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SProps Workshop Edition
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Aug 27, 2013 @ 5:42pm
Feb 11 @ 11:59am
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SProps has finally arrived on the workshop! Don't forget to rate!

This project has and continues to take up a considerable amount of my time and effort. If you appreciate what I have done for the community, please consider donating!

SProps is a comprehensive model pack designed to supercede PHX by improving upon it and eliminating its faults. For builders, this means a much wider selection of shapes and sizes presented in an organized format.

• Over 3200 unique models
• More size variety than PHX
• Many shapes that PHX lacks all-together, such as cylinders, domes, and rings
• Organized. PHX is a mess because it had many contributors. SProps was made by me, so everything is consistent.
• Complex shapes have LOD models to help with FPS on high-prop contraptions.
• Accurate dimensions with model names representing them. In SProps, 12 is 12.

If you build something nice, send me an image of it! I love to see my work being used.

For more information, please view the facepunch thread.[facepunch.com]

Created by shadowscion aka unrezt -- this is the official workshop page, if you find another, please report it.

If you switch from the svn/git version of sprops to this version, delete the sprops spawnlists from settings/spawnlist, and delete the sprops spawnicons folder from materials/spawnicons/models
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M1tun4_C4ptor Apr 18 @ 1:03pm 
Cool, thanks. :)
shadowscion  [author] Apr 18 @ 6:39am 
@M1tun4_C4ptor Precision alignment
M1tun4_C4ptor Apr 17 @ 11:28am 
What precision tool did you use to get the wheels like that in the video? :O
99%Gaming Apr 16 @ 2:31pm 
Could you add shell peices? Example: models/hunter/misc/shell2x2d.mdl. We really need some of them, if you're doing an update on Sprops.
shadowscion  [author] Apr 3 @ 9:00pm 
I tried to make planetary gears, no matter what I tried they caused massive amounts of collision lag.
Matresyoyo Apr 3 @ 2:58pm 
Any chance you could add planetary gears, automatic transmissions would be cool
carzfan21 Mar 28 @ 7:55pm 
It Looks EPIC!
Tardis34 Mar 25 @ 9:58am 
shadowscion: "Stop posting here about workshop addon mounting issues, take it up with valve." ~20 Mar, 10:39pm

AKA, workshop is screwed up so wait it out or re-sub to it ingame.
Wortho27 Mar 20 @ 5:19pm 
Eventually I'd love to see quarter and half domes added, to help building ships with
shadowscion  [author] Mar 20 @ 3:39pm 
Stop posting here about workshop addon mounting issues, take it up with valve.