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AspenVale Village
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AspenVale Village

NorthEast of Whiterun a new Settlement called AspenVale Village.

A city for wizards.

Player House & Horse
Over 30 NPC'S
6 Trainers (All Spells)
Over 22 Buildings
13 Vendors
Doom Stones are on Platforms.

Lever Under Lighthouse Turns off Dome

Aspenvale Manor (Player House)
Manor Includes (Alchemy,Blacksmith,Cooking,Enchanting Crafting tables) and underground dungeon.
Aspenvale Inn The Singing Raven
Aspenvale Blacksmith
Aspenvale Stables (Player Recieves Free Horse)
Aspenvale Merlin's Tower,Chamber & Apothecary
Aspenvale Druid Healing Alter "Sacred Grove"
Aspenvale Druidery, Arcanium & Tomb of Dragon Knowledge
Aspenvale Thief Store "Fangs of the Father"
Aspenvale Abandoned Library & secret passage
Aspenvale Witch Hut "Dorrethy the Bewitched"
Aspenvale Soul Gem & Treasure Map/Pawnshop vendor "Mystic Treasures"
Aspenvale Apothecary "The Vial of Visions"
Aspenvale Library "Archives of Ancient Knowledge"
Aspenvale Tailor " The Spellweaver's Defence"
Aspenvale Staff Vendor "Magicians's Might"
Aspenvale Temple "Temple Of The DragonBorn"
Apsenvale Robert "Robert The Weaver"
Aspenvale Timothy "Timothy the Titan"
Aspenvale Dylan "Dylan The Direfang"
Aspenvale Necromancer Dungeon "Secret Passage
Aspenvale Lighthouse
Aspenvale Barracks (As Requested)
Aspenvale Larry Food Shop "Wizard's Hungry Bear"

Grant and Lilly Apothecary
Talador Inn Keeper
Arthus The shady sorcerer Spells
Wandering Sorcerrer
Jessica The Tailor
Darius Blacksmith
Matsuda Shintaro Staff vendor
Narlos Shinto Soul Gem & Map Vendor/PawnShop
Merlin Spells
Etzeal & Velrias Thief Shop/General
Larry Food Shop

+ Six Trainers , Every Spell Class
Merlin Conjuration
Ally & Sally Twins Alteration
Wondering Sorceress Destruction
Druid Falgor Enchanting
Arthur The shady Sorcerer Illusion
Lilly Restoration

Merchant Gold Bugs Fixd.

Other Npc's
5 Monks in the Church
Ted the local inn
Lukas Local Wolf
Lizzy Bard
Dandellion Bard
Falgor & Talios 2 Druids
Apprentice Jack & Katrina 2 Childs
Dylan local vampire
Robert home stayer
2 Wandering socerer's
Ally and Chirsty The library girls
7 Locals Guards. (All seperate Sleep Times)
Local Horse Keeper
Nara House Keeper
Timothy Preacher.
Tom Nittleson Library keeper

Work In Progress (Still has very minor faults will need feedback)

By Andre V
Tested by Ryan W

Promise. Bug Fixes. Approx 30 more Hours more navmeshing.(steps mostly) Steps Very Troubling

Future Updates inc.
Flyers, Spells , Trainers , Sign Posts , pets, Scripting. So forth. and QUESTS (Deciding on Custom Dialogue)

Leaver by Lighthouse Turns Barrier On and OFF

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MSgt Peterson Jun 18 @ 9:54pm 
can't even go near the damm place without it crashing lol
Missy148 May 19 @ 12:40am 
Really beautiful, my computer just cant handle it.
Artie Mar 25 @ 5:14pm 
I am trying to get rid of this mod because it's interfering with another one I have loaded. And I've gone through all of my data files and can't find the one for this mod to disable it. What did you name it?
Marker Dec 15, 2016 @ 7:12am 
Very beautiful and well made mod. The only issue I have is that my followers sometimes get trapped in the abandoned library area and I have to use console commands to teleport them outside. Other than that, I'm extremely impressed!
Shaz Dec 1, 2016 @ 11:24am 
I cant find it? I looked where it told me to?
Lord of Hell's Palace Sep 30, 2016 @ 3:50am 
It's incredibly beutiful, and very unique, but do you think you could have a version that's less FPS intensive?
Dank_Crusader_1095 Apr 12, 2016 @ 3:24am 
go into data files and uncheck the box beside its name, or unsubsribe to aspenvale.
giannitesfaye Apr 11, 2016 @ 4:31pm 
how do you get rid of it
(CCCP)Stalinski Dec 23, 2015 @ 6:14pm 
But i liked the dome and the other shops
(CCCP)Stalinski Dec 23, 2015 @ 6:14pm 
Quite laggy and i thougt i accidently took lsd when i entered singing ravens