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High-Level Followers
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Aug 25, 2013 @ 2:49pm
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This is a very simple mod, that removes the maximum level from all potential Followers in the game, so you can adventure with your favourite follower even when you're at level 80 and they won't be hopelessly outmatched.

It applies to both People and Creature followers.

Note that the mod does not change the rate at which they level up, so some followers, like Sven will still be behind you in level but they won't stop levelling at some point.

Dawnguard Version
Hearthfire Version
Dragonborn Version

Screenshots done with the help of Ask Follower Skills[skyrim.nexusmods.com] by melbourne47.

Known bugs:
With some of my saves this mod and all DLC versions simply don't seem to work, while with others its perfectly functional. I can't offer any fixes to that right now, sorry.
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Threeshades  [author] Mar 16 @ 12:01pm 
Sorry to hear this. It seems all mods of this series are somewhat unreliable in functionality. I cannot tell you why though. It might be other mods interfering.
Grim Mar 16 @ 6:31am 
Don`t see any changes/
Threeshades  [author] Nov 11, 2013 @ 9:39am 
It may interfere with mods that make changes to existing followers, especially the way they level.
♆Noahman05♆ Nov 11, 2013 @ 2:08am 
Does this affect other follower mods?
Kameraden Sep 15, 2013 @ 8:39pm 
Other than Health this mod is semi useless. A majority of NPCs do not level past the levels that most followers can reach. Outside of some enemies, in such case, the gear/weapons you give them to make a big difference, that and your character's own abilities. I have Gorbash who has a level 30 cap I'm past 40, and he 2 hit kills if not 1 hits most enemies we face, because I'm a godly blacksmith/enchanter. hehe
L for leeeeeee Sep 2, 2013 @ 11:38am 
three shades don't get angry some said to do dis
Caaros, The King of Chaos Aug 31, 2013 @ 7:10pm 
It would not add the bonus when you sleep. . .
Threeshades  [author] Aug 31, 2013 @ 9:44am 
what exactly happens?

Currently you will have to install all versions if you want all followers to be affected. Im going to release a one-file version for all DLCs at some point. But its going to take a while.
FireClaw137 Aug 31, 2013 @ 6:30am 
how to get this thing
hemuli Aug 31, 2013 @ 1:17am 
If I own all the dlc, which version should I install? All of them?