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Smithing 2.0
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Aug 31, 2013 @ 2:55pm
Oct 20, 2013 @ 11:46am
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Smithing 2.0

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Smithing 2.0
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I wanted to make almost every item craftable and enchantable. So here you go. Keep in mind all the artifacts and unique items are less powerful, unenchanted replicas. If you want the real artifact or whatever you still have to do the quest to get it.

I recommend using all three of my smithing mods. You don't need the DLC ones in order for this one to work, but it's just cool when you have all three at the same time.
*Smithing 2.0
*Dawnguard Smithing 2.0
*Dragonborn Smithing 2.0

This mod is for crafting weapons and armor only. If you want to craft clothes use my Tailoring mod.

*Pickaxe (Iron)
*Woodcutters Axe (Iron)
*Fork (Iron)
*Knife (Iron)
*Shiv (Iron)
*Iron Bow (Iron)
*Steel Bow (Steel)
*Skyforge Steel Weapons (Skyforge)
*Blade of Woe (Ebony)
*Dragon Priest Dagger (Skyforge)
*Silver Weapons (Steel)
*Keening (Dwarven)
*Ebony Katana (Ebony)
*Ebony Blade (Ebony)
*Chillrend (Glass)
*Forsworn Weapons (Hide)
*Ghostblade (Skyforge)
*Ghostbow (Skyforge)
*Ghostaxe (Skyforge)
*Imperial Weapons (Steel)
*Nightingale Blade (Ebony)
*Nightingale Bow (Ebony)
*Scimitar (Steel)
*Headsman's Axe (Steel)
*Wuuthrad (Skyforge)

*Circlets (Jewelry)
*Dragon Priest Masks
*Brawlers Gloves (Steel)
*The Stormcloak Set (Leather)
*Scaled Horn Armor (Scaled)
*The Blades Set (Ebony)
*Jagged Crown (Dragon Bone)
*Ebony Mail (Ebony)
*Savior's Hide (Hide)
*Shield of Ysgramor (Skyforge)
*Spellbreaker (Dwarven)
*Spiked Shield (Steel)
*Thieves Guild Set (Leather)
*Dark Brotherhood Set (Leather)
*The Companions Set (Steel)
*The Nightingale Set (Leather)
*Imperial Generals Armor (Imperial)
*Penitus Oculatus Armor (Imperial)
*Full Imperial Helm (Imperial)
*Imperial Officer's helm (Imperial)
*Tsuns Armor (Leather)
*Helm of Yngol (Steel Plate)
*Executioner's Set (Leather)

*Ancient Nord Amulet (Skyforge)
*Ring of Hircine (Daedric)
*Ring of Namira (Daedric)
*Amulet of the Elder Council
*Necromancer Amulet
*Amulet of Talos
*Amulet of Akatosh
*Amulet of Dibella
*Amulet of Julianos
*Amulet of Kynareth
*Amulet of Mara
*Amulet of Stendarr
*Amulet of Zenithar
*Amulet of Articulation

*Forsworn Arrows
*4 leather strips create 1 piece of leather. (Tanning Rack)
*3 gems of the same type create 1 flawless gem of that type. (Forge)
*1 goat hide creates 1 piece of leather. (Tanning Rack)
*1 deer pelt creates 2 pieces of leather. (Tanning Rack)
*1 gold ingot creates 100 gold pieces. (Forge)
*1 steel ingot creates 10 lockpicks. (Forge)

*You can fast travel to the Skyforge now. (once you discover it)
*Studded armor is in the hide catagory now.
*Scaled Horn Armor is temperable now.
*Skyforge Steel Dagger is temperable now.
*Imperial Gauntlets are in the Imperial crafting category now.
*Fixed the silent moons enchant. (just because I wanted to)
*The Fork and Knife are now temperable.

*Tell me if you want an item added to the list.
*All created items are unenchanted, enchantable and temperable.
*All created artifacts and uniques are only less powerfull unenchanted replicas.
*The word in parentheses next to each item implies which perk is required to craft it, which crafting category it's in at the forge and what items its stats scale with.

Q: Where are the rest of the Daedric Artifacts?!?!?
A: They're in my other mod Dawnguard Smithing 2.0.

Q: Why cant I find the item I'm looking for!
A: There are 5 possibilities here;
1. You don't have the required perk.
2. The item your looking for is made at the Skyforge.
3. You're not looking hard enough.
4. I didn't make the item craftable in the first place.
5. I made a mistake.

If you have any problems or suggestions please leave a comment.

Be sure to check out my other mods.

Enjoy and remember to rate :)
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DR.DOOM Jun 23 @ 8:46am 
this is a good mod thats not a lie but there should not quest armor/weapons but still good mod
XTG_7Z May 1 @ 3:05am 
I couldn't help but notice... the cropped image is from Runescape. Haha!
Arctic Mar 17 @ 4:58pm 
i love Dragon Priests thanks for the dagger
GabeTh3Babe Jan 23 @ 4:12pm 
you dould make a forge where you can forge quest items
GabeTh3Babe Jan 23 @ 4:12pm 
you dould make a forge where you can forge quest items
n1ghtwolf Dec 9, 2014 @ 5:44pm 
Agent S Oct 30, 2014 @ 3:42pm 
the picture in this mod looks like oldschool runescape o.o
Daniel Auen Oct 3, 2014 @ 4:08pm 
i have other mods that have some features from this one like ft to sf
WDFA Sep 11, 2014 @ 4:02pm 
Loving the RuneScape picture
Moppes Sep 6, 2014 @ 6:56am 
Is this mod still maintained? last update and comment from author are from 2013... I'm having the problem, that its downloading, but neither appearing on the data files list nor in the game itself - as if its not installed...