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Agriphal’s Collection #5: Realism


UPDATED 27/07/2012 01:55 update with new information and a new Disguises mod


I have about 100 Skyrim mods running on my computer and have spent allot of time trying to discover the ideal collection of mods that all work together without bugs or crashes of any kind. This work is constantly updated as I discover outdated mods or mods that fail to initiate as per the mod description. Remember to keep an eye on these collections as changes are often made in favour of stability of the entire collection.


For my Complete Collection click here;

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I realise not everyone likes my gameplay style, so I have split them into five collections to allow people to pick and choose the style they prefer, these are;

Additions >
General Fixes >
Improvements >
Sound & Visuals >
Realism >


To get my full gaming experience don’t use the “Subscribe All” button, but rather “subscribe” to each in the order provided, making sure to move some mods according to the “Special Notes” in each collection. Make sure you have a fully updated copy of Skyrim as of the 1.5 update (release to Steam in March 2012) or later. If you have any mods not from this collection then you will have to check for incompatibilities yourself. However, the point of this collection is that I’ve already done the work for you. Lastly, please take the time and effort to compliment the authors of these excellent works.

Items (12)
Armor Disguises
Created by Lord Darkga
~Version 1.6~

*This is likely the final version of Armor Disguises, I have done all I wanted to do with this mod, and it is now fully functional.*

Attention All: Still looking for reviews, I've got a couple but more are welcome.

If you're still ha...
Disable Fast Travel
Created by Deamos
Update - 3/2/2012
I have changed the method of Disabling Fast Travel again. This should fix ALL bugs involving crashing during the Opening Questline and also r...
Double Torch Radius
Created by Emarrel
Nexus link:

Simply doubles the equipable torch light radius without adjusting the intensity, colour nor duration.

If you're using a mod that drastically changes lighting you'll notice that vanilla torches ...
Get Drunk
Created by Guardian2986
This mod will add radial blur, distortion, stumbling, and other inebriation effects after consuming Nord Mead, Alto Wine, Spiced Wine, and many other alcoholic beverages for getting wasted.

Please subscribe...
Improved Sneak Detection
Created by Vampaerr
This mod improves Skyrim's detection while sneaking, triggered by loud noises, changes in light sources and movement.
If you think vanilla sneaking is way too easy (and why not ridiculous sometimes), this mod is for you.
This is an approach to a more rea...
No Cleared Cell Respawn and Slow other Respawn
Created by dkarm
1. Time for respawn in Cleared Cells was increased 100 times more - 3000 days instead of 30 ( I think it is enough, for example, at 70 level I had 300 game days )
2. Time for other respawn was increased 3 times more - 30 days instead of 10 ( I think it ma...
No Salt for Meat Recipes
Created by W-Cephei
I don't understand how a guy who kills dragons and wear a armor made out of dragon bones needs a pile of salt in order to cook meat.

This mod removes the need of salt when cooking meat. For everything else salt still needed.

I don't have time to work...
SM Drop Lit Torches
Created by General Kysieran
Alternate Download Link (Nexus):

Featured in Skyrim GEMS[]

SM Drop Lit Torches
Created By the Strategy Master
This mod allows ...
Strong Carriages
Created by Armada
Allow use of carriages when over-encumbered

The vanilla game does not allow travel by carriage when the player is over-encumbered.
This mod fixes that and gives the carriages more purpose.

May conflict with other carriage mods.

(Credits of the ti...
Teeq's Better Loot v1.14
Created by Teeq
A mod that aims to allow you to receive more accurate amount of loot from the creatures of Skyrim. This mod changes the drop items of Wolf, Cow, Horker, Mammoth, Sabre cat, Fox and more! v1.14

Note: This mod may not work well with food or animal drop ra...
The Belly Rules the Mind
Created by carstenseng1

This mod implements a hunger and nutrition mechanic. Over time, your character will become hungry, and eating food will cure this effect. This effectively differentiates the roles of food and potions; food is meant for a sustained effect ...
True Compass
Created by cynip
Modify the compass to show cardinal points only.
Explore Skyrim with your own eye, instead of staring at markers.

This mod is made with the Skyrim Compass Tuner
If you want to further customize, check the tool at:
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Agriphal  [author] Apr 1, 2012 @ 11:33am 
After further investigation I find that Mike Foxs lighting mods do indeed run the risk of the problems decribed by [BVR]pyrotactical. As such these mods have been replaced by Pluto's "Realistic Lighting" set, until I descover further detail on the issue.

THANK YOU, [BVR]pyrotactical for bringing this to my attention.
Chef Guy Mar 30, 2012 @ 2:48pm 
mikefox correct lighting doesnt seem to be working causing crashes
Agriphal  [author] Mar 29, 2012 @ 5:25pm 
Thank you JBSchroeds. Will amend the Special Notes. Great mods btw.
JBSchroeds Mar 29, 2012 @ 5:07pm 
Note that Revised Smithing Recipes can cause conflicts if it is loaded after More Realistic Recipes
Agriphal  [author] Mar 28, 2012 @ 8:08am 
No problem mate. Realism is my personal favourite. But not everyone likes it so I keep it separate.
BadWolf Mar 27, 2012 @ 9:07am 
Great collection, very useful for me. Thanks.