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Thunderchild (2.02 - old version)
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Thunderchild (2.02 - old version)


This is the 2.02 version of the Thunderchild shout package. This is an older version and is no longer maintained.

Due to occasional issues with automatic mod updates that modify running scripts, the mod version on this page will not be updated beyond 2.02.

Please download 3.01 and up from the new Steam Workshop page:
Or from the Skyrim Nexus page:

Old mod description resumes here:



- 29 brand new shouts, most of them with multiple effects.
- Revere Kyne by completing Tests of Faith and learn new words.
- Many abilities to make shouting more effective and fun.
- The High Hrothgar Library.
- 24 variants of the Greybeard Robes based on a high quality custom model.
- 23 Pillars of the Voice to power up your shouts.
- Several new weapons and items.
- Buffs and bugfixes to existing shouts.

New shouts

Meditating to Kyne
After completing the Greybeard crowning ceremony, you gain access to the High Hrothgar Library. Meditate in front of the statue of Kyne in the Library to gain new insights in the Voice. While meditating, your stamina gradually decreases until you enter a trance and the stamina bar vanishes. Count the heartbeats and interrupt your meditation when you are as close to zero stamina as possible; too early and you learn nothing, too late and you may summon angry figments of the Voice!

Learning new shouts
The new shouts consist of three words from different familiar shouts. When you meditate, each word you have unlocked in a familiar shout is also learned and unlocked as part of a new shout (its "alternate meaning").

As a novice of Kyne, you can only learn the first word of any new shout through meditation. When you reach 500 favor with Kyne you can learn the second word, and at 1000 favor with Kyne you can learn the third word. Note that you cannot learn the second or third word of a new shout if you don't know the previous word(s) yet.

You can meditate again after unlocking more words to expand your arsenal. A full list of shouts and their effects can be found in Hodir's Notes in the High Hrothgar Library.

List of shouts
- Alessia's Love - Enter a bond of life with another living being, sharing vitality.
- Annihilate - Use gravity to harm enemies or lift them into a black hole.
- Arcane Helix - Breach an enemy's resistances or summon spirits of magic.
- Armageddon - Call down a rain of meteors or a devastating impact event.
- Curse - Condemns targets to suffer the same pains they inflict on you.
- Dance of the Dead - Juggle enemies on your weapon or dance to create shockwaves.
- Earthquake - Slam enemies to the ground or turn allies into invulnerable stone.
- Essence Rip - Swap your lifeforce with an allied or enemy target to heal or harm.
- Evocation - Shout a spell of your choice or raise a tower of magic to cast from.
- Iceborn - Turn into a glass cannon or freeze time and set up a shatter combo.
- Jone's Shadow - Scout in a dreamstate, undress your enemies or strip magical boons.
- Kingsbane - Stun or scatter nearby enemies or stop time and blow up your enemies.
- Lifestream - A healing shout, affecting nearby allies or creating healing weather.
- Lightning Shield - Shock enemies, retaliate against damage or become invulnerable.
- Magnetic Pull - Trap enemies in a swirling magnetic field or drag them with you.
- Oblivion - Overwhelm enemies with knowledge or unleash Hermaeus Mora.
- Riftwalk - Stop spells, teleport to enemies or drag them to you through the void.
- Shattersphere - A limited but very powerful single target offensive shout.
- Shor's Wrath - Oust intruders, gain godly powers or sing Shor's ghost into the world.
- Shroud of Snowfall - Summon a blinding storm that cloaks you and muffles your steps.
- Speak Unto The Stars - Assault your enemies from above or explode the stars for power.
- Splinter Twins - Summons the evil shadows of your enemies to fight them.
- Stormblast - A single powerful melee strike that calls down Talos' lightning.
- The Conqueror - Drain strength from those around you or blow up the sun.
- Trueshot - Enchant arrows with the power of wind or call down Kyne's wrath.
- Wail of the Banshee - Damage, slay or drain the lifeforce of weakened enemies.
- Wanderlust - Mark an area, illuminate the world or travel between cities.
- Warcry - The frenzy of battle restores your health, stamina or magicka.
Complete the quest objective "Carry Kyne's spirit to the doors of High Hrothgar" in (3:00) or faster to receive the following shout:
- Phantom Decoy - Summon an illusion or shatter it to deal damage.[/font]

How to gain favor with Kyne

Worshipping Kyne takes more than idle prayer. After meditating to Kyne for the first time, you are elegible to gain favor for meditating and shouting. She also bestows several tests of faith unto you; pass them to gain favor and several unique abilities...

- Touch Kyne from atop Skyrim's highest point - Reward: Nordic Welcome.
- Hunt Kyne's spirit animals in the wild (repeatable) - Reward: Storm Crown.
- Leap off a tall edge with Whirlwind Sprint - Reward: Echo.
- Gain the Voice of the Sky blessing along the 7000 Steps (repeatable) - Reward: Scorched Earth.
- Shout to the heavens once a day (repeatable)
- Walk or ride across Skyrim's landscapes
- Carry Kyne's spirit up the 7000 Steps to the doors of High Hrothgar - At the foot of the 7000 Steps is Kyne's Fire. Pick up the Fire and deliver it to the doors of High Hrothgar before it fades. Fast travel and menus are disabled, you have unlimited stamina and automatically equip the Whirlwind Sprint shout. Reward (3:00): Phantom Decoy (shout). Reward (2:40): Way of Peace. Reward (2:15): Greybeard robes in Snow colour scheme.

A handy ability in your magic menu keeps track of your current favor points. When you perform an action that grants favor, you also have a chance to receive a Dragon Soul. This chance decreases each time you receive a Dragon Soul.

Other content

Greybeard robes HD
A set of unenchanted Greybeard robes with more model detail than the vanilla robes and the notorious clipping issues fixed. In addition to the standard Robes, the Library contains 20 other variants in splendid colour schemes. An extra 4 variants can be unlocked by completing various challenges.

The High Hrothgar Library
Should you decide to make High Hrothgar your home, the Library contains a bed, permanent storage space and possibly a few secrets...

Pillars of the Voice
Scattered throughout Skyrim and Solstheim are these mystic pillars inscribed with draconic wisdom. Each Pillar corresponds to one shout. If you have unlocked all three words of this shout, you can activate the Pillar to gain a blessing that improves the shout. Only one Pillar blessing can be active at any time. When you activate your first Pillar, a quest appears, encouraging you to find other Pillars. Activating your second Pillar marks all of them on the map.

Amulet of Mantras
To facilitate shout combos, this amulet automatically cycles through a predefined chain of shouts each time you shout in combat. Create or extend a chain of shouts ("mantra") by wearing the amulet, selecting the desired shout and praying to the statue of Talos in the High Hrothgar Library. A mantra can consist of up to 10 shouts. Unequip the amulet to forget the mantra and start over.

Buffs and bugfixes
Many shout related bugs have been fixed and their effectiveness has been increased. See the Readme for more information.
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Fancy Hoovyturtle Sep 7, 2014 @ 4:18am 
i wanted to notify that at angis camp when you pick up the practice arrows youve shot at targets it claims you pick up the burning bush thingy don't know if its the same problem in your later version but i just wanted to tell you of this bug.
Enai Siaion  [author] Aug 31, 2014 @ 4:09pm 

Enai Siaion  [author] Aug 31, 2014 @ 3:38am 
>"can you make a non DLC pack"

No, because that would mean removing every shout that has at least one DLC word in it, which means about half of the shouts; as well as every spell effect based on DLC graphics (while it isn't -necessary- to remove those, not doing so constitutes piracy). In the end, this equals pretty much a new mod with very few features.

Remember when the Legendary Edition with all DLC was €9.99 a few months ago? :p

Hell... the DLC adds a ton of shouts and dovahkiin swag, so if you care about shouts, you'd have the DLC already. Mods are not a free substitute for paid DLC.
regularwolf Aug 28, 2014 @ 4:23pm 
can you make a non DLC pack
Enai Siaion  [author] Aug 25, 2014 @ 10:48pm 
That depends on whether you could talk to them for long enough to get crowned.
Buttlet Aug 25, 2014 @ 2:59pm 
So, this may have been already asked and answered, but I just couldn't be bothered to look through all of the pages to see. My question is: I actually decided to kill Paarthunax (Or however you spell his name) and this was BEFORE I downloaded a mod that allowed you to pretty much say "No, fuck you Blades, I don't wanna kill him" without any real consequences, and, because of this, as you might know, the Greybeards pretty much refuse to talk to me, and for good reason. So... can I still get to this "library" even though I decided to kill Paarthunax? Thanks in advance :)
Radioactive Aug 20, 2014 @ 9:44am 
How did you install steam in the first place if you can't use any web browser?
Lil_SnoopDogg Aug 19, 2014 @ 8:42pm 
i cant load chrome/ firefox/ internet explorer/ safari/ any search engine
Lil_SnoopDogg Aug 19, 2014 @ 8:41pm 
i cant go on the nexus -.- so just tell me wats in it
Enai Siaion  [author] Aug 19, 2014 @ 4:13pm 
You waited 13 hours for a reply instead of going to the Nexus and reading the changelog?