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Alchestbreach Companions - Skyrim Redux
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Sep 7, 2013 @ 9:43pm
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Well, if you've ever watched Alchestbreach you'll know where these bad boys came from. You can find all these lovely companions in Whiterun, near the Shrine of Talos.

The custom Mesh for Mr Snugglesworth comes from a guy called Dogtown1 find him here:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026427823/myworkshopfiles/?appid=72850

All of these companions can be found in Whiterun near the Shrine of Talos and the insane screaming guy... AKA Heimsker.

Check out my other mods on the Nexus: My Mods[skyrim.nexusmods.com]

The inspiration of this mod comes from a youtuber named Alchestbreach. If it wasn't for him and his goofy self this mod would have never existed, so go and subscribe to his Youtube channel and tell him I sent you.

I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I enjoyed making it, thanks!

For all of you that don't use the Steam Workshop, here is this mod on the Nexus: Alchestbreach Companions - Skyrim Redux[skyrim.nexusmods.com]
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can anyone help me? when i tell them to follow me only a few follow me the rest stay behind any ideas how to fix this?
freyerisaiah Jul 31 @ 7:03am 
i wish clackers was in the mod although steven is a tank
jconnell1735 Jul 27 @ 5:32pm 
steven is my fav!!! he so cute i sit down on a chair at my house and i pet him :D
jconnell1735 Jul 27 @ 5:32pm 
I got to say i been looking all over for a related mod for al!!!

FaZe Jumppy1 Jul 4 @ 8:16pm 
does anyone know why when i send of the of the compaion to leave or go to the shrine of talos i dont see them
trevorbennett04 Mar 19 @ 3:13pm 
snugglesworth is my favorite
The Enderdragon Feb 10 @ 3:03pm 
Mr.Snuggles is Mr.Cuddles brother! :D
[GC45] NINJA H. GHOST Jan 28 @ 6:54pm 
i saw Alchestbreach reveiw this and i said i got to get this, this is awesome
Zephre Oct 21, 2013 @ 6:58pm 
Srry if im asking to much. Can you add Clackers?