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Sniper in action 1.02
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Sep 7, 2013 @ 3:37pm
Sep 12, 2013 @ 2:55pm
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Coop 2 player. Altis. Russian/English language. Ver 1.02
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nonomnismoriar Mar 23 @ 9:59am 
Very nice and smooth mission - played it with a friend of mine without any problem.
Thank you very much for making it!!!
HetNe$$ Mar 4 @ 12:08am 
Просидел на точке около двух минут, обещанный "вертолёт экстренного реагирования" так и не прилетел. В результате плюнул и пошёл сдавать миссию.
HetNe$$ Mar 3 @ 11:51pm 
Тем более удивило что снайперов высаживают чуть ли не в двух метрах от точки обзора с вертолёта. Совершенная скрытность. (Eng - Strange that that helicopter landing our "snyiper team" almost on top of our sniper position. That stealth-mode is perfect. No-one never recognise that something happens up there)
HetNe$$ Mar 3 @ 11:48pm 
Слишком просто (Eng - too easy)
BobMaks Feb 25 @ 5:12am 
Поиграл! Мне понравилось! Респект Мен !!!! )
Sgt. Oberpiefke Feb 14 @ 12:37pm 
simple and nice, maybe make it more clear who's the officer (for newbies like me)
also a little more action in the village would be nice
gullage Feb 8 @ 10:07am 
Really, really liked this mission. I thought it was sweet, short and perfect. Thanks.
danileiva Feb 6 @ 6:49pm 
NIce, but more action would improve it. The chopper never engaged us, you want to fix that. Thanx anyway
chainaxe Feb 2 @ 2:16pm 
I liked it, even if a bit more action would have add more fun :)
kyler Jan 28 @ 4:10pm 
Was a fun mission very much enjoyed it but it could do with more action the enemies were far and few between teh chopper landed and dropped off a group near the beach but never engaged us, more enemies to avoid/engage would have made this mission, the chopper even when spotting us just hovered arond us rather than making any attempt to stop our evac, also it would have been nice if the target we were hunting was skinned as a officer of some kind as it would have made for a much more satisfying kill.

Worth a play to hone your sniping/spotting skills but not as satifying as it could have been.