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Rebalanced Guns
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Sep 5, 2013 @ 8:08pm
Feb 26 @ 5:43pm
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This changes the performance of the weapons a small amount to give them more equal utility but more varied roles. It will only work offline or if you host a server.

M-16: magazine size: 50->45, damage: 33->44. Better DPS than AK now, still worse for common infected.

SCAR: reload 3.35->2.85 seconds, damage 44->48, higher moving accuracy.

AK-47: damage 58->54, less recoil, slightly higher moving accuracy, slower recoil recovery, less standing/crouching accuracy. This makes the gun less jerky, yet harder to snipe with.

Hunting Rife: more recoil, faster movement

Military Sniper: slightly faster fire rate, more recoil, slightly faster movement, reserve ammo 180->150. This means some trigger discipline is necessary for accurate/efficient shooting.

Shotguns: more powerful, new recoil system that rewards slower shooting.

Silenced SMG: RoF slowed .0625->.067. This brings the DPS of the SMGs closer together and reduces ammo consumption.

Melee weapons: slower draw time, 20% more time between each swing.

Pistols: higher standing and incapacitated accuracy. damage 36->38. This makes the dps advantage of the pistols over the magnum slightly more apparent.

M60: much slower RoF, magazine 150->200, damage 50->60, slower movement speed, much less moving accuracy. This is now a more effective stationary weapon.

Chainsaw: slower movement speed, slightly more fuel. Harder to run through a horde this way.
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RoastinGhost  [author] Sep 7, 2013 @ 4:10pm 
haha, fitting questions :) I'll post a full changelog in the description
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