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Europe at War
Sep 8, 2013 @ 10:48am
Jan 7 @ 11:27am
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Release date: Released
What is "Europe at War"?
EaW is a modification for Company of Heroes that adds a variety of new abilities, units, vehicles and weapons that immersed the player in a gaming experience much more realistic. Weapons with damage more realistic, fighting tank where matter more quality than quantity, bombing on a large scale with tens of Halifax in the air...

EaW us is situated on a European theater from the beaches of Normandy to Dutch Tulip fields or the crossing of the rinhe, allows the player to dispose of resources to resolve any situation regardless of his doctrine: are all different but very complete. The user can combat online with other fans of EaW, fight together in cooperative missions imported from "jointops", direct landings on omaha Beach, or turn it into a fortress…Infantry, urban
...and now you can fight in africa, in the period 1941-1943. Command the Desert Rats or Afrika Korps!!!

Command trees have increased from 6 to 16 improvements, adding all the doctrines a varied armoury that allows you to resolve any situation

Allows you to enjoy new experiences of game: is 100% compatible with the single-player campaigns, including the CoH: Joint operations cooperative missions and is playable in online multiplayer and map 2vs2 representing omaha beach during the D-day.

●More realistic damage system.
●New units and vehicles for all armies.
●Giant commander trees. (16 upgrades)
●New battlefronts - Africa, Italy, Normandy and Holland.
●Different commander trees and units for each battlefront.
●Many new abilities
●New skins for all units.
●Extended range system. The stationary vehicles increases their range.
●100% compatible with single player campaings.
●New coop missions.
●New game modes:
●Annihilate with PoW
●Annihilate with different population cap
●Infantry combat
●Infantry combat with victoy points
●Infantry combat with PoW
●Tank wars
●Tankwars with victory points.
●Removed transparency effects
●Historical accuracy improved (not perfect or real, to avoid conflict with the campaigns )
●New sounds and fx effects
●Increased zoom out
●New veterancy system for british troops
●New vet symbols

Download it here: EaW Download Page

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Note: This is a modification for Company of Heroes 1, and NOT a standalone game!
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Jul 30, 2014 @ 5:53am
Powerjump BR
< >
Skydlas May 9 @ 11:40am 
nice mode i like it
Smidge8 May 3 @ 9:30am 
Really good mod, only problem is on one of the missions you need to capture an lz in roughly 6 minutes, which is too short because you cant get any other troops but the ones 6 commandos and 1 sniper at the start, and the Flak gun mows down your 7 guys in roughly 3 seconds meaning you cant get any other units across, and they cover it in motorbikes and mg squads meaning even if you do take out the 88 and the flak gun you still have no way of capping the lz because the friendly ai is absolute garbage and your 6 guys cant go up agains 4 motorbikes 2 mg sqauds and another sqaud of german infantry
sebbaxtian Apr 19 @ 12:49pm 
excelente mod, para mi este mod es mejor q el blitzkrieg.
muchas unidades, mapas, y poder jugar la campaña de una forma "mejorada", es algo increible.
realmente me gustaria que este mod fuera aceptado por la comunidad y que la gente juege el modo multiplayer, ya que casi nunca hay servers disponibles (o gente) para jugar una partida.
ClonBrot LP Apr 6 @ 12:27pm 
cool but not as cool as the blitzkrieg mod but he has potential to be even cooler than the blitzkrieg mod I hope that it will be published on steam.
(SAS) Lt.Flint Mar 26 @ 11:21pm 
when will it come outon steam
Duain_Hicks Mar 25 @ 4:04pm 
Made in SPAIN
Milo äl Lungubard Feb 20 @ 2:44am 
I didn't know the mod made it on Steam. I've been playing it for a few days now and well it's impossible to deny it greatly enhances the game.

Personally, as I enjoy playing on the defensive, before installing your mod it was a lot harder to keep up even with a normal AI. Now that I have fortified bunkers and a load of other fixed artillery the yankees can't get through my boundaries at all.
sheepdog2142 Feb 14 @ 9:02am 
I am excited for this hope we get a release date soon
✯US✯marines✯ Feb 12 @ 1:19pm 
when dos it come out?
CuervitoRocK Jan 5 @ 8:13pm 
la verdad se ve buenisimo!!! y esta en español!!