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7 days with Death
Created by Narrator
From the studio Narrator which brought you Koi Musubi, its 4th hit begins the Greenlight voting on Steam!

・9 original soundtracks from professional producer Oli.
・Mandarin theme song included.
・The new update patch with new story and ending included....
A Butterfly in the District of Dreams
Created by sekaiproject
Oriibu Village... that was the name of this town, as well as this world.
This otherworldly town has a nostalgic, retro-like flavor.
For ages, it has prospered, and continues to prosper without end.
Every corner of the place is bustling with people, and ...
A Summer with the Shiba Inu
A Summer with the Shiba Inu
is an upcoming visual novel set in a world populated by dogs, ten years in the future.


This summer, Syd, a Shiba Inu, is on a trip to the Island ...
AIdol: Artificial Intelligence Idol
Idols are the most popular thing in the media and the rising idol production company Lyriq has a convention to run this weekend. There is only one catch: the virtual idol named Aiko is malfunctioning. Only one thing can fix Aiko, and that is finding the pe...
Aaenico - Arcane Raise VN
Created by RetriButioN
Aaenico is a VISUAL NOVEL set in Arcane Raise universe; experience the fall of mankind through the eyes of a young girl. Wit...
Alice: Underground Adventure
Created by Desolation

Join Alice in a bizarre and wonderful Choose Your Own Adventure Game as she explores the subterranean Wonderland filled with familiar characters and novel adventure!
Your adventures could include the rise and...
Ambre – a heartbreaking kinetic novel
A classic story now with new enhanced graphics! And available for free upon release!

As he is passing by a park, a depressed thirty years old named Tristan Mallory discovers a lost little girl. Touched, he decides to help by taking her in. B...
Ars Uberia: Uberia's Lament, or The Diaries of Dartanias Pendleton III
Created by Reyjakai
Ars Uberia: Uberia's Lament is an adult themed interactive graphic novel. This game will blend fantasy, comedy, and adult themes in a single medium. You follow the path of Wystan Pendleton on his adventures in the land of Uberia. On this adventure, you'll ...
Connected through fate
Created by CakuFactory
Wähle dein Schicksal!

Dein neuer Lebensabschnitt wird durch einen Umzug gekennzeichnet.
Plötzlich ist alles neu und du hast es schwer dich in der ungewohnten Umgebung zurecht zu finden.
Auf einmal spielt der Name Ichigawa eine erhebliche Rolle, wodu...
Cryste: the Faith of Fire Vol.1
Created by 净土制作室
人类的社会伴随着阶级性而成长,我们的世界也好,另一片幻想的大地也是如此。 火焰之国加涅特,生在绯红色天空下的人们从出生开始就肩负着不同的命运。 贵族的身份,对于男人来说那是财富和梦想,而对于年轻女孩来说那是憧憬与愿望。 天生锦衣玉食身为公主的高傲女孩,与生慕自由却身为女仆的可爱女孩……两人带着淡淡情愫的故事将由命运一词引领……



Dead World
Created by morojenoe
This is a visual novel about the world after a nuclear war.

Some of the people turned into zombies, the other part is trying to survive somehow.

You will be in the role of one of the survivors.

However, over time you will realize that you can't co...
Flying ship
Created by AnnTenna
The king wished to marry the daughter to the one who will construct the flying ship. But it was constructed by simple rural guy Ivan who is the main character in the game.

But the king does not wish to give out the daughter for Ivan and starts to think ...
Forest Fortress: animated novel
Created by Flaming Firefly
Forest Fortress is a Fantasy Visual Novel with Nonlinear narrative. There will be multiple endings with different girls.

Our protagonist, Dale, goes to the cursed forest to learn more about the reasons of disease that affected a neighbor village...
Future Days
Created by leadyoung.ent
Тип: Визуальная новелла, текстовый квест
Жанр: Детектив, Романтика, Будущее
Язык: Английский, Руский, Испанский, Немецкий, Французский, Китайский, Японский
Возраст: +12
Платформы: Windows, Linux и Mac

Future Days – захватывающая приключенческая игра...
Created by X3.Brothers
Mysterious murders jeopardize a detective's career, forcing him to make a difficult choice in his life.

You can download the demo here -

As indie developers, we decided to make a rather sh...
Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels-Chan
Created by goeppels
This is a slightly different history to the world we know.
Having been appointed propaganda minister at the age of 14, the genius girl Geri Goeppels, together with her private secretaries Rolly and Flute, is up to all sorts of secret maneuvers.
In Episod...
Goodnight [Visual novel]
Created by UbiK

These events happened in the places where any crime is nonsense. A quiet resort town is struck with panic; in broad daylight three children disappeared in nowhere: a brother and sisters Boucher. Valuable time is spent on searches that...
Created by EastSoviet
Society does not need people who stand out from the crowd. It throws them away as useless trash. We know, for each action can be a contradiction. Society work scheme is as old as time. And all the old is not always better than new....
Created by CarloAntonio
“The Barkley Hotel & Resort” is one of the most prestigious resorts in all of Miami, Florida, and most interestingly of all… it’s for sale! You play as Greg Newport, a hospitality consultant hired by Helena Barkley (the CEO of “The Barkley Group”) to helm ...
Interactive Horror Stories
Created by Gord10
Interactive Horror Stories is a collection of 6 horror stories in which you are the hero. In the style of Choose Your Own Adventure; you make choices, they change the plotline and bring you different endings. You encounter various evil entiti...
Interview X
Created by ODBear Studios
Struggling with poor ratings, a television network hires a famous journalist for a political interview featuring a prominent member of the government.
Albeit told to read his cards and avoid any sensitive topic, the journalist starts asking questions rel...
Island of Sins
Created by morojenoe
You and Anya familiar for a long time with elementary school. From time to time, between you, there is some chemistry, but it's always end. While you are just friends and nothing more. One day, Anya wins on one site two tickets to "paradise island". And, o...
M1: A Death in the Desert
Created by Frazilpop
M1: A Death in the Desert

When M wakes up in an abandoned hotel he has no memory of how he got there. In the bedside draw he finds a list with three names and a gun with three bullets, but what he does with this information is up to you. Em...
Military Liaisons
Created by CarloAntonio
“For thousands of years we have fought bloody wars that have cost millions of lives. Do you know why we had so much conflict? Simple. Resources. We killed and maimed each other so we could have a bigger piece of the pie. So we could have more. Today we ...
Murder on the Island
Created by globalsoccermanager
Murder on the Island is a Visual Novel story, which takes place on a beautiful tropical island, where one of the 14 vacationers found murdered.
Paul Parker, the owner of the island has only one week to find out what happened on the first night, before the...
My Last Winter
Created by morojenoe
In the winter, I often dream. I dream that someday I turn into a snowflake and fly far away. Far away...

I came here to rest. Take a break from the people, from the news and from other hassles. Complete freedom and loneliness. Here the soul sings that j...
My Name is Addiction
Created by Cleril
Experience the journey of being a porn addict. Wade through possible relationships, nightclubs, and dream sequences as you come to terms with how this addiction came to be and eventually your choices will determine how or even if you manage to break free ...
Created by DeXP
Any person at least once in life thought about what if his or her wish will be fulfilled.

Ilaya Kaya - her dreams come true as by sorcery. However, is it good or bad? When even the involuntary dream can become a reality. Not by the way you think of it....
Not Another RPG Visual Novel
Created by ODBear Studios
Not Another RPG Visual Novel is a Comedy Visual Novel in which Ichigo, stuck in an alternate reality based on his darkest desires, struggles to go back to his world.

Ichigo, 19, is an amateur game creator who cannot find inpiration in order to create th...
Over The Abyss
Created by Sundaysk1es
Russia, 1998. An investigation group from the centre heads towards the Severny settlement to investigate a mysterious murder. This case is of special importance for the detective Samuillin as he was born and grew up in Severny. When he turn...
Created by KillerBeesGames
Patent9 is a pulp noir visual novel. It’s immersed in hard-smacking dialogue with tragic antiheroes through a sordid storyline, featuring mystery, conspiracy, and murder all set in a neon-lit, rain-soaked, deco cityscape.

A bioengineering professor, Lan...
Postmen Of Horizon
Created by Lacroix
Seemingly it`s not too distant future, but so much has changed… Only people stayed the same.

Seraphim — (the main character) works in a modest firm. It sends people`s letters to their dead relatives. Some do it beacause they feel guilty, some just miss...
Pumpkins in the schoolyard
Created by DeXP
Pumpkins in the schoolyard is a visual novel about school romance, mysticism, and friendship.
The game takes place in early 2000. Performing a lab assignment, the protagonist of the game planted seeds of gigantic pumpkin in the schoolyard, which he brough...
Run Away
Created by BCHwaves
Six teens from college are going to spend an unforgettable weekend in a country house.
But they do not even know what they will have to go through...

“Run Away" is a drama visual novel featuring:

- A deep and heartbreaking storyline that touches man...
School Frenzy
Created by ISAMI Games
Dear fans of visual novels, we want to represent you our game.
It combines genres:
- comedy
- school
- parody
In this game we suggest you to watch for an ordinary student Yosida Takume, who will grow and develop as a person. Moreover, there are in...
Shelton Smith is ____
Created by kyzy_4399
[Thoughts from author]
This is a free indie game created by an unprofessional student. Be honest I have $0 budget to hire painter and sounds workers. This is my first time try to make a game, so I really understand people dislike it. But I do really appr...
Shooting Star in Twilight Sky
Created by supplient
A short Adventure Game with healing power produced by Mental Factory is uploaded right here!! This is a game in somewhat the technique of stream of consciousness. Hopefully the obscurity in your heart shall be explained in the light of shooting stars as ...
Sing! While We Are Alive
Created by nelisovskiy
This is a story about how one day a man decided to change the world, start with yourself - moving to a completely unknown city.
He had no idea how this path will be difficult.

Sisters in hotel
Created by BCHwaves
After 6 years of studying in the west, he came back home. So many things have changed over the years. His sisters have grown up...

“Sisters in hotel” is a drama visual novel featuring:

- A deep and heartbreaking storyline that touches many interestin...
Soulless Wonder
Created by Darkain Arts
Soulless Wonder is a unique monster girl dating game that featuring the talented illustrations of an artist who has worked for both Marvel and Dark Horse comics. Playing as the cursed bard Lantz you'll try to romance eight different characters ranging from...
Marked Incompatible ]  Space Explorers
Created by BCHwaves
Young captain Akihiro Hamasaki with his squad is going to find a new home for Earthmen.
His young team helps him to keep his handwheel hard......
Sunny Drunktown
Created by morojenoe
Welcome to Drunktown!

The town where dreams break, people are missing, and the hot sun beats down.
You play the role of the writer, who is leaving his homes and going to a new city
looking for some inspiration to continue writing his book.

Super Time Tenshi
Created by silvercow
Side-scrolling action meets visual novel...

... as you face the greatest-ever threat to time!

Join Rose, Kyo and the Time Tenshi in an exciting blend of 2D platformer and visual novel as you fight to stop mankind's first functi...
Synthetic Love
Created by kexboy
Biochemist Victor (the inventor of the serum) and three girls go to the isolated private residence high in the mountains. They work, they rest and make experiments there.

The serum has an impressive effect – your sex satisfaction becomes incredible.
TC Kain +
Created by Two Clusters
This game is a visual novel plus space grid battles. However, until chapter 8, there is no story related space battles. Therefore, a test battle option is available for anyone to taste space battles.


There are four main...
The Aloha Bakery
Created by CarloAntonio
“Simon Aubrey has brought a unique edge to New York seafood dining that hasn’t been since Eric Ripert took the helm at “Le Bernardin”. With the opening of “Simon the Fisherman” in Midtown Manhattan, New Yorkers now have access to what I personally consi...
The Dawnstar Chronicles: A Visual Novel
Created by JHHDesign
Dawnstar is a read-along visual novel with opportunistic choices to affect the story outcome! A lighter-hearted sci-fi adventure, join Raju and his female companions as they search the galaxy for adventure and profit. Aside from the main adventure, foster ...
The Final Days II: Blood Dawn
Created by Lighting Phoenix
The Final Days Episode 2: Blood Dawn

It's been a week since the morning sky became red. People called it the day of the Blood Dawn. The survivor(you) is still alive and fighting to stay that way.

Every passing day there are less humans in the world...
The Francy Droo & Friends Collection
Created by Oh, a Rock!
Five tiny indie games for the price of one slightly bigger indie game!

From the developers of Cat President: A More Purrfect Union comes a bundle of bite-sized visual novels!
The Hi-Finesse: 2D
Created by Drakensson
The year is 2022. The technology of virtual-reality has taken a quantum-leap, and as a result, the concept of
E-sports changed drasticaly. Several countries started to arranged annual activities using the revolutionary
The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved the World
Created by Oh, a Rock!
A semi-autobiographical game about pizza and the time-travelers who make it.

It's not easy delivering pizzas for a living. My boss is a jerk, my co-workers all think I'm super-old because I'm in my 20s, and the customers...well, to put it
Tiny Bunny
Created by saikono

Tiny Bunny is a non-linear horror visual novel.
Everything falls into slumber when winter comes, but not this forest.
There's something wandering its snow-covered paths, lurking ...
Together at the End
Created by designersaturday
Together at the End is a visual novel set at the end of existence. Everything is slowly disappearing until all that is left is a bleach white void. There is only 80 days to live, that fact cannot be changed and it is up to this group of f...
University of Magic
Created by morojenoe
University of Magic

You arrive in the University of Magic, where you will learn all the subtleties of magic. During your training, you will encounter other characters, tons of books and, of course, fun! You will decide how and where to spend ti...
Volunteer - visual novel
Created by INT
Late spring is a magnificent time, especially for the loveful students like our hero and his lady.
But it's not all so perfect as it seems. Their homeland was drawn into war and suffering defeat after defeat.
In odds like this one cannot entrust the fate...
Whisper of Death
Created by morojenoe
After months of hard work you decide to take a rest and go to another city to your grandmother.

At first the town seems quiet and calm. Especially because there are not so many people.

One day you notice some flyers with pictures of missing people, b...
Winter's Empty Mask - Novela visual
Created by jose_salas.p
Winter's Empty Mask -


This story revolves around Yuki, a talented shaman of clan Akketsu. Because of her personality, she is unable to understand emotions, until one day she meets a boy named Ichirou, whom for first time evokes something in...
kokoro no yami no saki ni Trial VersionⅡ



last night SHIFT
Created by kaiserd
Working at a restaurant is something most do at least once in their life. This is the same for Brian, though one tragic little detail shouldn't be overlooked. He will probably die soon.

last night SHIFT is an episodic story with a predetermined end, on...
Created by simoncreative8
希萌創意 & Storia 製作,大受好評的稻米養成遊戲!

‧ 知名作曲家3R2製作的10首配樂
‧ 開頭動畫影片
‧ 製作經驗豐富的張恆撰稿、企劃




紅蜘蛛外伝:暗戦(Red Spider Anecdote:Triangle)
Created by studio wasp
An anecdote of "Red Spider: Vengeance", Takes place 3 years before Francis has been shot.

The previous series
*Red Spider: Vengeance
*Red Spider2: Exiled

蝶生梦影-Butterfly dream shadow
Created by 小金宝贝

■ 【游戏简介 / Introduction:】
Players will play the role of Mu Mu.
Mu Mu rushed to her Ex-boy...
Episicava - A Visual Novel Action/Adventure Epic
Created by bonesy~
Episicava is an action & adventure visual novel, inspired by classics such as Fate/Stay Night and Tokyo Babel.
Episicava is a game developed by Epic Works, with additional support from Top Hat Studios, Inc.


Fifty years ago, the face of the Ear...
Mirt. Tales of the Cold Lands
Created by Sapphire
Mirt is a small town, lost somewhere in the northern valleys, wel...
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Hi TrickZZter! I would like to share the visual novel "Winter's Empty Mask" in which I am working. The genre of this visual novel is: Gore, suspense, mystery, supernatural and action. It will be available in English and Spanish. I look forward to your support for this project. Greetings :)
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We are glad to annouce that the Free Demo Versions for Android and iOS are already released!

Go to for more details.

If you enjoyed the demo, help us to get green light.

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Thank you very much!
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