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Coraline Jones
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Sep 6, 2013 @ 8:44am
Mar 1 @ 10:28pm
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Coraline Jones

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Mystery Kids
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Coraline Jones, The Neglected Daughter

This mod adds Coraline Jones from the LAIKA movie Coraline to Don't Starve!


Sanity 140
Health 150
Hunger 135

Melee damage 1.1x
Walk speed 1.0x
Run speed 1.0x


Raincoat - Doesn't lose sanity when it rains.
Skilled gardener - Farms produce crops faster.
Other Mother's favourite child - Button eyes appear while insane.

Special Items:

Pruning Shears - Unbreakable weapon, does 17 damage.
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ACasualMayEpic Jul 25 @ 12:51pm 
This is my favorite mod for this game! Thank you so much for making this. I barely ever play any other characters. do I use the garden shears? Can I use them for anything?
Gio Bergamo Jul 22 @ 11:46am 
[AN:3] Stumpy The Stump Jul 16 @ 11:56am 
*Not Sure Why She Has Blue Hair Though But Whatever*
[AN:3] Stumpy The Stump Jul 16 @ 11:55am 
Wybie (However You Spell His Name) Would Be A Cool Addition Too :L I Loved Coraline, and Especially 9 (Movie) So This Is so Fhakin Awesome. Tanks! <3
LezBeHonest Jul 8 @ 8:31pm 
Coraline was a tough little girl so yeah she is a fighter. Duh.
TECH097 Jun 9 @ 11:14am 
Out of curiosity, does anyone know if this is compatible with Don't Starve Together? Or Reign of Giants?
afBeaver May 17 @ 1:22pm 
I think she should have less damage since she is not a fighter but a child. Also higher movement speed since she's an explorer.

Otherwise awesome job!
Schmidkalkan~ ★ Mar 21 @ 7:00am 
These damn Button Eyes.
idrilpuckfay Mar 17 @ 4:53pm 
These are really awesome! Could you make Lydia from the Beetlejuice cartoon, and maybe Wirt and Greg from Over the Garden Wall? Some people consider them mystery kids too, and they would fit right in with the game, lol.