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Mabel Pines
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Sep 1, 2013 @ 10:11am
Sep 10, 2013 @ 12:52pm
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Mystery Kids
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Mabel Pines, The Eccentric Sister

This mod adds Mabel Pines from the Disney show Gravity Falls to Don't Starve!


Sanity 200
Health 150
Hunger 150

Melee damage 0.9x
Walk speed 1.15x
Run speed 1.2x


Indomitable Spirit - Passive sanity regen.
Waddles - Starts with a Piggyback.

Special Items:

Sweater tab - A lot of sweaters for no real reason.
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Mr. Blue Apr 5 @ 2:33am 
Man, I sure wish this wasn't outdated and worked with ROG.
Kefke Mar 25 @ 11:15pm 
She doesn't start with a grappling hook? Whaaaat?!
yarheeguy Mar 1 @ 11:40am 
if i can able to do that i may, but unfortunly i don't know how
ERROR_GLITCH Feb 25 @ 9:40am 
If you really dislike it that much, then I reccomend making your own where their eyes are correct or making some kind of patch for the mod in the form of another mod that does this, so that people have the option of whichever they want. I'd download it, I'd love to have another version of the The Mystery Twins

And if you do, please don't forget to give Mabel eyelashes like in this one. I would do it, but the process of conversion looks a little tedious and I am not THAT motivated to change it.
ERROR_GLITCH Feb 25 @ 8:49am 
And well, they have the same basic character model in the show and the same color eyes and all that. Besides, from a hereditary basis it makes the most sense for them to share morphology if more than one variation is available.
yarheeguy Feb 24 @ 9:17am 
@A True Gentleman

ok that a bit of a theroy, but what about coline and norman, they have the same eyes but they are not twins or related. hell, what kind of person says that don't starve character twins had to have the same eyes

so try and explain that,

and for the guys who don't know what i'm talking about i am talking about that this character eyes look like a a boy's eyes, so i want to do a request for the person who made this to put pure white eyes, (like a female character) so she looks like a girl. and also on that para norman person put on the black dots (male eyes) so he looks like a boy
ERROR_GLITCH Feb 20 @ 4:31pm 
She is Dipper's twin sister. She should look like him. That is why she has the same eyes as him. It has less to do with the game's art style and more to do with the canon or Gravity Falls.
Rasputin Jan 31 @ 4:32pm 
yarheeguy Jan 25 @ 11:51am 
ok i just found out that wickerbottom have black dot eyes, but to me i think its because she is bear sighted so i hope it won't count
yarheeguy Jan 25 @ 11:07am 
and yes i am serious with the eyes