Arma 3
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Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Coop, Persistent, PvP, Zeus
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
Scenario Map: Altis, OtherMap
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Sep 9, 2013 @ 2:22pm
Jun 9, 2016 @ 12:12pm
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Stratis version:

NMD Sandbox is a multiplayer mission focused on allowing players to use all the different assets the game has such as gear and vehicles.
To do this I have designed a set of dialogs to make it easy for players to do a variety of otherwise impossible things.

NMD Sandbox features:
- Vehicle Spawner Menu (with categories, colour selection and is compatible with mods).
- Map Menu (teleport around the map with the click of a button).
- Service Menu (repair, refuel and rearm your vehicle anywhere, anytime).
- Admin Menu (admin management, player management, god mode and full weather/date control).
- BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent sides.
- Respawn with the same loadout.
- Custom AI bases.
- Zeus supported.
- Virtual Ammobox System.
- Optimized for maximum FPS.

All scripts included are not for public use, please ask for permission first.
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Jan 8 @ 3:57pm
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Commander DusK Mar 20 @ 11:04pm 
I assume you mean removing the guns? You can either drop them or in virtual arsenal up to top of the weapons tap should be an empty slot to remove your gun/equipment.
Ypsiton Mar 20 @ 2:50am 
How to put the weapons away
Commander DusK Feb 26 @ 10:12pm 
Yes, it would be great if we could change view distance. Plz DnA notice us.
RedAlex Feb 25 @ 7:43am 
Plz how we can switch the view distance plz, it's horrible with that view distance, when i'm in a plane ;)
ApoKalyptoRed Feb 20 @ 10:22am 
How i can switch the viev distance?
Ryu Feb 5 @ 8:04pm 
Is there anyway to get this onto eden editor to add more outposts?
Ace1137 Jan 29 @ 11:15am 
I need to speak to you about this mod.
Ian3471 Jan 19 @ 4:57am 
Hello, I often run a server for my friends every weekend and we use my own custom server with a View Distance script. We all love NMD, however when we are flying we prefer the high view distance. I have to spawn vehicles in for my friends through zeus and it gets rather repetative. Are you able to share the NMD menu scripts with me so i can interpret these for private use? - Or is there a way we can up view distance on this NMD map of yours?
mikehunting7 Jan 9 @ 6:57pm 
Any way to add this to other missions? Spent hours building a military base on a private server my friends and I use, but I haven't been able to get this to load. If I use this mission it works fine, but I have been unable to get just the NMD editor to work on my save.
Commander DusK Dec 11, 2016 @ 4:13am 
I think the button is Y, there should be a section for zues controls somewhere you just need to find it.