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Twilight Watch - Nightingale Player Home
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Sep 10, 2013 @ 2:39am
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BRIEF: The perfect player home for a Nightingale. Overlooking the entrance to the Twilight Sepulcher, Twilight Watch os a comfortable, convinient and secretive place to live, surrouned by the beautiful sceneery of Falkreath. Iniside the house is an entrence to a secret cave which contains within a full working forge, a pool and waterfall and a statue of Nocturnal. The perfect place to live whilst fufilling your nightingale duties.

Twilight Watch - Nightingale Player Home

Twilight Watch was a place designed to be the perfect hideout / house for a nightingale character. It contians within it all the features and fuctions that one would expect from a house mod and presents them in stylised and imersive way that stays true to the Nightingale character.

The house is found in a secret alclove just above the entrance to the Twilight Sepulcher. From the Sepulcher, it is a short climb up past two waterfalls to get to the house, which is hidden in the vegetation. The house has its own Map Marker which is shown in the pictures. From the house you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and keep a close watch on the Sepulcher.

Flick through the picture to get an idea of what the house looks like, inside and out. However I must warn you taht the pictures do not acurately represent the true beauty of the location.

Some features of the house include:

- Forge
- Armour Workbench
- Weapon Grindstone
- Tanning Rack
- Smelter
- Alchemy Lab
- Enchanting Table
- Weapon Racks
- Mannequin
- Cooking Pot
- Loads of Storage
- Cave Pool
- Cave Waterfall
- Bed
- Amazing Scenery

Also, the house is fully Navmeshed. This means that you are able to take your followers inside.

To get up to the house you will initially have to do some platform leaping, this is due to the difficulty of placing stairs in the environment in that loctaion. Once you get past the first waterfall, there are stair to take you the rest of the way. The jumps are not difficult, and they further reinforce the notion of this location as being owned by a steathy and agile character.

It is not a requirement for you to be a Nightingale to use this house, however it is much more lore firendly if you are one. Also you do not need to fufill any requirements or complete any quests to earn the house. Just turn up and it is yours.

Hope you enjoy! A fair amount of effort went into this mod. Don't forget to rate if you subscribe! :)

Thankyou to Randisaurux for the great vid! Check out her vids and subscribe to her channel! Randisaurux's channel.
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vikingdeireland Jun 18 @ 7:33pm 
I may be weird but I still do not see the purpose of displaying stuff in your home. I sell everything that is not used or will not be used in the future. I make a ton of gold that way. Isn't gold more important? I have almost 200 grand in gold from selling valuable weapons and armor.
Dovahnok375 Jun 17 @ 6:49pm 
Hi. I had a couple of minor suggestions that would really improve 'Twilight Watch'. Before I say anything though, I think that this is a wonderful idea that you've come up with. I like the cave add-on and the setting, and the almost-isolated feel.

The one thing that bothers me most is the too-bright, washed-out lighting. I think that darkening the house and adding candles/lanterns would give it a more-realistic, more-Skyrim feel. The addition of a cooking pot/fire would be a nice thought, too.

That's my suggestions, but I don't expect you to go through with them. Personally, this is the next step I would take in defining the 'home', but it's totally up to you.
pyloninn Jun 16 @ 8:16am 
rbull Jun 14 @ 6:57am 
Just a little curious about the lack of display units. I know you have your reasons but I thought the Nightingale was a thief. If I was a thief, I'd want to show off some of my greatest acomplishments. Some of the stuff is quite exquisite. Even a type of bookshelf (6 or more) that anything can be placed on it would work so when you look at it, it reminds you how good you really are thanks to Nocturnal. Nightingales do get old and it may be naustalgic.
Nice mod you made.
mjs132002_ May 28 @ 8:29pm 
Omg i love this u are sooooo Amazing Brilliant!! 1up for u
thomjouan Apr 15 @ 3:52pm 
10 stars from me , awesome mod
zzackmann Feb 5 @ 4:02am 
Does anyone know if it works the thie Advanced Mannequins mod (that makes belethor sell 18 mannequins you can palce and mvoe however you like and wherever you like)?
That'd be a real dick move.. Dec 31, 2013 @ 5:23pm 
Awe. Some.
Dark DESTRO Nov 7, 2013 @ 6:11pm 
I was wondering if you COULD make a hose mod but turns out you already did, good work btw
[CVC] Grouse Oct 26, 2013 @ 2:31pm 
It looks decent enough, though I think some improvements could be made. Maybe having it appear to be a normal house, in the event that intruders DO find it, but include a hidden wardrobe-type door that leads to a hidden room with the statue and some other aspects (mannequin, enchanter, etc). I think it would also be interesting if the house required a key to enter, which could only be found in a chest or something in Nightingale Hall.

I had always wondered why they never included the aspect of "cleaning up" Nightingale Hall into some kind of hidden base of operations after completing the Thieves Guild quests. In my opinion, this mod could server as an alternative to that. "Oh, it doesn't matter, we have this nice little cabin over by the Sepulcher anyway..."

Maybe I'm just overthinking it. lol