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Ebony Mail- Full Set
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Aug 25, 2013 @ 8:40am
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Ebony Mail- Full Set

Adds a helmet, boots, shield, and gauntlets that match the set Ebony Mail.

I didn't like wearing the plain black ebony equiptment with the rare Ebony Mail, so i added the new colored version, that makes ebony mail look more unique. All equiptment is enchanted, and can be found at Boethia's Shrine on a table. Also I placed an unenchanted Version of the armor on the table, if you hate the poison cloak like me.

the armor is equal to Ebony Armor stats, as you would suspect.

Shield enchantment

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Fenik Sep 4 @ 1:47pm 
Are they LIGHT?
Canned Jedi Knight Jul 5 @ 9:41pm 
anyone else think the gloves are to bulky to match the armor?
Snake Jun 23 @ 1:07pm 
Nice one!
Shark_Eating_a_Cheeseburger May 17 @ 9:08am 
this goes well with the Inigo mod matches his colors :)
Mr. Waffle May 6 @ 1:58am 
The armor pieces cannot be upgraded. This is a simple, yet awesome mod. Would you mind fixing this?
Jensen_Acheles Feb 12 @ 7:21am 
+1 on the light armor
Would like other color options, perhaps even a white mithryl type.
perhaps even designs on the main chest part.
staticmunk7777 Jan 29 @ 3:15am 
for some awesome reason this armor reminds me of the classic tron suit from the original tron movie trully a nice touch
CrimsonKnight Jan 16 @ 8:12am 
would it be possible to make this same armor but light???
KALONA THE RAVENANT Nov 25, 2014 @ 8:46am 
look's like a clone trooper.
Icicle C Cold Sep 1, 2014 @ 4:09pm 
um, this is obvious, but I felt I should still point it out. Isn't it a little silly to have a sneaky armor be all heavy? Shouldn't the whole thing be light, to maximize the chances of not being detected? Just a thought. Also, the textures on it are all spazzed out for some reason, is there something I need to do to fix that?