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a very short distance east of the entrance to Ilinalta's Deep there is a cave opening

fight your way through the Xenomorph Hive against many different Xeno types and facehuggers

when you reach the center of the nest, prepare for a battle against the Queen

unopened Alien eggs can be looted to collect Alien embryos, that can be collected and used as decoration in your home... or you can eat them to regain health
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Jul 7, 2015 @ 12:29pm
I don't even know how can I meet aliens
Dec 4, 2014 @ 7:40pm
Aug 9, 2014 @ 11:00pm
Need Help
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dinonicky Aug 13 @ 7:01am 
they should ass the aliens enimys too.
Xiuhcoatl Aug 12 @ 8:46pm 
Haven't tried it yet but I'm downloading. Looks quite cool. One small note, have you considered getting in touch with the creator of the Lost Tribes mod? It adds Yautja (predators) as well as xenomorphs. If the awesome models here were used in that mod it would be a fantastic collaboration.
JokerArcano96 Aug 3 @ 2:32am 
Very Nice!! i love Alien saga.
but i expected a little gift at the end, also 100 gold, for show that the "quest" is over and i've been good to complete it.
i suggest it because i still studing as game designer, and when i went out from the nest, if i didn't recognize the name of the first place when i entered, i thought that it was over yet, and this was not very nice.
so i know tha can be hard to do it but if you can add a little object, or as i said, little amount of gold, this will can help coming players to enjoy better this adventure.
Keep it up (y)
mike_el_cucui Jul 8 @ 10:04am 
F**KING AWESOME !!!!! I'm a huge Alien and Predator fan. Thanks for creating this. It would be awesome if someone could come up with a predator side kick / companion on here.
^1<Raexer Jun 22 @ 9:49pm 
Nice idea Lord Derpskull. That would be really cool to have prae form for supernatural power.
Lord Derpskull Jun 22 @ 9:27pm 
I will download if you add an item on the queen called a "facehugger x-strain" or something that allows you to turn into a praetorion like you can a werewolf.
Amanda Jun 12 @ 9:45am 
still better than colonial marines
☢TheQuantumWanderer ☢ Apr 8 @ 6:17pm 
MrValdi, in the room with the spiders and wolves is a hidden trap door to the hive. maybe you should have searched harder
☠PAPY563☠ Mar 31 @ 7:43pm 
Dude i Only Have 12 Mods on
^1<Raexer Mar 29 @ 12:56am 
This works fine for me with more than 70 mods running. As for the xenomorphs being wolves and the facehuggers being spiders, try going deeper than the first 2 chambers to get past packs of wolves near the entrance and alien drones show up. A bit later, warriors and praetorians start attacking. There are facehuggers too. The huggers use default spider sounds and attacks, but they are very well textured as facehugger parasites. The xenos use hagraven and werewolf sounds as well, but that's fine. They look amazing and are challenging, especially with a pack of them coming at you. If anyone's got issues with re-use of existing game sounds by a community modder, then by all means, learn to mod sounds, textures and the insanely complicated papyrus scripting engine and crank out a fully unique xenomorph mod for us, and do it for free too. (: If there's CTD's, then maybe another mod is conflicting, or try adjusting the load order. A fine effort to get xenomorph content in Skyrim. :D