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Captain's Cape
Class: Heavy
Item Slot: Headgear, Misc
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Sep 9, 2013 @ 6:35am
Sep 23, 2013 @ 7:22am
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The Captain Sandvich Set
3 items
Captain Sandvich -
The Futility Belt -

“Capes don't help with the superheroing business at all... but they do look cool.”

Made so it could be paintable but I doubt Valve will want that as it's such a big area.

For those who have expressed concern over copyright issues. I'm not qualified to make judgements on copyright law. I'm sure Valve have someone who is. If Valve like the cape but the logo is an issue, then they will send me a message and it will take less than an hour for me to change it. No big deal :)

The Big Idea:
This set is essentially doing for the Heavy what Bonk Boy does for the Scout. Giving him a superhero persona based around his iconic consumable. One of the reasons I think Bonk Boy is so clever is that it plays to the advertising style that TF2's aesthetic is based upon. The idea that Bonk Boy could be on the back of a cereal packet is very evocative of the era in which TF2 is set.

The biggest influence on this set was the Adam West Batman TV series, which I loved as a kid. The costumes are completely ridiculous to the modern eye but that is part of their charm. Modern super heroes in the widespread media seem almost apologetic that they wear tights with underwear on the outside; the old stuff revelled in it.

Captain Sanvich's cowl was designed with with the early superhero generating rubric of: Taking a thing (the olive on top of the Sandvich) and anthropomorphising it onto a person to make a superhero. (Sandvich Man!) The cowl shape was inspired by Captain America's mask.

The Captain's Cape is included because you need a cape to be a super hero. The Captain Sandvich logo parodies Superman.

The Futility belt is a homage to the Batman TV series but mashed up with the Captain Sandvich logo.

Thanks to:

Bubblebobbler for help with testing.
Hideous and Neodement for answering stupid questions.
Heartsman for being a good sounding board for ideas even if I ignore his opinions ;)
The Kritzkast crew and community for their continual support.
Psyke for keeping me connected with the contributor community.
Bang for making Bonk Boy.
Valve for presenting a situation where I get to spend my time making fun stuff like this.
MissMinimus for putting up with me and all of the comics.
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