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Nettlebane Improved
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Sep 7, 2013 @ 1:06pm
Oct 25, 2014 @ 9:24pm
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Nettlebane Improved

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Improved Artifacts Collection
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All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged version that includes all the mods in a single esp file.

Many thanks to all those who have given a positive rating!

This mod is part of the Improved Artifacts Collection, which can be found at this link:

Improved stats for Nettlebane, including a new enchantment that allows you to access the hidden inventory of Spriggans.

Four new alchemical ingredients, including Spriggan Hearts, Wormwood, Mandrake Root and Chokeberries.

Damage: 6 (Equivalent to an Orcish Dagger)
Enchantment: None

Damage: 11 (Equivalent to a Daedric Dagger)
Enchantment: 50% more damage against Spriggans. Soften the bark of Spriggan bodies, allowing access to their hidden inventory.

When used to strike a Spriggan (either living or dead), Nettlebane permanently soften the bark of its body. This allows you to access its hidden inventory once it’s dead. Spriggans will always carry Spriggan Sap and a Spriggan Heart, and there is also a chance of finding some of the following ingredients:

Very common ingredients: Snowberry, Swamp Fungal Pod, Giant Lichen, Tundra Cotton (Hold-specific)

Common ingredients: Blue Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower, Bees, Hanging Moss, , Deathbell Dragon’s Tongue, Juniper Berries, Elves Ear, Thistle Branch, Lavender

Uncommon ingredients: Canis Root, Creep Cluster, Nightshade, Grass Pod, Wormwood

Rare ingredients: Nirnroot, Yellow Mountain Flower, Mandrake Root

Very Rare ingredient: Chokeberries

The customization in this mod is handled using console commands (for more information, see this link: To use a command, open up the console and type: “Set A to B”, where A is the command name and B is a value. The console commands and their effects are given below:

HoldSpecificIng (Possible Values: 1 or 0)
Default: 1
When set to 1, the ingredients found on Spriggans will become Hold-specific. This means you can only find an ingredient on a Spriggan if that ingredient is prevalent in your current Hold. The specifics are listed here:

Eastmarch: Bee, Thistle, Purple Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower, Dragon's Tongue, Jazbay Grapes, Nightshade, Chokeberry

Falkreath: Bee, Elves Ear, Thistle, Blue Mountain Flower, Purple Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower, Hanging Moss, Lavender, Nirnroot, Nightshade, Yellow Mountain Flower, Mandrake Root, Wormwood, Chokeberry

Haafingar: Bee, Thistle, Purple Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower, Hanging Moss, Lavender, Nirnroot, Nightshade, Spiky Grass, Creep Cluster, Chokeberry

Hjaalmarch: Blue Mountain Flower, Hanging Moss, Lavender, Nirnroot, Nightshade, Deathbell, Spiky Grass, Creep Cluster, Swamp Fungal Pod, Chokeberry

The Pale: Lavender, Nirnroot, Snowberry, Spiky Grass, Chokeberry

The Reach: Blue Mountain Flower, Purple Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower, Hanging Moss, Juniper Berries, Nirnroot, Creep Cluster, Chokeberry

The Rift: Bee, Blue Mountain Flower, Purple Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower, Nirnroot, Nightshade, Chokeberry

Whiterun: Bee, Thistle, Blue Mountain Flower, Purple Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower, Lavender, Nirnroot, Tundra Cotton Chokeberry

Winterhold: Snowberry, Spiky Grass, Chokeberry

There is one known minor bug. Nettlebane is acquired as part of a quest, and finding it is supposed to update that quest. For some players, however, the quest does not properly update when you receive Nettlebane, causing the quest to stall. There are several workarounds:

1) Equip Nettlebane. If this doesn’t work, trying un-equipping and then re-equipping it.
2) If the above fails, open the console and type in the command: setstage T03 30.
3) Reloading a previous save and then reclaiming Nettlebane can also work sometimes.

What are Chokeberries?
Chokeberries were an ingredient found in Oblivion, but they could only be accessed if you had the Vile Lair DLC. These berries were scripted to immediately kill any NPC that ate them. In Skyrim, Chokeberries can only be found on the bodies of Spriggans using Nettlebane. They no longer instantly kill NPCs, but they are now powerful alchemical ingredients that cause a massive amount of damage similar to the Jarrin Root encountered during the Dark brotherhood Quest line.

What are Spriggan Hearts, Wormwood and Madrake Root?
Mandrake Root and Wormwood are ingredients that were present in previous Elder Scroll games but have been left out of Skyrim. They can now be found on Spriggans. Spriggan Hearts are a new ingredient that resemble Briar Hearts. This is meant to hint at the purpose Hagravens have for sacrificing Spriggans.

How likely is it that a Spriggan will have ingredients?
The chance of each ingredient turning up in a Spriggan’ inventory is calculated independently. In theory, you could get all the ingredients at once or none, but this is extremely unlikely to the point that it’s virtually impossible.

Each common ingredient has a 25% chance of appearing in a Spriggan’s possession, and you may find 1-4 samples. For uncommon ingredients, the chance is 10%, with 1-3 possible samples. For rare ingredients, it’s 5% and 1-2. For the very rare chokeberries, there’s only a 1% chance of acquiring 1 sample. For very common ingredients, it’s 50% and 1-5.
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Tyler Mar 11, 2017 @ 4:14pm 
Hey Zim, I went through comments and I don't think I saw anyone mention this... If they did, I'm sorry. Anyhoo, I have the Improved Artifacts collection of yours off Nexus, but my Nettlebane seems to be having a minor issue. Whenever I attack a Spriggan, either dead or alive, it would not give me the additional inventory. I just noticed it saying insufficient charge, but I cannot recharge the weapon... Anything you can do to point me towards a fix? I have it at the bottom of my load order already... Thanks, and keep up your great mods! :steamhappy:
concretemonk Feb 1, 2016 @ 4:16am 
nice to see Nettlebane as something other than a glorified paper weight once the quest is done lol. now it is my hunters secondary weapon
Mr. Blue Aug 19, 2015 @ 12:31am 
why do you need dawngard? nettle bain is in vinilla?
Daglez Jul 14, 2015 @ 3:21am 
hmm... Chokeberries-Jarrin Root-Nightshade??? Best Poison Ever!!! :)
RaccoonGahd Jun 2, 2015 @ 4:29pm 
Maybe so, but being the same mesh still bothers me, that's just me though. I know it has a root-like pattern along the blade which is cool I guess.
Zim  [author] Jun 2, 2015 @ 10:08am 
RaccoonGahd...look again mate, the nettlebane has the same mesh as an ebony dagger, but its texture is significantly different...ebony daggers look metallic and have patterns etched on, Nettlebane actually looks like its made of ebony leaves to me
RaccoonGahd Jun 1, 2015 @ 6:39pm 
Why not change the looks too? Nettlebane's appearance is not so unique as it resembles an ebony dagger, with the only difference being in the stats.
Zim  [author] Jun 1, 2015 @ 10:46am 
[TTG]shiromoon...does sound like a mod conflict, could be one of those mods though can't say for sure. Your idea to install nettlebane after everything else could work...again not 100% sure, but I think it probably would work. Worth a go at least.
[TTG]shiromoon May 31, 2015 @ 4:12am 
zim do you know of any mod that actually changes the enchantment of your nettlebane to drain 30 points of magicka on hit? ONLY the enchantment on your nettlebane was changed. When i tried finding the codes for the 4 alchemical ingredients you added in, i was able to find them.

Right now i have your improved artifacts collection installed and i suspect that one of the following mods might have changed only the enchantment on the nettlebane.

- skyrim redone (and its patches)
- perkus maximus (and its patches)
- crafting overhaul
- weapons and armor fixes remake
- clothing and clutter fixes

(these are the only ones from my list that would change vanilla weapons)

or if you're unable to see what mod causes the problem, i'm thinking of installing your nettlebane improved on top of your improved artifact collection and placing the nettlebane improved mod at the bottom of the load list. Will that cause the game to crash?
Zim  [author] Apr 14, 2015 @ 12:26pm