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Mini Pet Maker
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Mar 20, 2012 @ 5:19pm
Mar 26, 2012 @ 7:31pm
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Mini Pet Maker

Do you ever see wild creatures in Skyrim and think, “If only I could get them to follow me around as if I were their mother... and if only they were 1/8th their original size...”? Yes? Well, this mod is for you, my friend.


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_________________________ Brokunn's Create Mini Pet Spell _________________________


You can acquire the mini pet Spell Tome outside Whiterun, just beyond the flea-ridden Khajiit camp, and past the little river of human sewage (see map above). Simply cast the spell on almost any creature you would cast a regular spell on, and you'll have an itty-bitty, miniature version of them to love and adore. After your love is spent, simply cast the very same spell right back at the mini pet, and all your love will be refunded so you can spend it on a new mini pet!

Spend your love on up to 6 mini pets at one time!

Some things to note:
1) Mini pets are invincible, and should not be targeted/attacked by enemies. Enemies, however, may be envious of your mini pet and target/attack you in an attempt to steal them.

2) The mini pet created may not match the target exactly, especially with humanoids. This is because the White-Gold Concordant has a clause that outlaws cloning in Tamriel. Oh, and humanoids will be naked. Naked, disgusting little people chasing you around. Think about that a bit before you even try it.

3) If you don't see your mini pet right away, DO NOT PANIC. First, consider the new mini-pet's feelings... it was just brought into this world, and you're very large and intimidating. Try casting Detect Life to see if you can locate the little fellow. Fast travel to an indoor location and see if the mini pet is easier to spot. It's also possible my crappy spell just didn't work...

4) Avoid “noisy” mini pets. Though a Mammoth mini pet seems like a good idea, the physics of Skyrim dictates that they retain the same mass no matter what their size. A thundering herd of mini-mammoths following you into town is a great way to get evicted.

5) Cast the spell frugally - casting it multiple times in succession will do nothing. You'll see the special effect if it hits the target successfully (sometimes it is difficult to hit smaller targets, try getting close and facing down at them to cast the spell).

Media & Links:
This mod is available at:
- Steam:
- Nexus:

The armor pictured above is "KURESE Gloria for UNP", available at:

Future Updates & Known Issues:

1) Foxes don't seem to work (you'll get an invisible one - try casting Detect Life to see it).
2) The sex of certain creatures is not always attainable, the script defaults to male for now.
3) Mini Pets set off traps...
4) “Large” animals (Mammoths, Dragons, etc) have some strange clipping issues
5) I can adjust mini pet size and speed on a case by case basis, and have made some tweaks for very large (dragons, mammoths) and very small (chickens, hares) creatures. If you notice any that need more adjustments, please let me know.
6) For the love of Mara, I wish I could shut off the mini pet's sound...

Troubleshooting Guide:

Special Thanks
- My wife for forcing me to make this mod...
- Search terms: Mini Pet Maker, Conjure Mini Pet, Summon Mini Pet, Conjure Pet, Summon Pet, Tiny, Adorable, Absurdly Cute Itty-Bitty Bunnies...

Don’t forget to check out my less adorable, but exponentially more practical Conjure Ethereal Horse Spell!
- Steam:
- Nexus:

Change Log
__________________ 2012-03-26 Version 1.1
1) Mini pets should no longer become hostile to the player if attacked (this only works on NEW mini pets, so banish your current pets and re-acquire).
2) Casting the spell on your existing mini pets now gives you three options: Stay, Follow, and Banish
3) Made the spell tome a little easier to find by lighting it on fire.
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RK_Angel Jul 19 @ 1:06am 
Is there only one specific skin for Dragons or could I cast this spell on, say, Alduin or a Blood Dragon and get one that looks like one of them?
{SC}Vindigo El Auditore' Jun 30 @ 11:36am 
Hey man, that's cruel, my race is Khajiit.
Nicky Jun 27 @ 10:47pm 
What did the Kajiit ever do to you??
The spell tome isn't there, and I can't find.
[P2P]Naruto Apr 18 @ 1:24pm 
the first picture! XD "shall we begin with some ""SMALL""* talk!
*i put double "s cause its in quotes in the picture
Asayake Apr 8 @ 5:05pm 
@Brokunn: This mod is great fun! Thanks for making it. :) Made a mini dragon pet - my god its loud! :p decided to make it guard my house in whiterun. Was too big to fit inside my house so its now my personal house bouncer.

to anyone wondering if they should get it.having problems with it working - i had to play around with the load order if you have any other pet related/follower related mods make sure you load it after them but still fairly near top of load order - hope that helps people. Also doesnt work on everything you see but does on enough to make it worthwhile subscribing and its definitly fun Mod!
!!!WATERMALONE!!! Oct 25, 2015 @ 10:14am 
needs a better mic XD
Anri Sep 14, 2015 @ 9:53am 
What do you have against Khajiit's lol
DeflatedFish Aug 30, 2015 @ 2:52pm 
I followed the map but I don't see it
DeflatedFish Aug 30, 2015 @ 2:51pm 
Can't find it