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Sukritact's Tuscan Civilization
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Aug 31, 2013 @ 11:39am
Oct 28 @ 6:38pm
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This mod adds the Tuscan Civilization to the game, available for anyone with Brave New World.

Cradle of the Renaissance:
Receive a Great Person of the appropriate type when Buildings with Great Work slots are first acquired in the Capital. When a World Wonder is built in the Capital, receive a boost to your next Golden Age.

Replaces the Knight. Condottieri are cheaper than the base unit and receive extra Combat Strength based off the amount of Gold you earn each turn.

Replaces the Gardens. In addition to the regular abilities of the Garden, the Duomo also has a Great Work of Art slot. Unlike the Gardens, the Duomo has no fresh water requirement.

This mod is naturally compatible with YnAEMP, Tomatekh's Historical Religions Mod and the Events & Decisions Mod.

This mod has been partially translated into Spanish | Este mod se ha traducido parcialmente al español

The mod features a secondary leaderscreen and DOM, using a render of Lorenzo de' Medici from ACII. To use the alternate version, after installing the mod, navigate to \Art\Scenes\Alternate, inside, there should be two files, just drag them out into the Scenes folder and replace the ones there.

Direct Download.-- this is a 7z file, which should be extracted into your mods folder (My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization V).


Leugi - Leaderhead, Unit Model, Spanish translation
Chris Sifniotis - Civilopedia Text for Tuscany and Lorenzo de' Medici
Sukritact - All other art and text, XML, Lua Coding

Special Thanks to:
JFD: Code snippets
KyteM - Cultural Overview
Raul - Spanish translation

Peace theme: Andreas Waldetoft - Europa Universalis IV OST: "Discovery"
War theme: Andreas Waldetoft - Europa Universalis IV OST: "The Stage is Set"
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Andador Sep 5 @ 3:50pm 
wow amazing custom art! can you make some for my mod?
Sheogorath Aug 2 @ 7:26pm 
I like the AC2 picture for Lorenzo De Medici lol. Looks like a really interesting mod!
sukritact  [author] Jul 14 @ 9:02am 
@A_Pastafarian: It needs BNW
The_Paranoid_Psatafarian Jul 11 @ 5:58pm 
does this need bnw vanila or gk
It wont show up :(
Triggo Jun 16 @ 11:09am 
LOL I can play with my city (Lucca) thanks a lot!!!
Voodoo Feb 14 @ 5:19am 
looks an amazing mod though best ive saw yet :)
Voodoo Feb 14 @ 5:18am 
arggh ok well thanks anyway :) i just thought id ask cause i dont have the money for brave new world and i didnt see the point to buy brave new world soley for the mod but i understand i just thought id ask
sukritact  [author] Feb 14 @ 2:04am 
Unfortunately that would require a significant amount of work. Especially since the civ hinges on the concept of Great Works.
Voodoo Feb 13 @ 7:12am 
Can you guys please do this mod for just gods and kings please i would appriciate it alot :)