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High-Level Followers (Hearthfire)
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Aug 25, 2013 @ 4:44pm
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High-Level Followers (Hearthfire)

This is a very simple mod, that removes the maximum level from all potential Followers in the game, so you can adventure with your favourite follower even when you're at level 80 and they won't be hopelessly outmatched.

It applies to both People and Creature followers.

Note that the mod does not change the rate at which they level up, so some followers, like Sven will still be behind you in level but they won't stop levelling at some point.

Vanilla Version
Dawnguard Version
Dragonborn Version

IMPORTANT: Due to the below bug I currently have no character high level enough or far enough into the DLC quest lines to verify if the mod is otherwise working properly. If anyone can provide a screenshot of one or two DLC follower stat blocks (use the ask follower skills[] mod by melbourne47), that would be a great help.

Known bugs:
With some of my saves this mod and all DLC versions simply don't seem to work, while with others its perfectly functional. I can't offer any fixes to that right now, sorry.