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Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux
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Mar 20, 2012 @ 7:19pm
Jun 21 @ 10:48pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux

Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux (also called WATER or W.A.T.E.R.) enhances the water throughout Skyrim. Each type of water (ocean, lakes, rivers, marshes, and creeks) have been hand-crafted to improve the flow direction, with a more transparent shoreline. The foam, rain and waterdrop textures have been upgraded to high resolution textures. Water no longer looks like goo and overall the world seems more beautiful.

WATER is a continuation of the popular Realistic Water Textures and Terrain mod by isoku. RWTT had a lot of bugs and problems with writing mod info into save game data, so SparrowPrince and the team decided to make a completely new mod that eliminates these problems.

Previous mods such as Kerplunk - Watery Rocks (this makes water rock textures look more wet), That's Ice! (improved ice textures), and Animated Water Trough (turns the default trough water located at blacksmit forges into believable water) are included with WATER on the Steam Workshop. This version hosted on the Steam Workshop is the High Resolution textures version. You may customize this with additional plants, medium resolution textures, and reduced splash by installing the Skyrim Nexus version[] instead of subscribing to the Steam Workshop version.

Key Features:
• Oceans, lakes, rivers, marshes, and creeks each with a unique ebb and flow.
• Rivers that flow in the correct direction for the most part, ocean waves that flow towards the coast.
• Added effects to waterfalls like more foam and splash effects.
• Foam, rain and water drop ripples replaced with high resolution textures.
• More transparent shorelines during clear weather.
• Rain mist included.
• ENB water parallax compatible.
• New wetter looking rocks near and in water.
• Animated blacksmith trough water.
• Frozen water puddles.
• Dragonborn add-ons with waves.
• Dawnguard add-on.
• Compatible with mostly everything except for other mods that modify water, such as Pure Waters. It should be compatible with mods that fix the underwater green screen bug, though this may vary.

Current Version (3.7.1) Changes:
-All water types have been re-made with new water textures and improved files. All your favourite optionals are still included for the experience you know and love (see note below). WATER is a total re-imagination of Skyrim's waterways and ocean. It adds lots of new effects, textures, and all waters have been built again from the ground up (so any comparisons before February 2015 are not up to date).

The Ruffled Feather
This mod's author, SparrowPrince, combined all his mods into one single mod on the Nexus called The Ruffled Feather, where you may pick and choose which optionals (mods) to install. After talking with SparrowPrince, the team decided to remove all of these mods on the Steam Workshop in order to keep them in just one place where the they could provide support and faster updates. WATER will remain on the Steam Workshop for now as it is the most popular mod that is fairy easy for me to update. If plans change in the future, we will let you know.

If you wish to download mods once on the Steam Workshop made by SparrowPrince, I recommend you head to the Skyrim Nexus Page[]. Some popular SparrowPrince mods you will find in The Ruffled Feather are:

Better Dynamic Snow: Makes the snow that covers most architecture actually have a texture instead of being pure white. No performance loss. SMIM users need to select the SMIM option, so it can ultilize the SMIM meshes you already have installed.

Just-Ice: Fantasy-looking ice. Originally a WATER optional, but now separated into it own mod. 2k texture sizes with a 1k normal. Most other landscape files you use are this size or more so a slight VRAM increase, obviously.

Moss Rocks: Covers some hand-selected rocks in moss for more nature! Uses SMIM files by default (with added texture mapping improvements not in SMIM) and 2k textures like the above ice mod. This is fully compatible with Gamwich's "One Mountain" mod also.

Smoking Hot Load FX: Originally "Smoking Hot Main Menu", this mod replaces the mist on all loading screens with fire. It has been improved over previous versions and has no performance loss as it only affects load screens.

Terrain Bump: Mainly for vanilla textures, but can be used with other replacers. This mod makes the terrain look more 3D and comes with a reduced file size from old versions! No VRAM increase over vanilla.

Vibrant Auroras: Increases the auroral colours by 2 fold. No performance loss.

Sparrows Mountain and Rocks: Added a replacement to Bigger and Boulder. This mod adheres to the vanilla style in colour and tone, whilst adding a twist to the bump texture, giving the rocks a stacked-shelf effect. 2k textures with 1k parallax maps (parallax meshes not included). This may not be for everyone as it changes the look of the rocks quite drastically (tastes do differ though of course, so please try it out first).

Troubleshooting and Help:
I cannot offer help on the Steam Workshop. You'll have to get support from the Skyrim Nexus which is linked below.

Skyrim Nexus Link:

Special Compatibility Notice:
This mod is not compatible with Pure Waters or any other water mod. If you use both, basically whichever one was loaded last in your game is what your game will use. This may (or may not) cause problems with your save game file. I advise to just choose one or the other.

SparrowPrince - WATER developer.
isoku - WATER developer.
Vortikai - Steam Workshop Maintainer

Uploaded to Steam Workshop with SparrowPrince's permission. Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux may be removed at any point SparrowPrince or Valve wishes. Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux is installed, ran and/or updated at one's own risk. Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux is not accountable for any contaminated save game files, so remember to make back-up saves when testing out any new modification(s). Please see the Skyrim Nexus page linked above to view additional licensing and permission information.
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Jambo_Rambo Aug 27 @ 2:24pm 
Starts up game bethesda logo comes up game closes is confused deletes water.esp mod starts game,game works is happy writing this to warn people of danger don't get mod
pizzarepairman Aug 15 @ 8:49pm 
This is not working for me. It took me 4 hours today to figure this out. It is when I load this MOD I get the dreaded CTD afer the Bethesda logo. I;ve tried to load this like 10 different ways I always get the CTD after logo. And it looks so good when working. It has something to do with Dawnguard forsure. This never happened until I got Dawnguard. Some how DG screwed this up.
The KillSmith Aug 15 @ 8:31am 
Super disappointed to start up Skyrim after a while and have it crash all the time on me, only to try seemingly everything I could until I finally figured out it was this mod causing the trouble. And apparently there's no fixing it to get it to work anymore because it requires DLC? Lame because it no longer works for owners of just Skyrim, lamer that it was released before, changed later to require the DLC, and is now causing thousands of users who had installed it previously to have trouble playing their game at all and spending countless hours trying to figure it out or just giving up.
Planr Aug 7 @ 11:59am 
I couldnt use this mod. Beforehand it worked fine for me, but just about two months ago my game kept having CTD's after the bethesda logo. Figured out it was this mod that was causing it.
Teratus Aug 7 @ 4:59am 
For some reason I was no longer subscribed to this even though coming to this page I was still subscibed..

this made the game auto turn this mod off and despite turning it on myself the mod would auto turn of instantly again afterwards..

I fixed this by simply deleting the mod.. unsubscriubing.. resubscribing and reinstalling the mod..

but I thought I'd give you and everyone else a heads up just incase this mod isnt working for them too
Ana Ng Jul 30 @ 4:28pm 
I enjoyed this mod quite a bit, but then it started making my game crash. Came here to see if there were any notes and I see that it now requires the DLC. I'll be honest - when it comes to making mods I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground, but that seems like a really crap move. Unsubscribing and moving to a different mod now I guess.
Sergey Chetin Jul 29 @ 6:54pm 
столько хвалил эту модификацию и тут такое требование. да пошли вы на хуй! я специально брал только ориганальную игру, а теперь надо брать два дополнения, чтобы заработал этот мод...пиздец бля кидалово
DAS Jul 29 @ 4:38pm 
does this work all right with More rain
Otie64 Jul 29 @ 5:54am 
This was a great mod. Then it started making my game crash, took me ages to find out what one it is. Now I see it's been changed to require DLC.

...This is a shitty move. I was already subscribed to and using this then you changed it making my game crash on launch. Not very cool.
R'hllor Jul 29 @ 3:28am 
This needs dlc now? :( Why? Please make it like it was before, and add the rest of the stuff to workshop, I can't get stuff from Nexus. This was one of my favourite mods, but now I will boycott all of your mods until its fixed like in the good old days