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Unique Dragonstones Scavenger Hunt
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Sep 9, 2013 @ 5:00pm
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Unique Dragonstones Scavenger Hunt

A lot of you people who play Skyrim enjoy scavenger hunt type mods. Well this mod puts a little twist on scavenger hunt mods. There are 50 dragonstones hidden only inside of or in the general are of the hold capitals. When you find one of the dragonstones it is located under armor in your inventory, but each dragonstone has an special effect that can be toggled on or off by equipping it. You can equip as many of the stones as you want at one time.

The first Stone is on a table at the pool/water area near Dragonsreach.(picture above) The table also has a book explaining the mod a little bit, a book telling which stones are in the area of each hold capital, and a strongbox containing 4 hint notes to help you find 4 of the Whiterun dragonstones.

+++FYI+++ Stones weigh nothing

If you have any trouble ideas or feedback leave a comment.

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tnovelist Feb 13 @ 10:19am 
And: Yeah, I know the feeling. I went by this stone countless times, but at one point I randomly heard Maven Blackthorne threatening the Jarl (!) over some trading routes or something while the Jarl was dining. I stood by and listened to the conversation and - without noticing at first - was looking directly at #5. When I realized it, I only tought: "Oh... stone!".
tnovelist Feb 13 @ 10:08am 
You're welcome (and congrats). That makes us at least three to finish the Scavenger Hunt, I think :)
Alatar Feb 13 @ 9:31am 
You remember quite well, it is on the left end of the table under a plate.
The times I've gone by without realizing it!

At last they are all located, it is expensive but worth it.

Thanks Tnovelist for these extra help to complete the list.
And thanks to Hawkeyea32 for this job.
tnovelist Feb 13 @ 7:10am 
If I remember that correctly 5# is on the dining table in Mistveil Keep (or in the fire pit). Please let me know if it was the table or the pit. :)
Alatar Feb 11 @ 3:43am 
Thanks. Only need find 5# stone
I don´t know the location but according to the scavenger´s book is Riften (2-5-9-19-20-21-22)
From Riften have:

2 # stone in the second floor inn under the bed (you say it XD).
9 # in the mousetrap.
19 # at the orphanage table
20 # near the statue of Talos.
21 # in the lake, the first island.
22 # in the lake under one of the boats.

I hope you remember where it is.
tnovelist Feb 9 @ 8:24am 
Thanks. I look into this comments thread form time to time, so if you need directions to the stones ask me, I remember their placing. But don't just tell me what number the stone has you're seeking - tell in which Hold its supposed to be and what stones you already found in those holds (and where), this way I can tell you guys where I found the other ones that are missing on your list. :)
Alatar Feb 8 @ 9:20am 
Goodjob tnovelist, congratulations
tnovelist Feb 6 @ 4:20pm 
Got it. I had a feeling after finding #19 on a dresser in the orphanage that #2 could be inside of one of the other properties in town. And sure enough: It was stuffed under a bed in one of the rooms upstairs of the Bee & Barb.

This completes the scavenger Hunt for me. I can't stress enough the benefit of knowing the telekinesis spell, because with this spell equipped on both hands you can "scan" objects even from far away. This way I found the almost invisible stones which I would not have found by random ocassion.
tnovelist Feb 6 @ 3:32pm 
Alright, I just found #44 in Windhelm (in front of the Mansion of Clan Cruel-Sea on a pile of snow). This completes Windhelm for me.

I also have now found #19 in Rifton (in the orphanage on a dresser in one of the staffs rooms - it's red and partly invisible.

So it's only #2 in Rifton that's missing for me - 49 out of 50.
tnovelist Feb 6 @ 2:54pm 
I found almost every stone. Except for:

Rifton: #2, #19

Windelm: #44

any clues on those?