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Newly Greenlit Games!
Newly Greenlit Games!
This is a collection that focuses on games that look fun, thought-provoking and anything but ordinary.

Looking for a new thrill? Need a puzzle to unwind the mind? Or are you more of the adventurous type?

If you're tired of the bland and looking for something grand, take a look at the list below.

If you find anything that catches your interest, please visit the game's Greenlight page and vote up!

.:.+.:. All items that have been Greenlit and are up for a Steam listing will be announced! .:.+.:.

*Listing Guidelines:

-The list will feature up to 50 titles at all times to prevent clutter and overwhelming numbers.

-Once a title has been Greenlit, it will be announced in a post and then removed from the list.

-If a title has been on the list for over a year, it will be removed - even if it hasn't been Greenlit yet.

-If an item is considered offensive, politically incorrect, or it infringes on copyrights, it won't be listed here/it will be removed.
Items (22)
Shoot-a Story
Created by Ellis Spice
Shoot-a Story is a simple shooter made completely out of text. Can you survive wave after wave of classic literature?

The game has been released for free for PC on Desura[] and [url=
Morals Are Optional
Created by Witnessmenow
Enjoy the excitement of "Cards Against Humanity" on a digital platform. Morals are Optional is a local multiplayer party game where each player will use their own phone or tablet's browser to connect into the PC that is running the ga...
Eat All The Ice Cream Ever!
Created by Seafoam Games
A comedic arcade style game about eating ice cream and being confident with your body!

The game is free to play with no ads or micro-transactions.

Play as Poppy, a girl who has had to face negativity from many people around her about the way she look...
Soul Reflection
Created by beyondtheplayer
Please keep in mind that the current assets aren't definitive and are there to show the mood and the mechanics of the game. Therefore the game graphics will be changed/improved before realease. Supporting this game on Greenlight will allow for improvements...
The Elements Club: Unity Match 02
Created by KazapMe
Unlock the power of love and fortune in the world’s first romance match-3 featuring over 55 minutes of live-action cut scenes, over 50 minutes of engaging audio, and 250 levels filled with challenge, excitement, action, and lust.

The Lost Fountain
Created by homerorz
-The Lost Fountain- is a classic styled First Person Point and Click Adventure game with hundrends of different scenes, puzzles and riddles to enjoy, high resolution graphics, great Music and a Mysterious inmersive story.

Discover the amazing secrets hi...
Casino Noir
Created by Lacroix
New York, 1924. Detective Tomas White and his partner Jack are conducting an operation on shutting down the Pharaoh casino for illegal gambling and alcohol sales. To do that they will have to get inside and find documental proof, which won't be an easy tas...
Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire
Created by PlayPretend
Hey Steam community! We're a little group of designers and developers called PlayPretend[], and we're excited to introduce Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire, a tough as nails 2D platformer in the spirit of the...
Created by angeryhare
A plane crashes in an ice-covered wilderness leaving one man barely alive. He must overcome harsh conditions and endure absolute isolation. Perhaps if he gets to a good vantage point he can find a direction in which to head. Is the one man who survived luc...
The Writer
Created by DigitFoxGames

Discover or rediscover the greatest classics of literature in a retro looking typing game.

Gamers or literature lovers put yourselves in the shoes of the best writ...
Created by OverFlow
Game story:
The story unfolds in our days in a little village Winterwille, where a girl Euphimia works as a sea...
Green Moon 2: Children of the Moon
This is a pure adventure game with tons of tasks to complete. There are around 400 locations in the game, 48 hours of gameplay, plus many unique mini-games, such as piloting a spaceship, shooting a bow in the Middle Ages, and fighting duels in the Wild Wes...
Created by Jesterhead37
Veilia is an exploration adventure game, which focuses on the story of Veilia, a cursed girl who has been separated from her body. It is now your job to help her in her search for her old body as well as the sorcerer that took it from her.

Veilia is a...
Kitty Kitty Boing Boing: the Happy Adventure in Puzzle Garden!
Created by Ninja Sprout
A happy kitty cat blob goes on a relaxing adventure through puzzle garden. Solve puzzles on your journey through the garden by moving blocks and other objects. Encounter fun jelly creatures and worms that inhabit the garden....
Underwater Recovery
Created by Computer Mechanic
Would you like to experience the ultimate diving adventure? Go on a treasure hunt? Explore the depths of the oceans?
Underwater Recovery will put you in a role of commercial diver who specializes in vehicle recovery.
Broad range of professional equipme...
Created by Gamesoft
Clockwork is a time-bending puzzle-platformer that tells the story of Atto, a lonely mechanical boy in the great city of Watchtower. Explore the city, discover its mysterious past, control time and fight terrifying boss battles. It features over 60 hand-dr...
COLUMNAE: A Past Under Construction
Created by Moonburnt Studio
COLUMNAE: A Past Under Construction is a story-driven nonlinear point&click adventure set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world.

Learn more about the game and support us on Kickstarter:

or download pl...
Created by Loznevoy's studio
Femida - a nonlinear indie game about justice where you play the role of a judge inspired by Divine Comedy and Plato's Republic. Story driven decision-based detective game experienced from a unique perspective.

The demo version of the game is available...
Sunset Rangers
Created by 9heads
Welcome to the Wild West where your life is always at the point of a gun! You will be living surviving, trading and exploring a remote land with arid deserts, mazes of canyons and disputed towns. You can team up with your friends or try so...
David Slade Mysteries - Memories Of The Past

David Slade is a rookie homicide detective, with his own dark & haunting past. When David's sister died, there were many strange circumstances surrounding her death, and too many unanswered questions.

Today marks the 5th anniversar...
Beyond Eden
Created by Studio Pieplus
[Beyond Eden] is a visual novel set in the Victorian era, centering on the themes of "love-hate" and "revenge."
The player will discover why Alex, the protagonist, deeply hates and seeks to destroy the Baron's family, and how he becomes entangled with th...
Incerti Metus
Created by Kurisu No Patto

Incerti Metus (uncertain fears) is a mix of sound and visual novel with elements of drama, mystery and terror. Each scene is lovingly hand painted and fully colored with watercolor. The acoustics are entirel...
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Gear Worx Productions Jul 21 @ 9:26pm 
Thank you for adding my game David Slade Mysteries to your collection! It means a lot to see people interested in my game and hard work. Makes me work harder to bring you a bigger and better game! Thanks again.
Jesterhead37 Jun 9 @ 7:45am 
Thanks for adding Veilia! Nice list.
Tayanna Studios May 26 @ 8:05am 
Would love it if you could Vote for my Point & Click Horror -
Allusio May 11 @ 2:30am 
Hi there, if you could take a look at Project Hovercraft, that would be excellent! We would love to be apart of your group!
MadHeadGames Apr 27 @ 6:55am 
Hi @Crestfallen_Rose, thanks so much for putting Adam Wolfe into this group! The Greenlight campaign started less than 24 hours ago, but we received immense support!

Anyone interested in this noir , thrilling, plot-driven game can check it out (and support it if they like what they see) here

Let us know what you think of it!
PlayPretend Apr 21 @ 9:44am 
Big thanks for adding Le Parker!
The Mind's Eclipse Apr 20 @ 7:25pm 
Genkan Apr 13 @ 2:48am 
Hi! Just wanted to say a huge thanks for adding Perpetual Night to the collection, very kind :-)
CriCri Entertainment Apr 12 @ 4:22am 
Hey!! Thanks for adding Earthlings The Game!
Igrasil Studio Feb 1 @ 3:55pm 
Hi friends!,

Thanks for adding our game to your collection~!and thanks for votes!
For those of you who still dont about our project please vitis: