic 2014[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Magical Diary[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Magicka[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Magicka: Wizard Wars[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Major Mayhem[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Man Of Prey[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] MapleStory[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] March of War[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] March of the Eagles[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mark of the Ninja[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mars: War Logs[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Marvel Heroes 2015[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Master Reboot[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] McPixel[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mechanic Escape[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Medieval II: Total War[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Meltdown[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Memoria[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Men of War: Assault Squad 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mercenary Kings[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Metal Drift[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Metro: Last Light[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Might & Magic: Duel of Champions[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Millennium - A New Hope[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Millie[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mini Motor Racing EVO[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] MirrorMoon EP[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Moebius: Empire Rising[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Monaco[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Monochroma[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Monster Loves You![steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Montague's Mount[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mount & Blade[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mount & Blade: Warband[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] MouseCraft[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mr. Bree+[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Mutant Mudds Deluxe[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (N)
[badge] NASCAR The Game: 2013[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Napoleon: Total War[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Nation Red[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Natural Selection 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Nekro[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren`s Call[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Nihilumbra[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Nimble Quest[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] No More Room in Hell[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] No Time to Explain[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Noir Syndrome[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Noitu Love 2 Devolution[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Not The Robots[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Nuclear Dawn[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (O)
[badge] OMG Zombies![steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] ORION: Dino Horde[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Octodad: Dadliest Catch[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Offspring Fling![steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Oknytt[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Omerta - City of Gangsters[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] One Way Heroics[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Oniken[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Oozi: Earth Adventure[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Orcs Must Die! 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Organ Trail: Director's Cut[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Our Darker Purpose[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Outlast[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (P)
[badge] PAYDAY 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] PAYDAY: The Heist[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] POSTAL 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Painkiller Hell & Damnation[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Panzar[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Paper Dungeons[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Paper Sorcerer[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Paranormal[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Paranormal State: Poison Spring Collector's Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Parkan 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Party of Sin[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Path of Exile[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Perimeter[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Pinball Arcade[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Pixel Puzzles: Japan[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] PixelJunk Eden[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] PixelJunk™ Monsters Ultimate[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] PixelJunk™ Shooter[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Plague Inc: Evolved[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Planet Stronghold[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] PlanetSide 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Platformines[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Poof[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Pool Nation[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Port Royale 3[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Portal 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Post Apocalyptic Mayhem[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Post Master[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Pressure[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Primal Carnage[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Prime World[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Prime World: Defenders[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Prison Architect[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Probably Archery[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Procyon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Project Temporality[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Project Zomboid[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Psychonauts[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Q)
Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube [showcase][steamcardexchange.net]
Quest of Dungeons [showcase][steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (R)
[badge] Puddle[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Quest of Dungeons[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] QuestRun[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] R.I.P.D.: The Game[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] RADical ROACH Deluxe Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] RIFT™[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] RPG Maker VX Ace[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Race The Sun[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rage Runner[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rambo The Video Game[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Reach for the Sun[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Real World Racing[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Really Big Sky[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Realm of the Mad God[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Realms of Arkania 1 - Blade of Destiny Classic[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Realms of Arkania 2 - Star Trail Classic[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Realms of Arkania 3 - Shadows over Riva Classic[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] realMyst: Masterpiece Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] RefleX[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] ReignMaker[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Remember Me[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] resident evil 4 / biohazard 4[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Resident Evil 6 / Biohazard 6[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Resident Evil Revelations / Biohazard Revelations UE[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Retro City Rampage™[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Retro/Grade[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Retrovirus[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Reus[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Revenge of the Titans[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Richard & Alice[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Riptide GP2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rise of Venice[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rise of the Triad[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Risen[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Risen 2 - Dark Waters[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Risk of Rain[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rocksmith 2014[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rogue Legacy[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rome: Total War[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Runespell: Overture[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rush Bros[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Rust[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Sa.-So.)
[badge] Saints Row IV[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Saints Row: The Third[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sanctum 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Satazius[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Saturday Morning RPG[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Scourge: Outbreak[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Scribblenauts Unlimited[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Scribblenauts Unmasked[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Secret of the Magic Crystal[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sengoku[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sequence[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Serious Sam 3: BFE[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Shad'O[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Shadow Warrior[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Shadow Warrior Classic Redux[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Shadowgrounds[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Shadowgrounds: Survivor[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Shadowrun Returns[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Shelter[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Shiny The Firefly[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sid Meier's Ace Patrol[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sid Meier's Civilization V[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Signal Ops[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sir, You Are Being Hunted[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Skullgirls[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Skulls of the Shogun[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Skyward Collapse[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sledgehammer / Gear Grinder[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sleeping Dogs™[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Slender: The Arrival[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Small World 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Smashmuck Champions[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sniper Elite V2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sol Survivor[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Solar Flux[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Soldier Front 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Sp.-Sz.)
[badge] Space Hulk[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Space Pirates and Zombies[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Space Rangers HD: A War Apart[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Spacebase DF-9[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sparkle 2 Evo[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Spectraball[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] SpeedRunners[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Speedball 2 HD[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] SpellForce 2 - Demons of the Past[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Spelunky[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Spice Road[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Spiral Knights[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Spirited Heart Deluxe[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Splatter - Blood Red Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Stacking[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Star Conflict[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Star Wolves 3: Civil War[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] StarDrive[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] StarForge Alpha[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Starlight Inception[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Starpoint Gemini 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Stealth ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Deluxe[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] SteamWorld Dig[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Stellar Impact[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Stick It To The Man![steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Storm[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Stranded[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Strategic War in Europe[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Street Fighter X Tekken[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Strider[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Strike Suit Infinity[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Strike Suit Zero[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sudeki[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Super House of Dead Ninjas[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Super Meat Boy[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Super Motherload[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Super Sanctum TD[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Super Splatters[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Super Toy Cars[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Superfrog HD[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Surgeon Simulator 2013[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Survivor Squad[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sweezy Gunner[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Swipecart[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Sword of the Stars: The Pit[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Syder Arcade[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] System Shock 2[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Ta.-Th.)
[badge] T.E.C. 3001[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII STEAM EDITION[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tactical Intervention[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Take On Mars[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Takedown: Red Sabre[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Talisman: Digital Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Talisman: Prologue[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Team Fortress 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Teleglitch: Die More Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Terraria[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Teslagrad[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tetrobot and Co.[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Banner Saga[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Binding of Isaac[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Blackwell Legacy[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Book of Legends[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Bridge[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Bureau: XCOM Declassified[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Campaign Series: Fall Weiss[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Cat Lady[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Chaos Engine[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Culling Of The Cows[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Dream Machine[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Happy Hereafter[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Th.-Tz.)
[badge] The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Inner World[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Last Express Gold Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Last Federation[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Last Tinker: City of Colors[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Lost Crown[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Night of the Rabbit[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Path[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Promised Land[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Secret World[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Showdown Effect[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Swapper[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Testament of Sherlock Holmes[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Tomorrow War[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Treasures of Montezuma 4[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Typing of The Dead: Overkill[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Walking Dead[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Whispered World Special Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] The Yawhg[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] They Bleed Pixels[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] They Breathe[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Thief[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tiny Barbarian DX[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tiny Thief[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Titan Attacks[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] To the Moon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Toki Tori 2+[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tomb Raider[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Torchlight II[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Total War: ROME II[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Total War: SHOGUN 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tower Wars[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tower of Guns[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] TowerFall Ascension[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Train Simulator 2014[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Transistor[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Trapped Dead[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Trine[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Trine 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Triple Town[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tropico 4[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Tropico 5[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Turbo Dismount[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Type:Rider[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (U)
[badge] Ultratron[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 - Gold Edition[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Unepic[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Unholy Heights[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Universe Sandbox[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Unreal Tournament 2004[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Urban Trial Freestyle[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (V)
[badge] Valdis Story: Abyssal City[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Vanguard Princess[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Vector[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Velocity®Ultra[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Verdun[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Victoria II[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Victory: The Age of Racing[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Villagers and Heroes[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Violett[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Vitrum[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Volgarr the Viking[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Volt[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Vox[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (W)
[badge] Wake[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Wanderlust: Rebirth[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] War of the Roses[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] War of the Vikings[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Warframe[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Wargame: AirLand Battle[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Wargame: Red Dragon[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Warlock - Master of the Arcane[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Warlock 2: the Exiled[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] WazHack[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] White Noise Online[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Winter Voices[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Wizorb[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Wooden Sen'SeY[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Worms Clan Wars[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Worms Revolution[steamcardexchange.net]
Tradin Cards (X)
[badge] X Rebirth[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] XCOM: Enemy Unknown[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Xenonauts[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Y)
[badge] Yet Another Zombie Defense[steamcardexchange.net]
Trading Cards (Z)
[badge] Zack Zero[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Zeno Clash 2[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Zigfrak[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Zombie Driver HD[steamcardexchange.net]
[badge] Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge[steamcardexchange.net]
Booster Pack's
All Booster-Packs in the Steam Market!
Event Badges

"Level I" "Level II" "Level III" "Level IV" "Level V"
Steam Summer Getaway Released: July 2013
Description: Craft 10 Summer Getaway Cards
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
The Great Steam Treasure Hunt
Released: December 2010
XP: 100 (max)
Description: This event included 28 objectives. Completing objectives unlocked a Steam badge and Team Fortress 2 hat.
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
The Potato Sack
Released: April 2011
XP: 200 (max)
Description: The Potato Fools Day alternate reality game (ARG) included 36 potatoes to collect. Finding them unlocked a badge.
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
No_L2_Badge No_L3_Badge Steam Summer Camp
Released: June 2011
XP: 200 (max)
Description: Collected tickets during summer events by completing daily objectives. This granted a Steam badge.
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
Steam Holiday Sale 2011
Released: December 2011
XP: 200 (max)
Description: The Great Gift Pile included daily objectives. The prize for completing events was coal, a coupon, or a game.
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
Steam Summer Sale 2012
Released: July 2012
XP: 100 (max)
Description: Based on tasks completed (Community Choice votes and joining the Steam group), a Steam badge was granted
"Level I" "Level II" "Level III"
No_L2_Badge No_L3_Badge Steam Holiday Sale 2012
Released: December 2012
XP: 100 (max)
Description: Completing four or more out of six holiday event tasks unlocked the Steam badge.
Snow Globe Event Badge Winter 2013/2014 [Limited Badge]
Level 1 (100xp) Level 2 (200xp) Level 3 (300xp) Level 4 (400xp) Level 5 (500xp) Level 6-9 (600xp+) Level 10-19 (1000xp+)
Level 20-29 (2000xp+) Level 30-39 (3000xp+) Level 40-74 (4000xp+) Level 75-99 (7500xp+) Level 100-149 (10000xp+) Level 150-249 (20000xp+) Level 250-499 (40000xp+)
Level 500 (50000xp+) Level 1000 (100000xp+) Level 1250+ (125000xp+) Level 1500+ (150000xp+) Level 1750+ (175000xp+) Level 2000+ (200000xp+) Level 2014+ (201400xp+)
previewimg=902111;sizeThumb,floatLeft;s1000.png][/previewimg] no badge available
Foil Level 1 (100xp+) Foil Level 2 (200xp) Foil Level 3 (300xp+) Foil Level 4(400xp+) Foil Level 5 (500xp+) Foil Level 6-9 (600xp+) Foil Level 10-19 (1000xp+)
Foil Level 20-29 (2000xp+) Foil Level 30-39 (3000xp) Foil Level 40-74 (4000xp+) Foil Level 75-99 (7500xp+) Foil Level 100- (10000xp+) Foil Level 150+ (15000xp+) Foil Level 250+ (25000xp+)
no badge available no badge available
Steam Snow Globes Released: December 2013 - Limited Time Available Start 19. December 2013 up to 03.January.2014
Common: XP:100-201300 | highest Level bUm805 Level 2013 (done)
Foil: XP: 100-10000 | highest Level PalmDesert Level 100 (done)
Description: Craft 10 Snow Globes Cards
Summer Adventure 2014 [Limited Badge]
Level 1 (100xp) Level 2 (200xp) Level 3 (300xp) Level 4 (400xp) Level 5 (500xp) Level 6 (600xp) Level 7 (700xp)
Level 8 (800xp) Level 9 (900xp) Level 10-19 (1000xp+) Level 20-29(2000xp+) Level 30-39 (3000xp+) Level 40-74 (4000xp+) Level 75-99 (7500xp+)
Level 100-149 (10000xp+) Level 150-249 (15000xp+) Level 250-499 (25000xp+) Level 500-999 (50000xp+) Level 1000+ (100000xp+) Level 1250+ (125000xp+) Level 1500+ (150000xp+)
Level 1750+ (175000xp+) Level 2000+ (200000xp+) Level 2250+ (225000xp+) Level 2500+ (250000xp+) Level 2750+ (275000xp+) Level 3000+ (300000xp+) Level ??? (????xp+)
no badge available
Foil Level 1 (100xp) Foil Level 2 (200xp) Foil Level 3 (300xp) Foil Level 4 (400xp) Foil Level 5 (500xp) Foil Level 6 (600xp) Foil Level 7 (700xp)
Foil Level 8 (800xp) Foil Level 9 (900xp) Foil Level 10+ (1000xp+) Foil Level 20+ (2000xp+) Foil Level 30+ (3000xp+) Foil Level 40+ (4000xp+) Foil Level 75+ (7500xp+)
Foil Level 100+ (10000xp+) Foil Level ??? (???xp) Foil Level ??? (???xp+) Foil Level ??? (???xp+) Foil Level ??? (???xp+) Foil Level ??? (???xp+) Foil Level ??? (???xp+)
no badge available no badge available no badge available no badge available no badge available no badge available
Steam Summer Adventure Released: Juni 2014 - Limited Time Available Start "19. Juni 2014 up to 30.Juni 2014"
Common: XP:100 - 333300 PalmDessert highest Level 3333 DONE
Foil: XP: 100 - 10000 Tatsur0 highest Level 100 DONE
Description: Craft 10 Cards [Showcase][/u][steamcardexchange.net]
Holiday Sale Winter 2014/2015 [Limited Badge]
Level 1 (100xp) Level 2 (200xp) Level 3 (300xp) Level 4 (400xp) Level 5 (500xp) Level 6 (600xp) Level 7 (700xp)
Level 8 (800xp) Level 9 (900xp) Level 10-19 (1000xp+) Level 20-29(2000xp+) Level 30-39 (3000xp+) Level 40-49 (4000xp+) Level 50-75 (5000xp+)
Level 75-99 (75000xp+) Level 100-149 (10000xp+) Level 150-249 (15000xp+) Level 250-499 (25000xp+) Level 500-999 (50000xp+) Level 1000+ (100000xp+) Level 1500+ (150000xp+)
Level 2500+ (250000xp+) Level 3500+ (350000xp+) Level 5000+ (500000xp+) Level ????+ (????xp+) Level ????+ (????xp+) Level ????+ (????xp+) Level ????+ (????xp+)
no badge available no badge available no badge available no badge available
Foil Level 1 (100xp) Foil Level 2 (200xp) Foil Level 3 (300xp) Foil Level 4 (400xp) Foil Level 5 (500xp) Foil Level 6 (600xp) Foil Level 7 (700xp)
Foil Level 8 (800xp) Foil Level 9 (900xp) Foil Level 10+ (1000xp+) Foil Level 20+ (2000xp+) Foil Level 30+ (3000xp+) Foil Level 50+ (5000xp+) Foil Level 75+ (7500xp+)
Foil Level 100+ (10000xp+) Foil Level 150 (15000xp) Foil Level ??? (???xp+) Foil Level ??? (???xp+) Foil Level ??? (???xp+) Foil Level ??? (???xp+) Foil Level ??? (???xp+)
no badge available no badge available no badge available no badge available no badge available
Holliday Sale 2014/2015 Released: December 2014 - Limited Time Available Start "18. December 2014 up to 2 Januar 2015"
Common: XP:100 - 666600 PalmDessert highest Level 6666 DONE
Foil: XP: 100 - 15000 λﻯтƩᴙỉӼ™ highest Level 150 DONE
Description: Craft 10 Cards [Showcase][/u][www.steamcardexchange.net]
Common Badges

Red Team
Purple Team
Green Team
Pink Team
Blue Team
Released: Juni 2014 Limited Time Available
Premium Badge of Steam Summer Adventure 2014
100xp to 150xp

Gem Maker
Auction Participant
Auction Winner
Holiday Profile 2014
Released: 15. December End: 18. December Limited Time Available
Premium Badge of Steam Holiday Sale 2014 The Big Steamauktion 100xp to 5000xp

Community Badge
Pillar of Community
Released: July 2012
XP: 100
Description: Completed many Steam Community tasks (level 1 badge).
Community Ambassador
Released: May 2013
XP: 200
Description: Completed all Steam Community tasks (level 2 badge).
Trading Card Beta Tester
Released: June 2013
XP: 100
Description: Participated in the Steam Trading Card Beta.

Limited Badge
Steam Hardware Beta candidate / tester
Released: 23 September 2013 End: 26. October 2013
XP: 100 - 250
Description: Participated in the Steam Machines.

Years of Service Badge min50 max550xp
no badge

Game Service Badge min 100xp max ????xp
Deluxe Badges

Valve Employee
Released: May 2013
XP: 1000
Description: The most elite of all badges. Given to those who made all of this possible.
Steam Community Moderator
Released: May 2013
XP: 500
Description: Awarded to global moderators of the Steam Community, Discussions, and workshop.
Steamworks Developer
Released: May 2013
XP: 500
Description: Awarded to community members who are also game developers.
Steam Community Translator
Released: December 2012
XP: 100
Description: Awarded to those who've made significant contributions to the Steam Community Translation effort, making Steam a great place for everyone regardless of language.
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  • Steam Badges in general: +30 (different badges)
  • Games in library: +30
  • Kindness to everyone.
  • No VAC banned or Trade Banned users allowed.
If you meet the minimal requirements, feel free to ask one of our admins/mods in our public chatroom to get an instant invite, or you may also use our automatic invite bot[www.steamcardexchange.net].

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[*S♥C*]SgtFopper™ Dennis 31 Group Founder, Events, Announcements and Mod
AsteriX |DE| Rasmus 26 Group Founder and Mod
         Group Founder, Organizer and Mod
baked ?? ?? (Group Founder CardTrades) and Mod
ANMAL ?? ?? (Group Founder CardTrades), Design, and Mod
=BRC= Tiffara Trish 37 Admin-Mod
{ Beans } ?? ?? Trading Card Finder, Mod
Kalister and The_Thang ?? ?? Chatmod's

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OverLord# sliNKs™ Dec 9, 2014 @ 11:49am 
Grouch Jul 9, 2014 @ 10:16pm 
Rated, favorited, linked and commented... Awesome resource, thanks a lot guys.
Egon Jun 15, 2014 @ 1:50am 
No problem :)
☣|ӎλ5Ϯλӄỉιιλ|®™☣  [author] Jun 14, 2014 @ 6:38pm 
oooh ... yes thanks for the info. I have corrected, we are working to add game image ...
Egon Jun 14, 2014 @ 10:09am 
Guide moderators, I think you have put a image in the wrong place. At Game Service Section instead a image of 1K games owned you have put an image of a Holiday Sale 2013 foil badge between the 500+ Games Owned and 2K Games owned! Anyway Awesome Guide I hope it fills up with images till the end! :-)
☣|ӎλ5Ϯλӄỉιιλ|®™☣  [author] Feb 12, 2014 @ 8:09am 
because this is not going in the steam community hub ....
Hamstersex Dec 19, 2013 @ 1:59pm 
Steam Holiday Sale 2013?
7Vulcan7 Nov 21, 2013 @ 10:48am 
Now Fortix2 it's ok...but link for Guardians of Middle-earth is wrong because it direct to Guacamelee! Gold Edition...check it ;)
7Vulcan7 Nov 18, 2013 @ 3:26pm 
Notice to Admin: wrong link for Guardians of Middle-earth, and Fortix 2 don't appear Foil cards...change "Fortix 2 trading cards" in "Fortix 2 trading"....
~JSU76~ Nov 11, 2013 @ 5:22pm 
Nice guide well done!