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[Tool] ItemToast 1.2.1 : Easily repack your workshop models to release as skins replacements!
This tutorial shows you how to use ItemToast, this tool is for created for modelers and modders, it will assist making it easy and fast to take a model and recompile it into as many others models(items) replacements as you like.
The tool will recompile and pack the models replacements automatically just in a few clicks, so you can easily pack and release your workshop items or any model as skin replacements for users.
ItemToast 1.2.1 Features
ItemToast downloads the TF2 item schema and backpack icons so its always up to date to be able to recompile your models as any items.

ItemToast can load workshop compiled files, even the ZIP file, it will get the models and materials, then you can make your selection of the items to recompile as from the TF2 schema items list and repack.

It will recompile the models, handle materials, backpack icon replacements and pack the replacements to VPK and then put everything into a ZIP file.

No need to manually compile, search for model paths, edit vmts etc with ItemToast you can recompile a model as many others and have it all packed for release, just in a few clicks!

Features list:
  • List and select cosmetic/weapon models by class and item slot type.
  • Download the TF2 Schema and icons to have all the latest items.
  • Easily load a model to recompile and pack models replacements for TF2.

  • Load models for repacking in several formats:
  • Workshop compiled ZIP
  • .VPK .MDL or QC
  • Drag and drop files to load models.

    Packing list:

  • Check the models replacement list, add remove and clear list
  • Define custom model paths and items name for replacements

    Packing options:

  • Define a packname for the pack and its VPK prefix name
  • Include backpack icons replacements

  • Pack models and materials to VPK
  • Pack models and materials to folders
  • Pack everything into a ZIP file for release
  • Automatically include a custom readme.txt in the pack

  • Pack materials individually to save space (avoid duplicating VTFs for every model replacement)
Download & Installation
You will need to download and install the following in order:

Installing and Running ItemToast for the first time

Extract ItemToast zip file contents into a directory of your choice, make sure you have the "resources" folder in the same directory as ItemToast.exe.

After installing NetFramework, the first time you will load ItemToast it will prompt you saying you need to set the steam directory, also set the pack output directory.

You will be directed to the Settings tab click the "detect" button, ItemToast should be able to detect your steam folder and the TF2 folder, if it doesn't you can always manually set the path with "select directory".

Click "Download Schema" at the bottom left, this will download the latest TF2 schema for the items list and icons.

You should be ready to use ItemToast if the SDK tools are properly installed, if problems come up see the "Troublshooting" section of the guide.

Using ItemToast Video
Using ItemToast
Itemtoast use goes like this:

  • 1-Load a model.
  • 2-Select items(models) to recompile as.
  • 3- Select backpack icons replacements if needed.
  • 4-Repack.
  • 5-Release your skin replacements!

ItemToast top Header

This section is divided in three parts, model selection, backpack icons, packing.

Loading a model:

You can load several types of files (ZIP, VPK, MDL, QC).

Workshop compiles in .ZIP files are supported and recommended for loading and repacking as they ensure a clean file structure and naming.

If you are loading an MDL or QC (the model should be compiled) make sure the model's materials exist in the directory structure "models/..." and "materials/models/...", if they do not exist the model won't be loaded since materials are obviously needed for repacking.
ItemToast analyses the MDL file in this case and looks for materials.

For VPKs, the vpk should only contain one model and its files to be properly loaded, this option is just there in case you download a model replacement and would like to repack it as something else.

Backpack icons:

If you load a workshop ZIP file the BP icons will automatically loaded and the selection buttons set to green with the corresponding VTF file name.

If you load something else, Itemtoast will try to look for the backpack icons, if none exist you can manually select the Small and Large VTF files for the backpack icon.
Itemtoast will generate the BP icons VMTs files for replacements.


Select your pack name, this will be the folder/zip name of the pack and the prefix name for the VPK files or folders containing a model replacement. (e.g: "MyMod_BonkHelm.vpk").

Selecting TF2 items to recompile as

When you load Itemtoast the icon list will be empty, you first need to select a class (Scout, soldier, pyro...) and then an item slot.
You can switch between item slots without loosing the selection and add other item types.

When an item is checked its added to the "repack models list" with its model name path and item name so these will be the models ItemToast will repack your model as.

How to install Packed items:

Once the items are packed the users should copy the VPKs into "Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\"

If the materials are packed individually (as default and recommended) they should also copy the "packname_Materials.vpk" at the root of the custom folder, along with the models replacements they would like to use.
I highly recommend packing materials invidivually, while its one extra file for the user to copy, it avoids duplicating materials files for every model, making the file size of your pack/download considerably smaller.
Updating the items list
Every time there's a TF2 update and new items are added ingame, you will need to click "download schema" (bottom left), ItemToast will download the new list of items and icons so that you can load all the new items.

If you are trying to update when the update is coming out, it is possible that the server is too busy may not respond sometimes during the update, ItemToast will throw an error, just wait a moment until the server is back up online to download the schema and icons.
  • ItemToast crashes when I start it!
    Make sure you have NetFramework 4[www.microsoft.com] installed.

  • ItemToast doesn't output files when packing
    If you are packing in VPK (see packing options in the settings tab) make sure the SDK Tools (in Team Fortress 2\bin\) are properly installed, the VPK packing tool comes with these tools and is needed to pack in VPK.

  • ItemToast cannot load a model
    If you are loading a QC:
    -Make sure the model is compiled and that the materials exist in the TF directory.

    If you are loading an MDL:
    -Make sure the model's materials exist in the same file structure where your model is and that they follow the TF structure "matetials/models/...".

    If you are loading an VPK:
    -The VPK should only contain one model, make sure the SDK tools (in Team Fortress 2\bin\) are installed so Itemtoast is able to unpack the VPK files.

  • Can't find the newest items
    You need to download the schema to get the latest items, click "download schema".

  • Problem/Solution is not listed here?
    Check the comments for solutions, if you still can't find it, post about it and I will try to help you, once a solution is found I'll add it to the troubleshooting section of the guide.

    If you found a bug and you see that it hasn't been already pointed out in the comments, post about it too.
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BANG!  [author] Mar 1 @ 10:35am 
Itemtoast isn't made for that, its for modders who create new models.
how can i make a mod for an existing item for example i want to make a mod of thief items
Nefnoj Dec 16, 2013 @ 2:37pm 
Ooh, I'm a beginner photoshop user, thank you kindly!
BANG!  [author] Dec 16, 2013 @ 3:36am 
You need to create an alpha mask.

I created a tutorial about creating backpack icons for workshop items with TFMV and Photoshop, I imagine some use GImp, I might create a section about doing the same thing in Gimp, but its fairly simple.


If you are making a custom mod, you can still use the following tutorial, simply save the large and small icons in VTF format.


Nefnoj Dec 15, 2013 @ 2:22pm 
Thanks for such a fantastic program! However, I'm having a slight issue, and I'm not sure what I've done. It seems that I have a black area around my backpackicon, http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/450656264679735242/5F0644B321BB1268EDD8C13E1FEB5C546D23A99C/
Does anyone know what sort of problems I'm having?
BANG!  [author] Sep 2, 2013 @ 12:53pm 
These skin replacements are only visible by yourself, and if the server allows it, see here for more info on that: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Pure_Servers
Trollzor Sep 1, 2013 @ 8:55pm 
does anyone could see the mod if u playing on the server or it would be default for everyone?(sorry for my english)
Fresco Gaming Aug 30, 2013 @ 3:46pm 
NICE. :)
hellwind Aug 30, 2013 @ 3:04pm 
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FUNSH1NE 楽しいシャイン Aug 30, 2013 @ 5:29am