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Unique Dragonstones Scavenger Hunt
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Sep 9, 2013 @ 5:00pm
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A lot of you people who play Skyrim enjoy scavenger hunt type mods. Well this mod puts a little twist on scavenger hunt mods. There are 50 dragonstones hidden only inside of or in the general are of the hold capitals. When you find one of the dragonstones it is located under armor in your inventory, but each dragonstone has an special effect that can be toggled on or off by equipping it. You can equip as many of the stones as you want at one time.

The first Stone is on a table at the pool/water area near Dragonsreach.(picture above) The table also has a book explaining the mod a little bit, a book telling which stones are in the area of each hold capital, and a strongbox containing 4 hint notes to help you find 4 of the Whiterun dragonstones.

+++FYI+++ Stones weigh nothing

If you have any trouble ideas or feedback leave a comment.

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aghlt1 Jan 24 @ 8:43am 
Danaleesen, Please help me, I saw that you had found all 50 of the stones. I need help finding the stones 2, 8, and 44. I hope you remember where you found them. These are eluding me and I have searched and searched. I just subscribed to this mod about a week ago and I enjoy it.
aghlt1 Jan 16 @ 11:44am 
OK I need help please. I found 47 of the Dragon stones. I need hints or locations for the stones 2, 8 and 44. I have searched the world over but have not found them. Please help me. # 8 i have no clue what city it is in. I know 2 is around Riften and 44 is around Windhelm. Please help me find them. Danaleesen Please help me, I saw that you had found all 50 of the stones.
aghlt1 Jan 14 @ 1:17am 
OK I subscribed to this M, OD yesterday, I have found most of them but having diffucty with finding the stones , #'s 2, 8, 25, 26, 44, and 46. Can I get some help please. I have followed most of the hints that has been posted but have not found these. Please give better hints or a find item spell for the stones. I have been hunting these stones for over 12 hours now and still have not found them that I posted. Plus I would like to know why # had steal on it in the mages library. Thank you all for all the hints, Plus the hints for the rest of the stones.
tnovelist Dec 12, 2014 @ 1:56am 
All right, so that's it. I haven't found all the stones on any other City yet. In the other Citys I have found so far:

Morthal: 2
Windhelm: 2
Winterhold: 3
Riften: 4

Once again: It's a good Idea using the Telekinesis Spell in order to "scan" a vast area. You can detect objects by their name even on a far distance. This way I found some of those stones which I never ever would have found by just walking around searching stuff in close proximity.
tnovelist Dec 12, 2014 @ 1:53am 
Markarth (4 Dragonstones)

#31 Do I know you / 28003f1b
Outside Markarth. Main Entrance (facing the Gates: turn to the right and walk along the wall). At the end of the wall on a ledge indenting it.

#32 Orange ya glad I didn't say / 28003f1c
Outside Markarth. At a Mountain wall on the ground opposite the street which leads away from Markarth (Mining Camp is on the left at the same shore). This thing is practically invisible... use the telekinesis spell to spot it (or I guarantee you'll miss it).

#33 Purple Nurple / 28003f1d
Within Markarth. On top of one of the stone Pillars which supports the stone Bridge in front of the Waterfall and below the Smith.

#34 Green Tablet / 28003f1e
Within Markarth. On the Base of the Barracks Tower (walk around it). One of the talest standing buildings in Markarth, so be careful balancing the ledge around this Tower.
tnovelist Dec 12, 2014 @ 1:45am 
Solitude (4 Dragonstones)

#47 I see the light / 280049fd
Near the cellar entrance of Proudspire Manor.

#48 Blue Fire Galaxy / 280049fe
On a Balcony in the Courtyard of the Temple of the Divines (Location of Vittoria Viccis marriage/murdering).

#49 Mage/Warrior Galaxy / 28004a01
On top of the rock formation opposite the Marketplace and below the Smith.

#50 Blue Swirls / 28004a02
On the Table at the Smith.
tnovelist Dec 12, 2014 @ 1:03am 
Dawnstar (4 Dragonstones)

#27 Brick Waves / 280039ab
Bellow Captain Wayfinders Longboat at the port.

#28 Frosty Planks / 280039ac
At a couple of trees near Dawnstar and the lair with the frost troll dwelling in it (tricky to find, but found with the telekinesis spell... this is generally a good idea while searching a large open area like the sourroundings of Dawnstar, because the speller can detect objects by name at a large distance (and attracting them)).

#29 Emerald Glow / 280039ad
On a slope on top of a bunch of rocks begind Irgnirs House.

#30 Matte Green / 280039ae
At the Shoreline; NE of Dawnstar Sanctuary.
tnovelist Dec 12, 2014 @ 12:55am 
Falkreath (4 Dragonstones)

#35 Bloody Bones / 28003f1f
Outside the Main Entrance (where the guard asks you about a dog), to your right behind some rocks.

#36 Skeletal Fossil / 28003f20
Mainstreet in a Treestump in front of the Smith.

#37 Invisible Hair / 28003f21
In a Well on the left of the Barracks.

#38 Draugr / 28003f22
Behind the training targets (Backside of the barracks) at the moutain wall hidden behind a rock.
tnovelist Dec 12, 2014 @ 12:28am 
Whiterun (11 Dragonstones) Part 2.

#14 Dwemers Delight / 28002e93
Outside Whiterun in a Treestump opposite Pelagia Farm.

#15 Ghosty / 28002e94
Outside Whiterun directly at the City Wall near Chillfurrow Farm.

#16 Mystery / 28002e95
Outside Whiterun, behind a Hay Bale at the wall of the Main House of Chillfurrow Farm.

#17 Fire Atronach's Skin / 28002e96
Outside Whiterun, below a Bridge which leads to Chillfurrow Farm.

#18 OJ / 28002e97
Outside Whiterun. Lays in a rocky type of pit between Battle Born Farm and the secret exit of the companions hidden Lair. This one is hard to spot (almost invisible). Look closely!

If you don't find them with this information I recommend teleporting to the locations by console command.
tnovelist Dec 12, 2014 @ 12:27am 
Whiterun (11 Dragonstones) Part 1.

#1 Brown Stone / 28002e9e
On the table at Dragonsreach (this is where you start your scavenger hunt and get your first hints and the collection book)

#3 Criss Cross Diamond / 280012d7
Inside Dragonsreach Lobby; upstairs on the left, lying on the ground between two bookshelfs with a table and two chairs in front of them.

#4 Studded Mystery / 280012d8
In Dragonsreach in the kitchen on the grate of the fireplace.

#11 Black Soul / 28002896
On the roof of Carlottas House.

#12 Lame / 280028b5
On the ledge of some boulders; situated lefthand of the guards barracks and behind the Bannered Mare.

#13 Red Hot / 28002931
Outside Whiterun, below some planks near the stables.