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Delightful Machinations
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Newly Greenlit Games!
Newly Greenlit Games!
This is a collection that focuses on games that look fun, thought-provoking and anything but ordinary.

Looking for a new thrill? Need a puzzle to unwind the mind? Or are you more of the adventurous type?

If you're tired of the bland and looking for something grand, take a look at the list below.

If you find anything that catches your interest, please visit the game's Greenlight page and vote up!

.:.+.:. All items that have been Greenlit and are up for a Steam listing will be announced! .:.+.:.

*Listing Guidelines:

-The list will feature up to 50 titles at all times to prevent clutter and overwhelming numbers.

-Once a title has been Greenlit, it will be announced in a post and then removed from the list.

-If a title has been on the list for over a year, it will be removed - even if it hasn't been Greenlit yet.

-If an item is considered offensive, politically incorrect, or it infringes on copyrights, it won't be listed here/it will be removed.
Items (13)
Created by OverFlow
Game story:
The story unfolds in our days in a little village Winterwille, where a girl Euphimia works as a sea...
Greed: The Mad Scientist
Created by Legacy Games
A world famous scientist Dr. Ralph Goodwin promises to unveil a miracle drug able to cure almost all types of diseases. But just one day before his press conference a mysterious explosion destroys his research laboratory. With the lab destroyed, the cure s...
Created by CGInteractive
Sweven- a game about a bunny's journey back home

Dive into a dark, beautiful yet unforgiving world. A world infested with giant tigers, vicious eagles, pirahhnas and much more! A journey through caves, rivers, mountains, and mythical villages.

"METRO" Cinema
Created by Evil Corporation
Short history
This story happened in 2000-ies. You're a police officer went to the scene, according to numerous complaints. Seeing strange emptiness on the street and the dead guard, he went inside. After seeing this, he tried to find a way out ...
Run Of Mydan - VR
Created by Virtew
Embark on a journey in a timeless, unique landscape and enter a universe where the only thing that matters is your instinct. Converge your focus, sharpen your reflexes and watch your back.
It's just a matter of survival, a step after another.

Virtew is...
Darkarta: A Broken Heart's Quest Collector's Edition
Created by Tuttifrutti Games
"Darkarta – A Broken Heart's Quest" Collector's Edition - (An Adventure Point & Click game)

Like all moms, for Mary her Sophia was the apple of her eye and her heart.

Haunted by strange curses from her orphanage days, Mary never knew the story o...
Postmen Of Horizon
Created by Lacroix
Seemingly it`s not too distant future, but so much has changed… Only people stayed the same.

Seraphim — (the main character) works in a modest firm. It sends people`s letters to their dead relatives. Some do it beacause they feel guilty, some just miss...
Dima Rescues Ira
Created by *Okm* Bacq Stellan

Dima Rescues Ira

Dmitry and Irina Starodymov have just arrived in a small village for a relaxing holiday. They stay in a guest house and the next day will visit the castle and th...
Half-Life 2: DownFall
Created by marnamai

DownFall is a free Half-Life 2 single-player mod taking place in the White Forest surroundings.
You're once more putting on the HEV suit as Gordon Freeman. Your mission is to recover a newly developed technology by t...
A Hand in the Darkness
Created by Ertal Games
Follow Alex in the new chapter in his life at a British boarding school in the early 20th century!
A +18 BL Yaoi Visual Novel

Join us in this little adventure following Alex through his first days at St. Michaels, an exclusive all-male boarding school...
Caravan Of Saints - A Visual Novel
Created by Repulse
This is a visual novel based on the true life story of the 52nd wife of Brigham Young.

Go on a journey 1200 miles beyond the edge of the civilized world with the Caravan of Saints. Make decisions that effect the outcome of a story about polygamy, mur...
Bestseller: Curse of the Golden Owl
Prepare for travel back in time to the 40’s USA, visit abandoned buildings of Chicago, wild Missisipi swamps and even more!

Young writer Jane Harrison, a daughter of the famous detective, is going through creative crisis. Her father has vanished under s...
The Herbologist
Created by Silicon Echo
About the Initial Idea

The entire project is believed to have started about 2 years ago when Matt, the game director, shared his thought about making a horror game with Vedran, co-owner of Silicon Echo Studios and lead programmer of The Herbologist. The...
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Unlibox Jan 14 @ 2:59am 
Hello Delightful Machinations,

Please checkout our relaxing puzzle game with a hidden emotional story - Evergrow. We have a demo out as well please try it!
Virtew Jan 11 @ 5:49am 
Thanks for adding
Run Of Mydan to Delightful Machinations! Much appreciated!
Crestfallen_Rose  [author] Dec 24, 2016 @ 2:54am 
@Tuttifrutti Games,

A lovely concept, thank you for suggesting it; best of luck!
Tuttifrutti Games Dec 23, 2016 @ 6:52pm 
Dear Delightful Machinations,

Our adventure game "Darkarta: A Broken Heart's Quest CE" is awaiting steam green light! It's an untold story about true love, this project was part of our lives for the past 4 years.

Found you curating similar CE titles. Pls evaluate & curate!

Pirate Software Dec 1, 2016 @ 8:06am 
Thanks for adding Heartbound to your collection!
Zero Degrees Games Oct 11, 2016 @ 5:54am 
Hi, thanks for adding Among the Innocent to your list! :)
GrimTalin Sep 25, 2016 @ 1:32am 
Thank you for adding Life Pictures to your collection! We really appreciate it!
dragmacom Sep 5, 2016 @ 5:14pm 
I present this robot game in style Metal Warriors, called Havoc Runner:
Gear Worx Productions Jul 21, 2016 @ 9:26pm 
Thank you for adding my game David Slade Mysteries to your collection! It means a lot to see people interested in my game and hard work. Makes me work harder to bring you a bigger and better game! Thanks again.
Jesterhead37 Jun 9, 2016 @ 7:45am 
Thanks for adding Veilia! Nice list.