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Aug 27, 2013 @ 9:39am
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deratsworkshop is a map of miniature style or it is immersed in a small world.

Copyright Note
I'am not the creator of this map! I uploaded this map to make it available for all players and server owners. The map was originally uploaded to by lilou905[].

deratsworkshop is a map of miniature style or it is immersed in a small world, the gaming scene is peeled in a workshop, I tried to give the greatest possible realism giving the impression of being very small in a familiar world. I adapted the gameplay to promote any of the two teams, It offers great opportunities to players who want to sniper, It does not benefit the campeures as you might think. All points of questions located on the map can be teleported in places different from map is which makes it easier to progress on both sides. I placed the two mission points A and B around the carriage of munissions,. JHA modified the gameplay of the crates and cartons after testing for more than two hours with different players. I think I could have done better at the level of game play with more time.

Coin secret: And yes the also there is a secret room for y acceder I you say the magic word 'finding the key'. You won't hurt to the find because I is not really seeking a hide..

Lights and sounds

I did not want to put her in this map to do step gener or unsettle players, on my recommended to put at the level of the due that I refuse because I think that it would give too much information. For the style of lighting, I preferred to play with a sky box to make it more realistic to the reflections of the Sun and the shadow in the room through the window. I think once again that I could have done better with more time because the tastes and colors are always different.


in 30 days, as a general rule to make a map of se it takes me more than 2 months, so I ask you to be more lenient compared my works and has all the defects that I could leave, It is also with 2 years in advance that I get out a rat on csgo, you have many were asking me if I count adapt 1.6 maps style rats then the answer is no, because they have been created to be unique, but I think that a Mapper must always innovated seek to be more creative in seeking new environment of games earlier than to take the package to an existing map and adapt to a new mode, I take more pleasure to create new maps.

If you have any comments to make me You can always contact me on the site or by mail on the site.

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läuft auf Rat-Server CS:GO only Rats_Maps
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Map runs here:
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