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There's no I in team, 06

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This is the sixth map in the ‘‘here's no I in team’’collection.

Instead of having different smaller challenges, this time the there's progression from the start till the finish. About halfway, there's a pedastal button. If one of the player presses it, it will act as a safepoint. Stuff changes and if you die you don't have to go back to the start to do it all over again.

Note this chamber is more complex than all previous tests, and thus probably harder. If you are stuck, tell me and I'll give hints. :)
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LPChip  [author] Mar 21 @ 4:31pm 
Thanks. Yeah, this one is really hard. I admit. And the map actually contains a bug, but nevertheless its still solvable. I am still doubting if I should fix it because fixing it may actually make things harder.

I do not want the players to be able to reach eachother because that would basically make things too easy.

But I'll look into making changes to the map. Maybe redo the last part entirely, given that I kind of stepped over a boundary and I damn well know I did... :P
Sayaka Miki Mar 21 @ 1:22pm 
Very good series and really fun, and this final 6th chamber is much harder than others. But during the way to the goal from last button (the room filled with laser grids) is a bit tricky and unfair in my opinion. We thought there may be a way to disable horizontal hard light bridge to let lower-side player come to upper-side. That point took us about 2hrs. Except that, awesome chambers.