Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Aussie / NZ Server
Maps for the Aussie / NZ server
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Declutter My HUD 1.2
Created by |DD|-=THOR=-
This RS-compatible mutator allows players to restrict and configure the display of informations on the HUD. Try it out and ask your favorite server admin to install it on his server, so you can use it online!

Tactical Overlay
  • Tactical Over
Shut Up! Mutator
Created by |DD|-=THOR=-
You crawl through the battlefield. You work hard to stay as stealth as possible, in order to reach your objective alive. Suddenly, you unvoluntarily start yelling "They must be shitting their pants!". Boom, grenade, you're dead.

This mutator allows to s...
Created by BOH-rekrut
3rd place of the phase one mapping contest in the category best original level

ready for the current build

alternative download links for Univermag-B5

clientfiles = {LINK REMOVED}

serverfiles= http://www...
TE - Stalag 13 Beta 0.55
Created by |DD|Spaehling
Update: 05.11.2014

Mapname: TE–Stalag 13
Attackers: Allies
Defenders: Axis
Target: Allies needs to liberate the Camp
Special Thanks to: |DD|Thor,|DD|Mad-Fred, |DD|GrimReality,|DD|-Team, Danh, 11_Harley_11 (Custom Trees), [I...
Streets of Stalingrad
Created by PsychoPigeon
64 player - city map - combined arms...
Wake Island 1944 Beta v5
Created by John S͘teamOS™
Wake Island is dead. I might return later, who knows.
Also, fuck Tripwire.
Your community has shown their support for Wake, but you refuse to listen to them.

Special thanks to G_Sajer at the TW forums, and Mike over at RGN for server hosting and co...
TE - Climb Up Beta 1.351
Created by |DD|Spaehling
Last Update: 04.1.2014

News on Facebook

Some Infos:
Mapname: TE - Climb Up
Version: 1.31 beta
Attackers: Allies
Defenders: Axis
Target: Allies needs to cap the Hill / All Artys...
Created by PsychoPigeon
64 player large map...
Otori Shima
Created by WoLvErInE
The map is not historically accurate, so please don't kill me for that. Its based loosely on location and some things that were on Wake Island. The bottom line is, i'm trying to make fun playable map for everyone to enjoy.
Created by BOH-rekrut
One of the first RO2 custom maps

alternative download links for Butovo-B10


serverfiles= {LINK REMOVED}...
Created by Joe
RSTE-OtoriShima by John Chalabi, modified for Rising Storm Singapore....
Rising Storm Singapore
Created by Joe
Follow two new factions Britain and Australia in their fight against the Japanese Empire in Singapore, Burma, Malaysia, and others.

For news/requests/bug reports, please join the Steam Group![/u...
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Thanks for the invite guys, happy to join this fine group.
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Terrible, Australia sucks.
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Just started playing this game/server, fantastic server. Well setup will definatley keep playing on here.
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Well Done Cat. Keep it up!!! The best Aussie Server.
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Much easier Cat to find! Great work.