Dota 2
Heroes: Juggernaut
Slots: Head
Non Hero: Wearable
Utility: Imported
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Aug 25, 2013 @ 2:43pm
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Amidst the shadows of nightfall, Yurnero was alerted to the shrill cries of a woman who desperately clung to the last breaths of her lover as he faded away. The cuts on his body were not unfamiliar; he knew this man's swordsmanship. Yurnero fled, and in the blink of an eye he was standing five feet away from the dead man's killer. The grave came quickly for the flesh slayer, and as sure footed as the Juggernaut snuck into this man's quarters, he was gone. It was late when the woman heard a knock on the door, and found the severed arm of her lover's killer at her feet. A few days has passed, and as Yurnero walked a familiar path he stumbled upon a mask with a note that said: " The bones of your prey never looked so fearless." Yurnero, no more proud of this kill than any other, wore the mask with honor. He called it "Izoku".