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Gmod Saints Row IV Dubstep Gun & Dubstep Black Ops Thundergun!
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Aug 30, 2013 @ 2:16pm
Jun 5 @ 6:37am
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The First and Original Dubstep Guns for Garry's Mod!

Important Stuff:

Still no news on the permissions unfortunately :( However I will hopefully bring out something new soon :) I am still just too busy :P

List of people I have song permissions from:
FrostToBe [soundcloud.com]
PurgeX [soundcloud.com]

At the moment I am trying to sort out a BPM system for the custom gun, sort out aim vectors and possibly put in a bass wave option as well as the fov. So things may be slow for a bit :P

[Attention!]: Updates may slow down for a bit as I have a lot of other work to get on with :(

[Attention!]: This gun has partial multiplayer support now (read below)

The following support weapons multiplayer:

This addon includes the Dubstep Gun from Saints Row IV and the Thundergun from Black Ops 1!

Why use bullets when you can use dubstep?


Requests For The Dubstep Guns
Errors/Problems with The Dubstep Guns


[Information!]: The following videos are not by me and may not show all the features of this addon. They may also be out of date to the latest update. For the latest information, please check back here or download this addon yourself :)

Video By Reefanis (Older Version Of These Guns)
Video By karzyarmycat (15th September)
Video By xFluing (16th September)

Song List
No Copyright Sounds :
Krewella - Come And Get It (Razihel Remix)

Features So Far:

Kill's NPC's and Players
Zoom (right click)
Saints Row IV Model
Black Ops 1 Thundergun Model
Dustep Causes Almost All Props, Entities and Vehicles (including SCars) To Bounce
Multiple Songs
Options menu in the spawnmenu
Custom songs
Wiremod inspired song browser!

Thanks To SAGA_ for the effects :)

To Do:

[X] Custom Model
[X] Dubstep makes cars / props jump up and down
[ ] Multiplayer Support
[ ] Model Animations
[X] Multiple songs
[ ] NPC's dance to dubstep
[X] Custom songs
[ ] Custom effects
[ ] Physics Timescale Manipulation
[X] Settings/Options


How can I use the custom gun?
Well you should be able to set it up in game, but make sure you put your mp3/wav files in the location below:
Go to your steam library, right click Garry's Mod, click properties, local files then browse local files. Paste all songs in the garrysmod\sounds subdirectory.

What is the HUD I am using?
GryMod Final

Where are these guns anyway?
They are under weapons, MrDuffdude's Stuff.

How do I download?
Press the green subscribe button.

I have a problem with it! What do I do?
Go through the following, checking if it works at each stage.
1) Start a new game or reload gmod.
2) Restart Gmod
3) Post your console error(s) (if any) and what you were doing at the time Here and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

The Effects in the screenshots are not in game!
Well they are, however for some reason, if you do not hafe half life 2 (i think) installed they do not work :(
But dont worry, there should be some custom effects soon :)
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MovieDude920 3 hours ago 
I only have 4 guns >:(
MovieDude920 4 hours ago 
I only have 4 freaking guns >:( wtc
SeriousGamer8 Sep 21 @ 12:24pm 
PLZ FIX i used to have this and it had all the guns but now it only has 4
doesnt even have the saints row one any more

Mr. Assassin Sep 20 @ 2:54pm 
i have a problem, only four dubstep guns are there
matthew Sep 20 @ 11:41am 
dubstep is life!!!!!!!!!! for me !!! XD XD XD XD
matthew Sep 20 @ 11:40am 
my herts beating rilly fast!!!!!

matthew Sep 20 @ 11:39am 
omg nife party XD
matthew Sep 20 @ 11:38am 
and bass cannon because im a brony so what im a brony :P
matthew Sep 20 @ 11:38am 
i like the 20% cooler one :)
Can he destroy Combine Copter / Combine Gunship / Strider ?