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Otori Shima
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Sep 7, 2013 @ 10:57am
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The map is not historically accurate, so please don't kill me for that. Its based loosely on location and some things that were on Wake Island. The bottom line is, i'm trying to make fun playable map for everyone to enjoy.
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Sir Tobias Aug 18 @ 5:36pm 
not gonna lie... this map is quite unfocused, i found myself getting lost even by using the Map.
Zaldarr Jul 12 @ 7:20pm 
Terrible terrible map. The Japanese NEVER win, in all the dozens of games I've played on this map
Rm!X May 1 @ 9:13am 
Map is way too open and distances are overly large, causing unnecessary running.. defenders can literally hide anywhere and make attacking troubled.. very dull to play. Only good thing I can find is rain and lighting in map
Cat Nejc Apr 26 @ 2:49pm 
This map is great. Congrets for winning that map compatition btw. More dark maps please!
Clamps Apr 23 @ 6:53pm 
Steaming pile of crap, this map is complettte garbage. Should not have been made official.
[ICV]WoLvErInE  [author] Apr 21 @ 5:34pm 
Yes! No need to subscribe to it any more. It's part of the game!
SCUM Apr 21 @ 3:19pm 
Now its an official map, all is well
Maush3r Feb 28 @ 10:16am 
No Server?
OhshiAppledrink Jan 26 @ 1:28am 
I wish more servers would use this map, I really liked it the first time around.
hashslingingslasher Jan 9 @ 1:36am 
This map is fantastic it really reminds me of RO 1 and makes the game feel the way it should, the atmospheric sounds / whether really tie into the jungle scene nicely and makes the games graphics flourish. Great use of terrain foliage / hills and such.
Hope you continue to make RO 1-esc maps :)