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Snow Elves V2 Followers (Hallgraths Dwemer and Falmer mod)
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Sep 3, 2013 @ 3:21am
May 21 @ 10:44pm
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The main mod for this plugin has been set to hidden >:D Link for this mod is on another site. i will talk to the author on re opening the mod
Link here for halgraths mod found on a russian site http://www.mediafire.com/download/fgwnxidq6l1igrs/the-dwemer-and-the-falmer.7z

Few remaining Falmer clans have returned back to skyrim wishing to start anew after hiding for 3000 years they wish to make piece with the nords or act thier revange. you will find them at the most coldest places in skyrim.
Lets just say the collage of winterhold holds many of secrets that man and mer dont yet know,
During your travles through the vale you will find snow elves still in hidding acting out thier ancient duty of kulling the betrayed and trying to gain entry to thier temple or find the lost relics of thier elven god.
Will you help them fight through the unholy betrayed or slaughter all known falmer both beast and mer? (Good luck they are hard as all ♥♥♥♥ to kill). Or Will you help them become the once true sons and daughters of skyrim they once were, or will you make them join the legion to take revange on the nords.

adds 61 snow elf followers most can be married.

Gelidor is now a ase snow elf, and vythur is now a ase Vamp snow elf.
Follwers no longer run when in thier sandbox, they now walk

Now if you have subed to this mod sub to my first snow elf mod ive updated it be like this. Adds around 20 or so snow elves at the falmer temple, since they have been updated not all will look as they do in the pics anymore. same requirements as this plugin

This is a plugin to Hallgraths Dwemer and falmer mod on the nexus.
He hs not yet made a female or male body as far as i know if you use any male/female body mods, these snow elves will be in defualt underwear. he said he is not making a body mod. I think that's ♥♥♥♥ing gay

(The Dwemer and Falmer)
Race compbatbilty
Skyrim Update

Snow elf clan in Dawnstar outside the blacksmiths house, i forget around 6 mabye 7
2 Snow elfs inside the Winterhold collage libary
6 Snow elf outside Winterhold Collage
3 Snow elfs in the Nightgateinn 2 knight Paladins and 1 priest
2 Marragable Snow elfs inside Mara's temple.
14 Snow elves out side the falmer temple in the vale
1 Big snow elf fighting the betrayed at the dargon stone along the frozen lake (forgotten vale)
4 in limerock barrow just south if northwatchkeep/ thalmor prison
4 In Whiterun at gates
# squad of snow hunting for aruels shield... need ruby sphere to enter
#snow elf raid team under the snow elf bridge that connects to the temple, fighting in the betrayed vally
3 snow elves have been hidden in the midden since the rise of man 1 vampire 2 thralls, those who go into her mist that are not collage officers never return, until she smells the blood of dragons within a mortal. side note if you are a vamp you can feed on the thralls so your own follower that feeds you

Lets also say the collage of winterhold has many secrets the nords would slaughter them for

Defaultsandbox current location 1024
So desmiss them at your main spots

All thanks go to Hallgrath for his AMAZING Dwemer and Falmer mods bringing the dead races of lore to life.
if you want to help out with halgraths mod by making plugins such as followers homes ect just ask or do it then send him a message
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rblevins137 Jun 24 @ 5:52pm 
oh ok thats still cool never thought anyone would make a building of it like it nice (thumbs up)
Mr JIGGY  [author] Jun 24 @ 5:00pm 
i did rebuild the temple.....but my computer broke lost all data
rblevins137 Jun 23 @ 11:40pm 
wonder if someone rebuilds the auriel temple like a modder i subscribed to, and he or she ''tweaked'' castle volkihar and it was a boss :)
Mr JIGGY  [author] Jun 16 @ 11:39pm 
You get it in his mod.....i dont kow if he has unhidden it yet -__-
slayerSTL Jun 16 @ 5:21pm 
what is Race compbatbilty and how do i get it?
Mr JIGGY  [author] Jun 4 @ 5:56am 
Thats vamp eyes lol
philipaleung Jun 4 @ 4:28am 
IDK some of their eyes are red like the Jig-Saw's so that just reminded me of him
Mr JIGGY  [author] Jun 3 @ 11:33pm 
snow elves aint scary they awsome
philipaleung Jun 3 @ 2:52pm 
But good job
philipaleung Jun 3 @ 2:52pm 
Some of these people scare me!!!