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Vallanstead: New Village
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Sep 2, 2013 @ 10:52pm
Sep 14, 2013 @ 11:38pm
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Vallanstead is a small town just East of Whiterun. In this mod there is a player house, 6 new buildings, 14 new npcs, and much more.
-The player house is the jarl's longhouse. Inside is all player necesities, a new follower, and plenty of storage. IMPORTANT- THE KEY TO THE LONGHOUSE is in a lockbox is just to the right of the stairs. To move a spouse into the building you need some a mod that allows you to move your spouse anywhere.
-The town is guarded by a large wall and seven patrolling guards that work different shifts.
-There are also four new merchants. A blacksmith, a general merchant, an inn, and two farmers.
-All of the npcs should be fully functioning and have their own routines throughout the day.

-If there are any bugs let me know, and please let me know if you like this mod
-Also for best results wait 24 hours before entering the town
-Conflicts with community college mod and Bathing beauties mod.
-Also, people are reporting problems with the trainers, but they're working fine for me so I'm not sure how to fix them

Update 1.1
-Fixes problems with Blacksmith and merchant
-Adds some more foliage

Update 1.2
-Adds eight trainers to town
-Servant (lockpicking) in the longhouse
-Dog (speechcraft- Yes a dog) in the inn
-Imperial (marksman) in the inn
-Mage (destruction) Merchant behind general merchant
-Blacksmith (smithing) sitting outside blacksmith house
-Innkeeper (sneak) now a trainer
-Nord (one-handed) in the inn
-Bard (two-handed) in the inn
-Priest (resoration) also a follower inside the inn
-fyi the blacksmith and archery trainers dialogues' are slightly buggy but you just need to double click the dialogue.
-Adds a couple book cases
-Also for those of you who don't like that you can't get into a couple of the building... there is a hidden lockbox inside the town with all of the keys. If you can find it congrats.
-Also, skyrim is know to be inconsistent so some people may have different problems with trainers than others.

Update 1.3
-adds an armory to the jarls longhouse
-13 mannquins
-13 Weapon plaques
-20 weapon racks
-Door to armory is located in the northeast corner of the main hall
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Hallsy Jul 12 @ 4:44pm 
The only problem is that the villiage is built where another mod is which is the "Whiterun Community College".
olderthanyou85 Jun 16 @ 3:59pm 
Good Mod, but not compatible with "Whiterun Community College".
eifla56 Jun 14 @ 2:21pm 
great mod! was just wondering as its near whiterun could there mayby whiterun guards insted? love the town :) great work
AndyK131 Feb 18 @ 9:43am 
Got the same problem as Silvercrusader. Almost averybody that can train skills just stands there looking dumb. I liked the mod but i train alot to advance faster So this was a spoiler to me. But keep up the good work and fix the error.
crazycameleon1  [author] Jan 30 @ 7:01pm 
Read the description
silvercrusader Jan 27 @ 11:57pm 
Experimenting with this mod and the few others I've got I find that some trainer are unable to now train the character. This effect is worldwide. Other players may have more problems with this because I rarely use trainers anyway. just FYI :)
I do like the town but would have liked more of a backstory or clear out Shimmermist cave of Falmer etc..... to gain this extra title.
antho.spanish Jan 10 @ 5:25am 
(Sorry for my english) i have one probleme with this mod, it is very great but it's incompatible with an other good mod (Community college). It's possible to resolve the probleme ? :)
johngconnor Dec 17, 2013 @ 8:21am 
how do i become a jarl ?
Hermaflagoog Nov 21, 2013 @ 5:51pm 
this is a great mod keep it up
Qwertopchicken Nov 18, 2013 @ 3:27pm 
it says it failed to download plz help also looks fantastic