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wii fit trainer
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Sep 1, 2013 @ 12:09pm
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to tell you the truth it was hard to find a picture that wasnt hentai,so thats all i got,picture inside the addon by my friend supersmashbrosgmod,he also did the texturing,sorry to the guy that made the brawl hack but there are so many wii fit trainers that i dont know who i downloaded,voting again,remaining:king,kazuya,spike,gary,geno,katarina
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Metaknight 23 hours ago 
can u make male wii fit trainer
8-Bit-Pixelated Aug 11 @ 11:22am 
it just looks like it to me
Player01 Jul 22 @ 6:17pm 
@8-Bit-Pixilated - Um, SSB4 Isn't out yet.
We can't extract the models from the game that isn't in a box and on store shelves and is still being coded!
8-Bit-Pixelated Jul 22 @ 1:14pm 
If the model IS from ssb4,then could you add the other newcomers?
yverena Jul 18 @ 3:27pm 
/ \
taconator564 Jul 4 @ 5:13am 
King is what I'll be voting for,although I seem to be alone on this
Link,The hero of time Jul 1 @ 6:02pm 
can you please do geno i would be very happy if you did
{TSI}Louis the demoman Jun 29 @ 1:11pm 
when you said crunch and tiny what do you mean O_Ocrash bandicoot?
8-Bit-Pixelated Jun 23 @ 12:34pm 
wait,is this from ssb4?
J-Muse[オタク] Jun 14 @ 8:47pm 
Hentai WHERE...ahem...sorry,all I saw was hentai and clicked on it...