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Dragon Hunter's Armory
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Aug 31, 2013 @ 9:40am
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Dragon Hunter's Armory

This is designed to be a decent set of armor to reward you for doing the main questline, as the rewards of many Skyrim quests are pretty shoddy (with the exception of the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves' Guild questlines). For that massive main questline, all you have to show for it is a few Shouts. This aims to fix that.

No requirements. It doesn't conflict with anything, as it only adds items. Lore-friendly (barely, I just made all the stuff 1 point below Daedric).
The equipment is all 1 point below Daedric (though I'm not sure if it can be improved, pretty inexperienced with mods), but very lightweight, and it is Light Armor. Each piece also has an enchantment. Also, they're all very fast, making them overall superior to Daedric, just lower damage for lore (the Sword is faster than a Dagger, speed 1.5).

The designs are not custom, I used existing items (Akaviri katana, Headman's Axe, Nord Hero Bow, Elven Arrows, Dragonscale and -Plate armor).

The items are on the ground in various quest areas. The set is:
-Dagger: Bleak Falls Barrow
-Gauntlets: Outside High Hrothgar
-Boots: On the path to the Throat of the World
-Helmet and Bow: Skyhaven Temple
-Sword: Dragonsreach Great Porch
-Battleaxe, Cuirass and Shield: Skuldafn, near the portal

Note: As I was at the time testing a different mod with Dragon Hunter's Armory turned off, the images do not show the actual items, nor their stats. However, the appearances are the same, as I used the items which I duplicated for the mod.
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Quantum  [author] Sep 2, 2013 @ 10:44am 
I'll take a few screenshots of them in-game shortly and add them here.
Ragdeme Sep 2, 2013 @ 12:10am