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Animal Lover!
Created by MrFistSalad
This is our relaunch page!

If you're looking for our original page, click here!

Welcome to Lucy Liebowitz's (or, really, whatever you want her name to be) life! Thing...
A new age of visual novels is upon us. Black Sands mixes the dominant mythologies of ancient civilizations into a grand story to explain it all. The rich story telling and arches not only entertains, but also teaches players about our past with real world...
Baru and the Spirit Prince
Created by Tingly
Only the brave can see the magic of Elenav! Heroes of the Kingdom of Locria set on an adventure in search of Elenav, a heavenly fruit that appears only once every thousand years. In the village of Lucril, Baru finds himself in the middle of a skirmish by ...
Bride of the Nile
Created by Stranger Games

An Action/Adventure game based on Egyptian history with comic (visual novel) style storytelling.

Please check the demo which reflects only one level of the game in the alpha stage. English voice acting will be added and the quality...
Brilliant Shadows
Created by K. Tsuku
When a mage completes their training, they participate in a powerful ritual. Two mages of opposite schools, Necromancy and Light, are bound together eternally, drastically enhancing each other’s power. This ritual leaves a matching mark on the main hand...
Created by WeAreMuesli
Episode 1 is the second act of CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET., an award-winning visual novel inspired by the works of 16th century Dutch painter Jheronimus Bosch.

Following the mysterious disappearance of Hoodie, the protagonist of the pilot epi...
Change! the Otome game
Created by Kazito Mata
"CHANGE!" is a visual novel/ otome game - a novel in the form of a story-based video game. You play as the female character and make your own decisions throught out the game in order to get a romantic ending with your love interest of choice.

CHANGE! w...
Charming Monsters
Created by thooruchan
Created by DrawOrDrop Studio, Charming Monsters is a classic Visual Novel with a rich story focused on the characters. Choices, a branching story, changing POVs and sudden twists of fate shape the story of Charming Monsters.


Con Amore
Created by Highscore
Con Amore is a short and sweet combination of visual novel games and dating simulations.
It´s a story of the young protagonist, Claudia, who wants to become a great musician.
One day Claudia finds herself in...
Fun Time With Sachi
Created by XD at UrFace
"sum friends meet up and fun is had" - Random Playtester, 2014

"A visual novel masterpiece where playing it feels similar to the feeling of smoking three different types of drugs at once" - Slightly High Playtester, 2014

"i dont know how to uhh spee...
Galactic Embassy: Earth Division
Created by tony danza
Galactic Embassy: Earth Division is a sci-fi visual novel for PC, Mac, and Linux, filled with action, comedy, drama, aliens, robots, royalty... That's pretty much everything you could possibly want, right?

A very brief explanation of the plot: Earth ha...
Ghost Ring - The Soul Labyrinth, Action Anime Visual Novel Game
Created by keitaro3660
Ghost Ring - The Soul Labyrinth is a 2D Action Platformer Anime Style Visual Novel Game that has immersive story. It has cute talented voice english dub, and gorgeous art. You act as Rai, a magical flying fox that have the magicattack of thunder and the p...
Illegal Immigration 2: Green Card Love
Created by wholetonegames
Illegal Immigration 2: Green Card Love, a Visual Novel written by an actual immigrant. It contains life-like situations in a dramatic storyline, but it does not take itself too seriously. It has four different endings and original music and artwork.

Invisible Apartment 2 Visual Novel
Invisible Apartment 2: Reasons is the next chapter of the Invisible Apartment series of visual novels. Set in a future where surveillance and hacking are part of every day life, it revolves around human relations, their dreams and how to lead a normal lif...
Lioness Story
Created by shader_cat
«Lioness story» is a visual novel that tells a story of a lion cub living out his carefree days in a lion pride reigning over the great African savannah. But life in the wilderness is never easy, and after a terrible tragedy yanks him out of his pampere...
Created by Kiririn51
Love:DEMONICA is a Escape The Room/Visual Novel, in the vein of 999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors and Dangan Ronpa. You must solve complex puzzles to escape the rooms. The story will change depending on what decisions you take and how you solve certain puzzl...
Created by Diamonit

"Here’s an incontrovertible, absolute truth: Fate likes to scr...
Mayjasmine episode01 What is God? 五月茉莉
Created by Erotesstudio
May 1998, Jakarta.

Heath of Indonesia; a land of opportunity, perhaps, for those of whom that are seeking.
Yu-Chen He, a Taiwanese accountant in dire need of work, went out to look for his fortune.
Hired eventually by his old friend, Zi-Jin Wan, Yu-C...
My Name is Addiction
Created by Cleril
I'd just like to say I have played the alpha of this, and it is a very intense experience. The way the novel is told is extremely compelling. It's certainly worth your time if you're interested in experiencing an unusual point of view. I really do
Pinocchio's Murder VN
Created by Altabestudio

Which memory is true, which is false? Listen to the cyborg family's stories to help resolve a cold case without getting killed.


Princess' Desire
Genre: Adventure / RPG Visual Novel
Number of Player(s): 1
Release Date: TBD
ESRB: Mature 17+

Hello,thank you very much for taking your time to check out our project!

Who we are:

Nostalgia Games is an independent video game development tea...
Quantum Conscience
Created by woodsy_studio
In this dramatic visual novel, a secret war rages between two intergalactic agencies. One of them—ARCHON—is developing the technology to invade people’s minds. They use this power to rule over a planet called Teballai, and hope to use their mind-rea...
Sea Of Gold
Created by Phoenix_EX
"sea of gold" is a "sword of destiny studio" is now ready to make the original studio Galgme.
The game tells the story of the hero and the heroine Gongsun Jiao in high school love story. (laughs)
At present the game hasn't started production, the game i...
Solar Reunion
Created by Mr. Referee
When you and the Solar Academy Class of 2015 meet up for your 5 year Highschool reunion, things get complicated. Fast. One minute, your old student-teacher is giving a speech. The next, you and 7 of your old classmates are locked in your old school buildi...
TILT: Hero in the City
Created by crow-proxy

TILT: Hero in the City

Welcome to New York City, December 1980!
However despite the Christmas cheer, New York City was in fact in its darkest years. Behind the Christmas veil the city was filled with cr...
The Black Sands
World Concept:

Around 3000 BC, the world is in chaos from the rule of ancient gods. The Titans destroyed much of Greece and continue to create monstrosities to replace the human population. To the north, the Anunnaki enslave millions of huma...
Trick and Treat [Novela visual / Visual Novel] [Español / English]
Created by Stw Projects
Novela visual - Visual Novel Trick and Treat en español

Un bosque es escenario de esta historia , donde nuestro protagonista decide explorar junto con sus amigos para corroborar la leyenda existente, de pronto algo los ataca, dejando a nuestro protago...
Wild Island Quest
Created by Antokolos
In an endless air ocean of an alien world, small lonesome plots of land float above the abyss. But sometimes approach each other, and lands which have never met before, reveal their secrets. 

Project description

Wild Island Quest is a visu...
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