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Nettlebane Improved
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Sep 7, 2013 @ 1:06pm
Aug 21 @ 3:51pm
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Many thanks to all those who have given a positive rating!

This mod is part of the Improved Artifacts Collection, which can be found at this link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=204157051

Mod Content

• Improved stats for Nettlebane, including a new enchantment that allows you to access the hidden inventory of Spriggans.
• Four new alchemical ingredients, including Spriggan Hearts, Wormwood, Mandrake Root and Chokeberries.

Improvement Basics

Damage: 6 (Equivalent to an Orcish Dagger)
Enchantment: None

Damage: 11 (Equivalent to a Daedric Dagger)
Enchantment: 50% more damage against Spriggans. Soften the bark of Spriggan bodies, allowing access to their hidden inventory.

Improvement Details

When used to strike a Spriggan (either living or dead), Nettlebane permanently soften the bark of Spriggan bodies. This allows you to access their hidden inventory. Spriggans will always carry Spriggan Sap and a Spriggan Heart, but there is also a chance of finding some of the following ingredients:

Common ingredients: Blue Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower, Bees, Hanging Moss, Dragon’s Tongue, Juniper Berries, Elves Ear, Thistle Branch, Lavender

Uncommon ingredients: Canis Root, Creep Cluster, Grass Pod, Wormwood

Rare ingredients: Nirnroot, Nightshade, Deathbell, Yellow Mountain Flower, Mandrake Root

Very Rare ingredient: Chokeberries

Known Bugs

There is one known minor bug. Nettlebane is acquired as part of a quest, and finding it is supposed to update that quest. For some players, however, the quest does not properly update when you receive Nettlebane, causing the quest to stall. There are several workarounds:

1) Equip Nettlebane. If this doesn’t work, trying un-equipping and then re-equipping it.
2) If the above fails, open the console and type in the command: setstage T03 30.
3) Reloading a previous save and then reclaiming Nettlebane can also work sometimes.

Questions and Answers

What are Chokeberries?
Chokeberries were an ingredient found in Oblivion, but they could only be accessed if you had the Vile Lair DLC. These berries were scripted to immediately kill any NPC that ate them. In Skyrim, Chokeberries can only be found on the bodies of Spriggans using Nettlebane. They no longer instantly kill NPCs, but they are now powerful alchemical ingredients that cause a massive amount of damage similar to the Jarrin Root encountered during the Dark brotherhood Quest line.

What are Spriggan Hearts, Wormwood and Madrake Root?
Mandrake Root and Wormwood are ingredients that were present in previous Elder Scroll games but have been left out of Skyrim. They can now be found on Spriggans. Spriggan Hearts are a new ingredient that resemble Briar Hearts. This is meant to hint at the purpose Hagravens have for sacrificing Spriggans.

How likely is it that a Spriggan will have ingredients?
The chance of each ingredient turning up in a Spriggan’ inventory is calculated independently. In theory, you could get all the ingredients at once or none, but this is extremely unlikely to the point that it’s virtually impossible.

Each common ingredient has a 25% chance of being in a Spriggan’s possession, and you may find 1-4 samples. For uncommon ingredients, the chance is 10%, with 1-3 possible samples. For rare ingredients, it’s 5% and 1-2. For the very rare chokeberries, there’s only a 1% chance of acquiring 1 sample.
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EXdevil Jul 3 @ 5:17am 
Thanks alot :DDD ! And I still love all you improvement mods! so keep the good work :D
Zim  [author] Jul 3 @ 5:08am 
EXdevil....this is a common bug with this mod...I have mentioned it in the description. You have two options: 1) reload a previous save, or 2) open the console and type in the command: Setstage T03 30
EXdevil Jul 3 @ 1:11am 
During the quest , when I'm supposed to find nettlebane , I killed the hagraven , to the dagger but the quest didnt want to valid , I tried to download the mod out , nothing happenned neither , anyone could help me please?
[TTG]shiromoon Jun 22 @ 9:23pm 
ah i see k thanks it works now.
Zim  [author] Jun 16 @ 4:05pm 
[TTG]shiromoon...i also have the SKSE thing and i have no problems. When I say below, you definitely want it below the patch...otherwise the patch will just override the mod
[TTG]shiromoon Jun 14 @ 11:47pm 
yup i confirmed that the mod is properly downloaded. When i go to data files, the file does appear. When you say bottom of the load order, does it also mean it should go below the unofficial patches for skyrim, etc? Or should i be putting it just above them? Cause this as well as the blade of woe improved mod aren't being represented ingame even though they appear in my data files.

Could it be because i'm using the skse loader to play the game thats causing the problem?
Zim  [author] Jun 14 @ 7:41am 
[TTG]shiromoon...it sounds to me like the mod isn't being implemented at all...do you know if the base damage has been raised? I'd suggest moving the mod to the bottom of the load order, and since it's a steam download, make sure it is properly downloaded by opening up the loading screen and waiting for all the mods to properly update
[TTG]shiromoon Jun 13 @ 10:02pm 
want to check, is it normal for the nettlebane with your mod for me not to able to see any enchantment on it when i view it in the weapons page?

Basically i don't see the Enchantment: 50% more damage to Spriggan foes; allows you to access the hidden inventory of Spriggans, in which you have the following chances of finding particular loot when i'm viewing it. It's just blank.
jjb-54 Jun 9 @ 7:54am 
Face Palm - I just realized something. I had to re-install CK because of a bad download and forgot to re-update the INI for the other DLC ... I'll let you know what I find.

Since I did the additions - I simply forgot to re-do them with the re-install of CK. My bad.
Zim  [author] Jun 8 @ 11:14pm 
how odd...you do have dawnguard, right? if you give me a link to this R&D harvesting mod, I'll check for conflicts for you