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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Sep 8, 2013 @ 1:45pm
Jan 22, 2015 @ 7:06pm
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Release date: January 2014
Play in your own ways in an immersive world is all a Role-Playing Game (RPG) is about. And that is exactly what AuraviaL is trying to achieve! With its randomly generated worlds filled with secrets and wonder, and its non-player characters programmed with artificial intelligence, become a hero in your own ways in a universe of magic and spells. You will also be able to manage your wealth, reputation and friendships. Finally, recover the meaning behind “AuraviaL”, because after all, how can a RPG exist without a storyline!

AuraviaL will feature:
  • Huge randomly generated world ready to be explored, built and destroyed
  • Over 20 Magic "Skills" to perform the deadliest combos
  • An intuitive trading system
  • A free market all over the world (to be exploited at will :))
  • Side game functions such as farming and reputation
  • Smart non-player characters
  • Obviously, an immersive story
  • And finally, LOTS of customizations

Randomly Generated Worlds

AuraviaL gives the player the choice to generate whole new worlds to explore. Each of them will have biomes, ocean, villages and cities. Treasures will be scattered around waiting to be picked up!

Since the world is tile-based, the map is certainly NOT static. You can create or destroy anything at any time, because magic will be flowing in every player's blood! (Though, there's a cool down before the "Creating Phase", so you can't spam that in fights :))

Magic and Spells

"Skills" are single effects, which can be very efficient when combined with each other, "combos" in other words. Though, in AuraviaL, they are called "Spells", and they are defined as a set of multiple "Skills". You can customize them before-hand, and unleash them at your enemies with a single click! For example, a very easy "Spell" that uses field advantage would be:

1. Block the enemy by creating a wall
2. Cast a lightning

Or, another spell could be:

1. Teleport yourself near your enemy
2. Fireball him
3. Fireball to your left
4. Teleport your enemy at the far left (so he gets hit, and you are far from him :))

Or, if you are just toooooooooo lazy:
Cast a rain of meteors :)

This system will allow you to prepare yourself before battles and plan out your victory! Though, be aware that using skills will cost life points, and the more you use, the more you are close to death!

Intuitive Trading System

If you don’t like fighting without being 95% sure that you will come back alive, then gear up first, and trade! In this land of opportunities, it’s possible to make a fortune if you are dedicated to your work. Though, it takes a while to understand where to buy and sell your items!

Some items are required in order to increase your Skill levels and such is why trading is necessary.

The Free Market

The price of each item varies from place to place. So, a little travel is usually required, if you want to make profit. Furthermore, trading sometimes depends on your relation with the NPC. So, having a good reputation is also beneficial.

Side functions

AuraviaL will include side functions such as farming, to please those who like to create wealth out of nothing (but time). Also, reputation is important, because it helps in trade, and later on, create clans and have control over other NPCs (you will not be labeled as a “Dictator”, but a good “Leader” instead :)). And, to be honest, no one wants to have a bounty on his or her head, and be chased by assassins of the kingdom!

Smart Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

I used to play classic RPGs such as Pokemon and Zelda, but one thing I hated was the “dead” NPCs. They would always say the same thing over and over again, and stand there like a statue. So, in AuraviaL, each NPC will feature:

  • A chatting system: Yes, you will be able to communicate with them, ask them about the world and seek for advices (somewhat like Siri, but more... lively, let's just say).
  • A changing mood: They can be happy, sad or angry at you. This influences trades and as well as their actions. As you forge friendships in AuraviaL, some will decide to become your follower, and such is how you build a clan! OR… In worst-case scenario, they will try to kill you, no big deal :).
    (Everyone knows magic, so don’t feel so unique in AuraviaL, tsss)
  • A unique “mind”: Each of them has their own life, their own actions, their own wealth, their own skills and spells and most importantly, their own reputation.

All this is to make the worlds as immersive and alive as possible!


Some people in the world are not interested in the Big Bang, or the origin of life, but they can still live a happy life. This principle is applied in AuraviaL, as the game will include a deep storyline which you can try uncover (ask the NPCs, maybe they know :)). In this open-world free roam game, no one will force you to learn the history of AuraviaL. (Though, it’s interesting and might help you, I guarantee!)


If you want to add tiles to AuraviaL, you can. You can even assign them different values which can affect the player in-game. If you want a new type of village (or tree, or anything in fact) to be generated, you can create a new template with an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI). Long story short, you can customize a lot of things.

Auravial will be done by January 2014. (Since I’m all alone in the making of this game, I had to draw everything, make my own music, make the pre-trailer, and obviously, code the game.)
The game is about 85% done.

There are, in fact, more features I would like to add to this game. Though, for diverse reasons, I don't know if I will be able to do so.
Features to come:
  • Customizable Spells (a GUI to make your own spell can be quite complicated)
  • Customizable NPCs (this might be really hard to code for me, but also very hard to use for the player)
  • Pets and breeding (really cool feature, but will take a lot of time)
  • Last but not least, Multi-Player. The thing is that I have no knowledge whatsoever about computer-to-computer data transmission. So, I might need some guidance on that, or a lot of time to understand the concepts first. Either way, it's hard.

Well, that’s it for now, I hope you are interested.
If you want to follow the development of this game, like Auravial on Facebook.

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